Someone’s Having A Beef, Part 2

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(I am working at a high school in the IT department. We have recently hired a new technician. Today is her first day. I have just concluded the building tour.)
Me: “So, that’s about it. Do you have any questions?”

New Hire: “Yeah, do you guys have a fridge where I can stash my lunch?”

Me: “Sure. It’s in the back room on the left.”

(Five minutes later, I go back to get a cup of coffee.)

Me: “Um, [New Hire], what do you think you’re doing?”

New Hire: “Oh, I’m just cleaning the fridge. I’m a vegan, you see, and I can’t have my lunch contaminated with any animal products.”

Me: “So, you threw away EVERYTHING in the fridge?”

New Hire: “Well, yeah. Everything in there had some sort of animal product in it. And you will never wear that leather jacket again around me. I’m a vegan and it disgusts me. And I’m going to tell the director that she needs to get rid of her leather purse.”

Me: “Yeah, good luck with that.”

(The new hire was fired immediately when she attempted to throw away my director’s purse and everything in it, as it was ‘contaminated.’)

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