Going Down The Same Router Every Time

| Australia | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

(I’m calling my Internet service provider because my Internet had become excruciatingly slow. We’ve done about half-an-hour of troubleshooting to this point. My technician has an extremely thick accent that I’m having a bit of trouble with.)

Tech Support: “I need you to type this into the command prompt: A for Apple, E for Airplane…” *continues*

Me: “I’m sorry, didn’t catch that first bit, can you repeat please?”

(He repeats the same, including the E for Airplane.)

Me: *really confused now* “Sorry, E for Airplane? Don’t you mean A for Airplane?”

Tech Support: *sounding cross* “E for effort!”

(The call continues in this vein until he insists I need to try it with another modem or in another home with ADSL.)

Me: “I don’t have any access to either option. I don’t own another modem, I’m not buying another, and I’ve just moved to the area so I don’t know anyone.”

Tech Support: *repeats his first statement about needing another*

Me: “Like I said just before, I can’t do that.”

(This actually keeps going around in circles, I’m getting increasingly frustrated but not raising my voice or swearing. After about the fifth time he’s said his spiel and I explain I can’t do it.)

Tech Support: “Fine! There’s nothing we can do, then!” *click*

(Trust me, he got a very big complaint when I rang back.)


Not A-Custom-ed To That Explanation

| KS, USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers

(This takes place at a potential job interview. Since this would be my first job if they hire me, I have asked for some clarification about what exactly the position is for. The woman I’m speaking with is very friendly explaining it, and then she says this gem.)

Female Employee: “What we specialize in is customer service. We serve the company to sell to their customers and to attempt to keep the customers happy so they’ll continue to be customers.”

Me: *thinking to myself* “So, why do they call it ‘customer’ service if the primary goal isn’t to serve the customer’s best interests?”


Requires No Deliberation

, | London, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Employees, Extra Stupid

(I recently ordered some computer parts, which came to about £27.50. Postage on the order was £2.50 flat rate, so I added some bits and bobs – about a dozen items, totalling another £2-3 or so. The bits and bobs arrived fine, but the computer parts were wrong. After extensive arguing with their customer service team I finally got them to agree to process a return.)

Me: “So, you’ll refund the wrong items, plus the postage, right?”

Customer Services: “No, we will only refund the postage if you return everything that was ordered.”

Me: “So, you’d rather I spend £0 with you, and you are out the postage both ways, than that you incur the same costs and I still spend £3 with you?”

Customer Services: “Yes, that’s right.”

Me: “Blimey O’Riley, this is the worst customer services I’ve ever encountered. Please let me speak to a manager.”

Customer Services: “Why do you want that?”

Me: “I just want to know whether the utter disdain and outright contempt with which you treat customers is deliberate.”

Customer Services: “I assure you it’s deliberate. Would you still like to speak to a manager?”

(Well, at least they’re honest about it…)