Age Before Beauty

| USA | Job Seekers, New Hires

(I own a small business and have advertised for a new receptionist because my former one had moved out of state. I’m wearing my coveralls over my suit because I have just been to a super store to buy supplies in bulk for my business. I come out of my office with a dolly and roll it past two women waiting to be interviewed. I go to my truck and unload the supplies and then roll them up to the front door. The elder of the two women is standing by the door holding it open so I can roll my supplies in.)

Older Woman: “Do you need to be checked-in? I saw a hand-held scanner on the desk and can check you in if you need me to.”

Me: “You know how to use a hand-held?”

Older Woman: “Yes, I used to check-in vendors at my last job all the time.”

(She goes to the reception desk and picks up the hand held scanner and asks what the name on the invoice is as well as the invoice number and the amount on the invoice. Then she expertly scans each item as I call out the amount per item etc. This goes on for a few moments and then the phone rings.)

Older Woman: *to younger woman* “Would you get that, please, so I can finish checking in this vendor?”

Younger Woman: “No, why should I? I don’t work here.”

(The older woman politely excuses herself and goes to the desk and answers the phone, telling the person on the other end that Mr. My Name isn’t in and could she take a message? She takes the message, including the caller’s name and phone number, leaves it on the desk, and then comes back to me to finish checking me in.)

Me: *to the two women* “I’m going to take these supplies back to the supply closet and see if Mr. [My Name] is back yet. Sometimes he comes in by the back way.”

(I go to my office, take off my coveralls to reveal my suit, and peek my head around the door. I point to the older of the two women and tell her the boss will see her.)

Me: *to the older woman* “As far as I’m concerned, you’re hired.”

(We chat a little bit and I tell her how impressed I am by her professionalism.)

Older Woman: “Thank you, sir. I love irony. Out there while we were waiting, [Younger Woman] told me you’d take one look at her and hire her on the spot based on her looks alone.”

Me: “Please send her in now. I want to make sure she understands why I won’t hire someone as unhelpful as she is.”

(I hired the older woman and am happy to announce that she was the best receptionist I ever had. She worked for me for 14 years until she retired.)

Tried To Change The Outcome

| Greenville, SC, USA | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Money

(I am stopping by a local burger place known for their king-like mascot. After placing my order in the drive-thru I pull up to pay. This is where all the fun begins…)

Cashier: “The total is [something less than 10 dollars].”

Me: “Here you go.” *hands over a ten dollar bill*

(Without looking, the cashier opened her till, took out a few bills and handed them back to me. When I look in my hand I see the ten I had just given her along with a twenty dollar bill.)

Me: “Um, ma’am? You gave me thirty dollars back in change.”

(Cashier just has a blank expression.)

Me: “I… gave you a ten. You gave me back way too much money. Your till is going to be short. My change should be [somewhere around two dollars].”

Cashier: “One second, sir.”

(She disappears for a minute, and then comes back with a gruff looking manager.)

Manager: “Is there a problem with your change, sir?”

Me: “Yes. Your cashier gave me back too much money. I paid with a ten, and she handed me thirty dollars back. She’s going to be short, and I just wanted to make sure her till wasn’t going to be off.”

Manager: “Sir, I watched her give you correct change. I don’t know what kind of scam you’re running, but it isn’t happening here. Here’s your order. Now get out of our drive-thru.”

(And that is how you get paid to eat at a burger place. I wish I could have seen the looks on their faces when her till was short at least thirty dollars.)

Exhaustion Loves Company

| London, ON, Canada | Employees, Language & Words

(I work at a grocery store, and I’ve only been there for about two months now. I’m still considered new, since the other women and men that work there have been working there for at least two years. It is probably important to note that I’ve had a long day at school, it’s about eight pm, I’ve been working since I got home from school and walked to work, and I’m exhausted. Customer #1 walks up to my till, and says hello.)

Customer #1: “Hello! Are you new?”

Me: “Little bit, ma’am. I’ve been here for about two months!”

Customer #1: “Well, this must be the first time I’ve seen you, then. I usually can remember a face!”

Me: *laughs, and begins to ring through Customer #1, bagging items as quickly as possible*

(I finish ringing her items through as Customer #2 arrives at my till.)

Me: “All right, what will it be today? Cash? Debit? Credit?”

Customer #1: “Oh! Debit!”

Me: “All right… Have a good day!” *pauses, confused* “I mean, go ahead! Did I just—”

(Customer #1 and Customer #2 laugh.)

Customer #1: “You must really be tired!” *finishes paying*

Me: “Yes, ma’am, long day! Would you like your receipt?”

Customer #1: *chuckles* “Yes, please!”

Me: “All right, here you are. Have a good day!”

Customer #1: “Yes, hello!”

(Pause, before Customer #2 laughs.)

Customer #2: “Guess we’re all exhausted, aren’t we?”

An Alarming Shift

| USA | Bosses & Owners, Overtime

(When the assistant manager was hired, she specifically told me that she’s not a morning person and would work best if she came in between 11 and noon and that she’d want at least a 6 hour long shift. I AM a morning person so this works out perfectly, I come in from 9-4 and she works 12-6, except when we need to cover days off for each other. One day the district manager calls and says that my assistant had complained that she gets all the closing shifts. So for the next week I have her come in earlier so she can leave earlier while I work an unnecessary open to close shift. The following ensues when she comes in:)

Assistant Manager: “Ugh. I don’t know how you do this every day. I was dreading my alarm going off this early all night.”

Dishing Out Just Desserts

| London, England, UK | Coworkers, Family & Kids

(It’s six o’clock in the evening at the end of a long day. We are short staffed on a normal day, but this morning we had one coworker call in sick and another had to leave due to a personal emergency, leaving only four staff members and the business consultant (B.C.), who has no formal childcare qualifications but does have First Aid. At this point, two of my coworkers have gone home so it is just me, my coworker, and the B.C., with five children left to go home. There are some dirty dishes left over from tea time and everyone is feeling too lazy to do them.)

Coworker: “[My Name], [B.C.], there are still dishes from tea to be washed up. I can’t leave the room because I’m the only qualified practitioner, so…” *gives us a joking/evil grin*

Business Consultant: *laying down in the corner, half asleep* “I’m First Aid, I can’t leave the room either. [My Name] it’s down to you. Have fun!”

Me: “Well, I have a child on my lap, so…” *looks at child and stage-whispers* “Hey, [Child], cough and pretend you’re ill.”

Child: *looks at me and clears his throat a few times* “I can’t do it. I’ll do it later when you wash the dishes.”

Me: *shocked and laughing* “[Child]! I can’t believe you’d dob me in like that!”

(Coworker and B.C. were almost falling over laughing at me being sassed by a three-year-old.)