A Memorable Transaction

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(We’re looking for a new digital camera. I find one I like and go to reserve it.)

Salesperson: There is a deal today: when you buy this camera you can buy this 8 gigabyte memory card for only £14.99.

Me: “No, thanks.”

Salesperson: *a bit rudely* “You have to buy a memory card, or it won’t work.”

Me: “Really, that’s okay, thank you. I know what I’m doing.”

Salesperson: “How about you buy it and if you don’t like it you can return it?”

Girlfriend: “Maybe we should buy it then, if we need it anyway?”

Me: “Trust me; we don’t want that one.”

Salesperson: “Suit yourself, then!”

(The camera turns up just a few days later. When I go to collect it I see the same salesperson standing there. She motions her colleague, as if to ‘show off’ what she is going to do next.)

Salesperson: “I remember you.” *hands me the camera* “It’s still not going to work if you don’t put a memory card in it.” *I can hear her coworker laughing at this point*

Me: “Yeah. You see…” *I open the box* “I do know a little about cameras. and this…” *I pull a SDHC card out of my pocket* “…is not only double the size, not only two models faster, but it was also £5 cheaper than the one you tried to bully us into buying.”

(The salesperson stood there for a few moments, with an open mouth, then rushed our transaction through in complete silence. When I got it home the memory card worked brilliantly, and it turned out the camera had an internal memory that wasn’t listed, meaning that she was completely lying about it needing a card in the first place.)

Laptop Flop, Part 5

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(I order an apparently great half-price laptop from a nationwide PC company, after [Assistant #1] assures me they have lots in stock. She says she’ll ring me in two weeks when it arrives).

Me: “Hi. It’s [Name]. I ordered a [model] laptop a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten a call yet. Could you tell me if it’s arrived, please?”

Assistant #1: “Ah, no. It’s not in yet. According to the system, it’ll be four more days.”

(One week later, I ring again.)

Assistant #2: “There’s been some delays with the deliveries, so unfortunately it won’t be here for another month.”

(One month later, I’m feeling pretty fed up and I’m contemplating cancelling. I get a call from the shop.)

Assistant #1: “Hi. I’m ringing about your [model] laptop. It seems that we don’t actually have any available in stock anymore in any of our shops. We can give a full refund, though, and I’ll personally give you a 20% discount if you buy another laptop with us before the Windows 8 launch next week.”

(I go into the store, and look at a few laptops on display.)

Me: “Do you have this model available in store right now?”

Assistant #2: “No, but I can order it for you! It would only be a couple of weeks until delivery.”

Me: “No.” *I explain what happened last time* “I only want a laptop that’s already here.”

Assistant #2: “Hmm, well we only have this other one here that’s within your price range.”

Me: “I’ll take it.” *we go to the till* “Is [Assistant #1] here? She said she’d give me a discount for all the hassle last time.”

Assistant #2: “She’s on holiday for two weeks.”

Me: “Well, did she make a note of it on my cancelled order?”

Assistant #2: “Ah… no.”

Me: “Can I speak to your manager, please?”

Assistant #2: “Uh… [Assistant #1] is the manager.”

Me: *giving up* “Fine. I’ll just take the laptop and go.”

Assistant #2: “Would you also like one of our store credit cards?”

Me: “Are you kidding? No.”

(It came as no surprise to hear two weeks later that the company had hit financial trouble. One good thing came out of it though: the laptop I ended up with has proved to be a good one!)

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Laptop Flop, Part 4

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(In my country, high import taxes mean that all computer stuff costs much more than abroad. I’ve wanted a laptop for a long while, but those were always slightly out of my financial reach. Then, a particular store decides to sell laptops that are exactly the right balance between low price and acceptable performance. Their ad mentions ‘available in-store right now.’ I decide to pick up one. I show up at the store on July 15th.)

Me: “Excuse me, I’m here to get a [laptop model mentioned in their ad].”

Employee #1: “Oh, we don’t carry those. I don’t think we ever did.”

Me: “Uh… your ad in today’s newspaper says you do. Actually, it says you started selling those last week.”

Employee #1: “Uh? I wasn’t aware of that. Let me check…”

(He leaves for one minute, and directs me to his colleague.)

