Soft Drinks Can Bubble Up Hard Feelings

| Portland, OR, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Language & Words

(My friends and I have come down from Canada to do some surfing in Oregon. We have stopped by a deli for some lunch.)

Employee: “Anything else for you today?”

Me: “Yeah, do you have any pop?”

Employee: “It’s soda!”

Me: “Yeah, do you have it?”

Employee: “No, we don’t carry soda. Just water, juice, and tea.”

Me: “What? No pop? Seriously?”

Employee: “SODA!”

Me: “Wow, Americans are pretty serious about their terminology!”

Manager: “I’m sorry sir, she’s a New Yorker.”

Me: “Oh. What is it normally called in Oregon?”

Manager: “Pop.”

Employee: “IT’S SODA!”

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