So Much For Wrist-sponsible Healthcare

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(My mother is in the hospital. She has an allergy to Prednisone which is uncommon, but not unheard of. She also has a Medic-Alert bracelet to warn hospital staff off this. A nurse comes in and hands her a small paper cup with medicine in it.)

Nurse: “Here’s your medicine.”

Mom: “What is it?”

Nurse: “It’s your medicine.”

Mom: “I know… what is it?”

Nurse: “It’ll make you feel better.”

Mom: “…I’m sure it will. What medicine is this?”

Nurse: *indignant* “It’s your medicine. It’ll help you get better.”

Mom: “Oh, I’m sure it will, but I want to know what medicine this is.”

Nurse: “The doctor prescribed it for you.”

Mom: “…Yes, I’m sure he did. But I want to know the NAME of the medicine I’m about to take.”

Nurse: “You wouldn’t know what it is.”

Mom: “Maybe not. I still want to know.”

Nurse: “It’s a type of steroid.”

Mom: “Oh. Like Prednisone?”

Nurse: “How do you know about Prednisone?”

Mom: *holds up her wrist with her Medic-Alert bracelet*

(As soon as the nurse sees the bracelet, she SNATCHES medicine out of my mom’s hand as though she was trying to forcibly take it.)

Nurse: “Oh, you CAN’T have that!”

Mom: *sighs*

(A bit later, a doctor comes in and checks her chart.)

Doctor: “Hmm… why don’t we have you on Prednisone?”

Mom: “I’m allergic to Prednisone.”

Doctor: “It’s very unusual to be allergic to Prednisone.”

Mom: *holds up wrist with bracelet*

Doctor: “Oh, yes… well, clearly you can’t have Prednisone.”

(Yet a bit later, another doctor comes in and checks her chart.)

Doctor: “Why don’t we have you on Prednisone?”

Mom: *holds up wrist, again*

Doctor: “Ah, I see. Yeah, that would be bad!”

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