On The House, By And Large

| Newark, DE, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers

(It’s chilly so I’ve decided to get a cup of cocoa on my way home and stop at a VERY well known coffee shop. It’s my first time going to this shop seeing as I don’t drink coffee.)

Barista: “Hi there! What’re you interested in today?”

Me: “Uhm, can I just get a medium hot chocolate with whipped cream?”

Barista: “Are you sure you don’t want a large? They’re free today!”

Me: *looking around for any promotional banners* “Are you sure? Is there some kinda promotion going on?”

Barista: “Nope. Register’s broken so the drinks are on the house today!”


Paying It Forwards And Backwards

| MN, USA | Awesome Workers, Coworkers

(I am pulling up to a drive-thru at a coffee shop when I notice my coworker in the vehicle ahead of mine. I don’t think that my coworker notices me pulling into line behind her.)

Me: *placing my order* “Hi, I would like a large iced mocha. Also, I would like to surprise the vehicle ahead of mine and pay for their order. Will you tell them their drink has already been paid and to have a nice day.”

Worker: “Oh, that is so nice of you. So the total of both drinks will be [total].”

(I pull up to the window. And try to hand over the money to pay for the drinks.)

Worker: “Sorry, I can’t take your money.”

Me: “What do you mean? Why not?”

Worker: *laughing* “Because the customer ahead of you insisted on paying for your drink. I’ve never had this happen before.”

(I guess my coworker and I both had the idea to surprise each other. It made my day.)


Coffee For The Monkeys

| Milwaukie, OR, USA | Awesome Workers, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

(My daughter has an unusual name, and even when we write the pronunciation beside the spelling on forms or other documents, people still always mispronounce it. She is eight years old. We are at a coffee shop and each person in our family is getting a drink.)

Husband: “Flat white.”

Barista: “Name?”

Husband: “[Husband].”

Me: “They would each like a caramel frappuccino with whipped cream.”

Barista: *to my older daughter* “Your name?”

Older Daughter: “[Older Daughter].”

Barista: *to my younger daughter* “Your name?”

(I can see my daughter hesitating to say her name because it is never a simple process, even if you say it, then spell it immediately, people always comment on it.)

Me: *to her* “You can give any name you want. It doesn’t have to be YOUR name.”

Younger Daughter: *to barista* “Monkey Face!”

Barista: *laughing* “Okay, Monkey Face!” *to the drink-maker* “Here is a cup for Monkey Face.” *they both laugh and my daughter is happy*

Me: “And I’d like [my order], please.”

Barista: “You must be Mom?”

Me: “Yes. You can just put ‘Mom’ on mine.”

(When we picked up our drinks, I saw she had actually written “SuperMom!” on my cup. I “awww”ed and thanked her. Very sweet.)

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