Putting Your Shoes In Your Mouth

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(I am riding the elevator up from the basement to my office in the morning, still dressed for commuting.  I’m mostly dressed professionally, but still wearing hiking sandals since I bike into the office. The elevator stops on the first floor, and two women step in. They look at me and immediately comment.)

Woman #1: “Ugh, lazy young people can’t even be bothered to dress professionally.” *glares at me*

Woman #2: “Yeah, they think they’re so special they don’t have to bother to be professional.”

Me: “Sorry to interrupt, ladies, but I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m [my name], Senior [job] and temporary [replacement for someone higher-up than me]. Who are you?”

Both Women: *sputtering*

Me: “Well, here are my business card; feel free to contact me if you need anything.  Oh, I’m also heading up the bike-to-work program, so if you want any tips on how you can fit biking into your commute, shoot me an email!  While you can totally bike in your work clothes, you might need to wear comfortable shoes to bike and change into dress shoes when you get in.”

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