Humored Your Dark Soul

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Employees, Geeks Rule

(A friend of mine has given me his copy of a video game notorious for it’s difficulty. I already own a copy so I decide to sell the game. I am at the electronic store.)

Me: “Hello, I would like to sell this game.” *holds up the game*

Cashier: “Sure, one second.” *begins ringing a bell* “WE HAVE A QUITTER!”

(Soon enough other cashiers start joining in the chorus of “WE HAVE A QUITTER!”. It dies down after a few seconds. The cashier at this point is nearly on the verge of tears from laughing.)

Cashier: “Oh, god, sorry. We’ve been planning that for months now. We just been waiting for someone who seems like they can take a joke.”

Me: “Don’t worry, I’ve might have done the same thing myself.”

(In the end I got a $20 gift card as “compensation.”)

Suddenly Not A Full House

| VA, USA | Employees, Time

(My two friends and I are checking out the CDs and movies. We start hanging around a bargain-bin looking at each of the DVDs they have.)

Me: “Wow, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Season 6.”

Friend: “Oh, Full House.”

Me: “Yeah, I heard they’re doing a new version of Full House.”

Manager: “Hey, are you guys looking for anything in particular?”

Me: “No, we’re just browsing”

(I get the feeling we are being followed in the store. The manager leaves us alone at that point.)

Friend: “I feel like he wants us to leave…”

(We look up only to see the front doors have been shuttered up. We quickly head up to the front of the store.)

Me: “I’m sorry, did you close? Are we able to purchase our stuff?”

Employee: “Yes, give us a second. We’ll ring you up.”

Me: “So…when did you close?”

Employee: “We close at 9 pm on Saturdays.”

Me: *looking at my cell phone and seeing it is 9:35* “Did you make an announcement you were closing?”

Employee: “No, we didn’t.”

(If it weren’t for the subtle hint of the manager while searching the bargain bin we may have still been in there hanging around.)

Needs To Install Some Intelligence

| St. Charles, MO, USA | Employees, Popular, Technology

(I’m female, in a popular big box electronics store looking over computer components.)

Worker: *condescendingly* “The computer systems are all on display over on the counter.”

Me: *distracted* “Uh huh… What I need is a new LAN card. My on-board LAN has died. It sends packets, but nothing back. I’ve disabled it in settings… Ah, here’s what I need!”

Worker: *shocked look*

Me: “Thanks!”

(I then go around the corner to the USB drives. I pick one up, turn it around, and there is a sticker: “Ask about our free installation!” I look at the worker, showing them the sticker.)

Me: “Seriously?!”

Having A Few Tech Errors

, | SC, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Technology

(I’m dropping off a tablet with charging problems at the technical support desk of a national retail chain where I purchased the warranty to go with it. We’re almost finished with the last of the paperwork when this happens.)

Me: “Oh, great! You put down that it’s intermittent so the techs will see it. Now I’m sure they’ll get it right.”

Tech: *who’s checking me out* “Yes, ma’am, I’m sorry this is so frustrating. I have to put the information in the notes or our techs won’t know about it.”

Me: *signing the form* “Yes… ah… I was just saying… I was glad that…”

Tech: *sounding defensive and upset* “I’m sorry, it can be confusing, but I HAVE to have this information in the notes. Again, I’m sorry, but this is the way it has to be done.”

Me: *in shock* “Ah… yes… that’s very good… Thank you.”

Tech: *backing away, waving his hands as if to calm me down* “Ma’am, please… There’s no need to get upset. Our techs are going to work on this as quickly as possible for you.”

Me: “Oh, yes, I know. Should be about two to three weeks? Maybe a little longer if it takes them some time to replicate the—”

Tech: *nearly diving away from the counter as if I’m going to physically attack him* “Two or three weeks is the minimum. It could take longer than that though if they have trouble. You’ll get email notifications… Now, please… We’ve done what you ask… There’s no reason to be angry. You’ll get an email when it’s ready.”

Me: *just standing at the counter and holding the paperwork, watching him literally run away from the counter* “Ah… thanks?”

This Conversation Is Going South

| Catonsville, MD, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Geography

(This takes place before ordering items over the Internet was popular. I am about to travel abroad and need an outlet adapter to plug in electronic devices and, given that each country has its own wiring system, I’m unsure of what to order. This happens when I am on the phone with a popular electronics store.)

Me: “I’m traveling to Africa and I need to know which outlet adapter I should buy.”

Salesperson: “Which country in Africa?”

Me: “South Africa.”

Salesperson: “Yes, but which country in South Africa?”

Me: “South Africa.”

Salesperson: “What’s the name of the country you’re going to?”

Me: “The name of the country is South Africa.”

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