Tow Me Away From There

| NJ, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

(While shopping for a used vehicle I have been visiting multiple car lots to shop. This is the shortest visit of any of them. Note: I am driving a 10-year-old pick-up that has seen better days.)

Salesman #1: “Let us know if you need anything…”

Salesman #2: “…like a tow truck.”

Me: “…”

(I simply turned around and left, never setting foot on that car lot again.)

Driven By Assumptions

, | UK | Bad Behavior, Transportation

(I’m 25 and have been working for several years. I’ve only just learned to drive and passed the test. I decide to go with a lease car suggested by my dad’s friend, since it actually works out cheaper as a long-term investment. I’m calling the car company’s insurance line.)

Me: “Hi, I’m calling to activate my seven-days free insurance for my new car?”

Agent: “Okay, I just need your personal details and the details of your car.”

(I give her them, including my date of birth and the manufacture year of the car.)

Agent: “Ooh, that’s a new model! Somebody’s being spoilt!”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Agent: “You’re getting [Car] as your first car? There’s no way a teenager could afford that. Mummy and daddy must love you! Lucky for some!”

Me: “Actually, I’m paying for this out of my own pocket. If you’ll notice my age, I’ve held off on learning to drive and buying a car until I could afford to pay for it all – and run it – myself.”

Agent: “Oh. Well… how was I supposed to know?”

Me: “Maybe in the future, don’t make assumptions about people!”

Plainly Spelled Out To You

| AB, Canada | Awesome Workers, Employees

(My dad is buying a new car at a dealership. The salesman is showing him a purple one.)

Dad: “I like it, but I’m not sure that I’m a ‘purple car’ kind of guy.”

Salesman: “Well it’s not really purple, it’s amethyst!”

Dad: “Amethyst, hey? How do you spell that?”

Salesman: “…P-U-R-P-L-E.”

(Dad bought the car)