Should Have Espresso’d It Clearer, Part 2

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(I am driving through a fairly rural part of Idaho on business trip and need a little caffeine boost. I pull over to a truck stop that has a little coffee shop called something like “Cafe Espresso” (I don’t remember the exact name, but the word “Espresso” was part of it).)

Me: “Hi, I’d like a double espresso.”

Clerk: “A what?”

Me: “A double espresso; two shots of espresso.”

Clerk: “You mean strong coffee…  with nothing in it?”

Me: “Yes, an espresso.”

Clerk: “Weird… no one has ever asked for anything like that before.”

(I can kind of understand not being used to people ordering an espresso in a rural area that isn’t inundated with Starbucks and the like, but to not be familiar with a menu item that is part of the title of the establishment baffled me.)


Should Have Espresso’d It Clearer

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