Senseless & Centsless, Part 4

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Cashier: “That’ll be $11.51.”

Me: “…I’ve got $21.50. I’m missing one cent.”

Cashier: “That’s okay.”

Me: *hands over $21.50*

Cashier: *starts preparing $9.99 change*

Me: “Look, here’s a nickel.”

Cashier: *takes the nickel, stares at it*

Me: “So you can give me $10.04.”

Cashier: “I can’t.”

Me: “I just gave you five more cents.”

Cashier: “Right…”

Me: “So the change is $10.04.”

Cashier: *deer in the headlights*

Me: “With the nickel, I’ve now given you $21.55.”

Cashier: “Right…”

Me: “So the change is $10.04.”

Cashier: *looks over helplessly at coworker*

Me: “That’s the change. With the extra nickel.”

(They finally gave me $10.04, but looked uncertain about the whole transaction!)

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