Freeze In Terror

| Houston, TX, USA | Awesome Workers, Coworkers

(I’m working in the bakery of a well-known grocery store, cleaning up at the end of a fairly long night. For once, I’m actually working with someone instead of being left alone.)

Coworker: “Hey, what happens if I leave the freezer door open too long?”

Me: “Well, eventually, the temperature in there will go above freezing, the stuff in there will thaw out and we’ll get in trouble.”

Coworker: *rolling her eyes* “I meant just for a few minutes!”

Me: “The ghost could escape!”

Coworker: “Pfft, whatever.”

(Suddenly, as she turns to go into the freezer, she screams in horror and recoils!)

Me: “What was it?!”

Coworker: “I left a cart in the doorway and wasn’t expecting something solid there!”

Me: “Oh, I thought you actually saw the ghost!”


Be Careful With Your Free Speech

| CA, USA | Coworkers, Movies & TV


(I work at a grocery market where my job is scanning and keeping track of bakery sales. Having just started my shift I am searching for my portable scan-gun. I see that the deli is borrowing it and ask Coworker #1 there to get it for me. Coworker #1 is black.)

Me: “Hi! Can I get the scan-gun?”

Coworker: *cheerfully* “Sure! Your wish is my command!”

(Her quote reminds me of the Disney’s Aladdin character Genie. Without thinking I respond with Aladdin’s quote to Genie.)

Me: “And now I wish you to be free!”

(Coworker #1 immediately frowns and looks offended.)

Coworker #1: “I already am free!”

(It takes me a split second to realize what I’ve done. My face turns bright red with embarrassment.)

Me: “Wait! No! I didn’t mean that! I was just movie-quoting what Aladdin said to Genie! I didn’t mean… I’m sorry! I was just—”

(She continues to glare at me and I’m too embarrassed to keep talking. I stammer a few more apologies out, grab my scan-gun and dash away. She told one of her coworkers and they burst into laughter explaining that I was a movie buff and tend to movie quote a lot. I was told later that she let it slide.)


Working In The Land Of Nod

, | Copenhagen, Denmark | Coworkers, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I’m working the morning shift with a coworker at a bakery department in a grocery store. I’ve been at the store for a long time while my coworker is fairly new, so I usually takes charge so things get done. My coworker is filing the cake display up. They way she is doing it isn’t the easiest way, so I try to help her out. Please note that I have given her the same advice before.)

Me: “You know, it’s a lot easier if you place the sign in front before putting the cakes up.”

Coworker: “Oh, okay.”

(She continues with what she is doing. She is now putting up rather tall cakes with a lot of whipped cream on top that is easy to ruin.)

Me: “It’s going to be really difficult for you to place the sign in front of those cakes afterwards.”

Coworker: “Oh, yeah, the signs. I completely forgot about them, thank you.”

Me: “But… I just asked you about it a few minutes ago and you said okay?”

Coworker: “Yeah, I tend to just nod and say okay without really paying attention.”

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