Employee #2: “I’m sorry, sir. We have a small problem with dim-witted employees. We do indeed carry this model, but it’s not available in-store. You have to pay a ten per cent deposit, and then come to pick it up here at the store on July 31st.”

Me: “That’s not what your ad says.”

Employee #2: “We also have a problem with over-enthusiastic advertisers, sir.”

Me: “And you don’t do home delivery.”

Employee #2: “No, sir. Only in-store pickups.”

(I’m a bit put-off by having to wait over two weeks for my laptop, but I still decide to go along and pay the required deposit. After all, the store is widely-known and I haven’t heard anything bad about them. On July 29th, I get a call.)

Employee #3: “I’m sorry, but we have a small problem. Apparently, your laptop wasn’t included in the wares we received today. I’m afraid you can’t get it until August 8th after all.”

Me: “Um… okay, then.”

(I’m annoyed, but don’t say anything. On August 8th, I show up at the store as expected.)”

Me: “Hi. I’m here to pick up my [laptop model].”

Employee #4: “Uh? Why are you showing up now? This model isn’t supposed to be available until next week.”

Me: “One of you told me to come today. And, if you’ll check my order, you’ll notice that you’re already over a week late for delivery.”

Employee #4: *checks the order* “Oh… right. Well, they were mistaken. We don’t actually expect to receive that model until August 16th. You’ll have to come back then. Sorry for the delay.”

(I’m starting to lose patience, but I don’t want to be ‘that customer,’ so I stay polite and agree to come back the following week. I go back on August 16th.)

Me: “Hi. Is my [laptop model] available yet?”

Employee #5: “That model isn’t supposed to be available until the end of this month, sir.”

Me: “You’re joking, right?”

Employee #5: “Afraid not, sir. What’s the pickup date listed on your order?”

Me: “July 31st. Then August 8th. Then August 16th. You guys keep delaying it! You can’t have me wait for another two weeks and pretend that everything’s normal!”

Employee #5: “Oh. If you cannot wait, sir, we’ve had [different laptop model] available in-store for weeks now. It’s more expensive than the model you ordered, though.”

Me: “Which is why I didn’t get it to begin with. Well, forget it. If you’re not going to give me a laptop today, for the price I was ready to pay, just give me back the money I already gave you and cancel my order.”

(To their credit, they only negotiate for another 10 minutes before refunding me in full. I go out and find another store that allows me to get a better laptop, for an actually lower price, even if it takes another four days to get it. I promise to never shop at the first store again if I can avoid it. Fast forward to September 2nd, when my phone rings while I’m at work.)

Employee #2: “Hello, Mr. [Name]? The [laptop model] is available in store now. You can come to our store anytime to pick up yours!”

Me: “Now you’re just f****** with me.”

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An Issue With The Male-To-Female Connection

| Victoria, BC, Canada | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Technology

Me: “Hi, I just bought a new desktop from you guys and I think it has a faulty connection.”

Employee: *condescendingly* “Uh huh, I see. And what exactly is your trouble, miss?”

Me: “When I put a disc into the optical drive, it didn’t respond. I checked and the OS is denying the computer even has an optical drive, but the light on the front is on. So, I figure the connection to the motherboard must be loose. Can I get you guys to patch that up for me?”

Employee: “Sure, we’ll get rid of that virus for you in no time.”

Me: “Um… did you hear me? I said it’s a hardware problem. I’d fix it myself if it wouldn’t void the warranty to open the case.”

Employee: “No, no, sweetheart. It’s almost definitely a virus. It’s really rare for it to be anything else. We’ll have to run what’s called a scan, so you’d need to join the queue. It’ll be a couple of days for that.”

Me: “You don’t need to scan it! You just need to open the case and reconnect the bloody wires!”

(We go back and forth, but I eventually surrender the machine, insisting before I leave that “check the hardware first” be written on the work order. Three days later, I finally get the call to come in and pick it up. This time the clerk is a different one and the work order is nowhere in sight.)

Me: “So what was the issue?”

Other Employee: “Well, Fred scanned it about five times but it kept coming up clean, so when he left yesterday I popped it open myself to check the hardware. Funny thing: the drive wasn’t even connected to the motherboard!”