So Easy, A Caveman Can Work Here

| Panama City, FL, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners

(My boss mumbles everything he says; this is but one of his escapades.)

Me: *cleaning the register peacefully*

Manager: “Oi.” *mumbles inaudibly*

Me: “Sir?”

Manager: *mumbles again in a slightly louder voice*

Me: “Uh…right.”

(At this point, I resume my cleaning and look around to see if there’s anything else I can possibly do. A few minutes later, my boss returns and looks rather annoyed at me.)

Manager: *mumbles, and taps his chest with a single hand*

Me: *looks at him confused before pounding my fists against my chest in a gorilla-ish manner*

Manager: *seems to laugh and returns to what he was doing*

(Just after this, I realize I’ve forgotten my name tag and run out to my car to retrieve it. Upon my return, my coworker looks at me, perplexed.)

Coworker: “Where’d you go?”

Me: “Apparently, [my boss] and I have regressed to a much more savage means of communication.”

Coworker: “You can actually understand him? Good, then what does it mean when he scratches his head and points at the shiny lights?!”

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