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(My two sisters and I work together. One of my sisters gets migraines and has missed a lot of work. She also happens to be a very close friend of the owner’s son.)

Manager: “If your sister misses another day of work, I’m firing all three of you.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

Manager: “Nope. I can fire you any time I want. I can fire you right now if I feel like it!”

(The owner’s son has actually been standing quietly behind the manager with his cellphone in hand.)

Owner’s Son: “Hey [manager], I got my dad on the phone here. He heard what you just said and he’d like to have a word with you…”

(The manager turns bright red and walks away, holding the phone to his ear. The owner’s son turns to me with a big smile.)

Owner’s Son: “Tell your sister I said get well soon!”

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