Senseless & Centsless, Part 3

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(I am shopping at a chain superstore that has been running commercials about their price matching policy. The cashier begins to ring up my potatoes that are also on sale at the competitor.)

Me: “Those are two pounds for $1.00 at competitor.”

(I show the cashier the ad, but she ignores me and rings it up without the competitor’s price. They ring up at $0.88 per pound.)

Me: “Excuse me, those were two pounds for $1.00 at competitor’s store.”

(I show her the ad again.)

Cashier: “Yes, but our price is cheaper.”

Me: “No, the other store is two pounds for $1.00 and is cheaper.”

Cashier: “But our price is $0.88 and their price is $1.”

Me: “Yes, but their price is two pounds for $1.00 and that’s only $0.50 per pound, which is cheaper than $0.88 per pound.”

Cashier: “Two pounds for $1.00 isn’t the same thing as $0.50 per pound!”

(She eventually acceded, but not without acting like I was trying to pull something sneaky. I haven’t tried to price match since!)

Senseless & Centsless, Part 2
Senseless & Centsless

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