Can’t Vouch For That Member Of Staff

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(I am at a well-known fried chicken franchise. I have a voucher for a free drink and chips with any purchase. The transaction starts off smoothly enough.)

Me: “Hi! I would like to use this voucher, please.”

Cashier: “Sure, what will you be buying?”

Me: “I’ll have one [most standard, well known, basic burger on the menu], please.”

Cashier: “Okay, let me just find the voucher on the register…”

(She struggles to work out how to redeem the voucher and calls her manager over to help. In less than a heartbeat, the cashier’s demeanour has completely changed.)

Cashier: *to manager, in a tone that suggests I am causing trouble* “She only wants to use THIS.” *glares at me*

Manager: *to me* “I’m very sorry but you will need to purchase something else to use this voucher.”

Me: *amused at this strange turn of events, and not wanting to help at this point* “Yeah.”

Manager: “So… you need to actually order something. We can’t just give you free food.”

Me: “Yep.”

(The manager gets a look of realisation on her face that I have already ordered.)

Manager: *to cashier* “What did she order?”

Cashier: *sighs and rolls her eyes* “I, like, don’t even KNOW. Something we don’t even HAVE.”

(The manager turns to me.)

Me: “One [most standard, well known, basic burger on the menu], please.”

(The manager looked unimpressed and keyed in my order and the free drink and chips, then bagged the order herself. She ended up giving me extra chips and about 10 moist towelettes, which was their fast-food equivalent of an apology!)


Sick Of This Management

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(Last night, during work, I start feeling terribly ill. I knew I won’t be allowed to leave, so I just finish my shift. I wake up the next morning with my head spinning, feverish, and slightly nauseous. I call in to my job at a fast food restaurant to call out.)

Me: “Hi, this is, [My Name]; I’m feeling sick. My stomach is upset, and I have a headache and fever. I need to call out today. I already have a doctor’s appointment.”

Manager: “Well, that doesn’t sound too serious; do you have a virus or something?”

Me: “I don’t know what it is. I haven’t been to the doctor yet.”

Manager: “Well, it doesn’t sound that bad. If you had a virus or something, that would be different, but you either can come in today, or you’re fired.”

Me: “But how can I know what it is if I don’t go to the doctor?”

Manager: “That’s not my problem. Good bye.”

(I went to the doctor at the end of the week. Turns out, I did have a virus. I had to finish my work week, sick, anyway, because I wasn’t allowed to call out. So next time you get sick after eating out, you know why.)


Adding Insulin To Injury, Part 3

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(I have Type 1 Diabetes, and therefore sometimes have issues with my blood sugar and other things related to the disease. A couple of days ago, my blood sugar is very out of range, and I have these things in my body called ketones. I am not supposed to exercise, in any way, including work, while this is happening. Note that all morning, because of said blood sugar and ketones, I have felt extremely dizzy and could not get out of bed, let alone pick up a phone. Finally, around three pm, two hours before my shift starts, after having taken my medicine for the blood sugar and ketones, I call my manager to let them know I will be late, and will be there when my blood sugar returned to a normal range. However, the manager who answers the phone is new.)

Manager: “Hello this is [Manager], how may I help you today?”

Me: “Hello, [Manager], this is [My Name]. I’m calling to let you know that my blood sugar is high and I have ketones so—”

Manager: *interrupting* “—I’m sorry but you did this a few weeks ago. I can’t make an exception for you and let you out of work. You have to call me four hours in advance.”

(She thought I was trying to call out of work.)

Me: “Even though four hours before my shift starts is too early to know how my blood sugar will be? I can’t control it. This doesn’t happen that often.”

Manager: “Yes. And you need a doctor’s note every time.”

(My doctor she needs the note for is two hours away, and there is no way I am going up there every time I need a note. Also I am very sensitive sometimes so I was silently crying thinking I was in a lot of trouble, even though the six other managers I’ve had never had an issue with this.)

Me: “But I was… I was just going to call in late. I just need to wait until my blood sugar is normal again.”

Manager: *suddenly changes her tune* “Oh! I understand. My mother has diabetes. When do you think you’ll be in?”

Me: “5:30 to 6 pm.”

Manager: “Okay! Just go watch a movie or something till then.”

Me: “…”

Adding Insulin To Injury, Part 2
Adding Insulin To Injury


This Day Is Going Down Under

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(I work at a fast food restaurant, when I hear a strange noise in the headset.)

Me: “What on earth was that?”

(The noise continues and one of my other coworkers has a plastic cup up to his mouth and is blowing/humming into it.)

Coworker #1: “It sounds like a didgeridoo.”

Coworker #2: “How about you didgeri-don’t?”