Baking Up A Storm

| TX, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink

(It is the early 80s, back in the day when food assistance was an actual booklet of vouchers, and the cashiers manually ring in what goes on the vouchers and what doesn’t. We are at the store with our next door neighbor, who is buying, among other things, the ingredients for a birthday cake for her son.)

Cashier: *moves aside the baking soda* “You can’t put that on your food stamps.”

Neighbor: *moves it back* “Uh, yes, I can.”

Cashier: *moves it aside again* “No, you can’t. That’s not food.”

Neighbor: “Yes, it is. I need it for my son’s birthday cake.”

Cashier: “No, it goes in the fridge to control smells. You can’t put that on food stamps!”

Neighbor: “Lady, it says BAKING soda right on it and there are recipes on it. It’s food!”

Cashier: “No, it isn’t!”

(Our neighbor finally had the cashier call for a manager who told her that yes, you can cook with baking soda, and to allow it to go on the food vouchers.)

Doesn’t Have A Ducking Clue

| USA | Holidays, Pets & Animals

(My sister and I are grocery shopping, and pick up some Easter chocolate for us and our mom. Sister picks up two chocolate eggs, and I grab a chocolate duck. The following transpires at the checkout:)

Cashier: *who has to be in his twenties* “Okay, I’m gonna put the duckie here with the eggs, even though ducks don’t lay eggs.” *laughs*

(I, my sister, and the bagger all stare back in bemused silence.)

Three Of Us: *all together* “Um, yes, they do.”

Cashier: *somewhat taken aback* “Er, I’ll finish ringing you up, then.”

(How anyone can not know something so basic such as ALL BIRDS DO LAY EGGS, I’ll never know!)

Very Unhelpful Advice

| Drayton Valley, AB, Canada | Bosses & Owners, Lazy/Unhelpful

(I’m working in the produce department of a grocery store. The boss has the department organized into three stations. On this day, I’m working station one and the boss is working station two. The boss ducks out for a few minutes, and I see the work starting to pile up on station two. As it’s only my third day and I’m still eager to please, I start working on station two to reduce the backlog. When the boss comes back, I go to return to station one, and he stops me.)

Boss: “No. By all means. Keep going.”

(I keep working on station two, and I start to notice the work piling up on station one.)

Boss: “You’d better get back to station one.”

(I go back to station one, but rather than resume station two, the boss just keeps glaring at me. Once the work on station two gets backed up again, the boss orders me back to station two. I finally get the hint, and I spend the rest of my shift working both stations while the boss just stands around and glares at me. At closing time, as I’m punching out, the boss corners me and stabs his fingers into my chest.)

Boss: “I hope you learned your lesson today. If you think you’re so d*** good that you can run this entire department by yourself, I’ll make you do it. NEVER work another man’s station!”

(I did learn my lesson that day. No matter how backed up any of the other stations got, I never again lifted a finger to help!)

New Employees Are Shutting Down

| MI, USA | New Hires, Overtime

(I am a teenager at my first job, working behind a meat counter at a grocery store. As part of my shift, I have to shut it down and clean up.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker #1], [Manager] forgot to tell me how to shut everything down.”

Coworker #1: “I’ll show you what to do before I have to do my shut-down.”

(He helps me out for the first hour, before he has to go shut-down. Unfortunately, that leaves me alone struggling with clean-up… which ends up taking me almost two hours overtime. Everyone else in my department leaves when they are done with their shutdown, so I have to try to figure the rest out myself. The next day:)

Coworker #1: “So, how long did you take you last night?”

Me: “I didn’t get out until almost midnight.”

Coworker #1: “Really? Nice! Most people take longer their first night.”

(I didn’t stick around long.)

Acting Like Soured Milk

| Dallas, TX, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Employees

(I am 12 years old and on vacation to visit my grandparents in Texas. We are staying at their house and they live right next to a grocery store. My mother has me go there to pick up some eggs, milk, and some birdseed. When I get there it is fairly empty except for an elderly man and an employee. I go over to the dairy aisle to get the milk and I notice out of the corner of my eye the employee following me. I assume he is just walking past, but he stops right by me and I pretend not to notice. When I reach to grab the milk he rushes forward.)

Employee: “Here, let me help you with that.”

(He grabs a very small carton of milk rather than the large one I was reaching for.)

Me: “Oh, thank you, sir, but I need the larger one.”

(I pick up the larger milk jug and he makes an audible gasp. I nod at him and walk over to the produce. He follows. I grab a carton of eggs.)

Employee: “Do you need all of those?”

(I had grabbed a pack of a dozen.)

Me: “Um, yes.”

Employee: “I don’t think you can afford that.”

Me: “I have the money here.” *gestures at my pocket*

Employee: “But you don’t need all those eggs.”

Me: “I do. I’m shopping for my grandparents.”

(I move away towards the pet aisle for the bird seed. I grab a rather small bag. The employee is still following me. I walk to the check out thing and the employee doesn’t move to check me out.)

Me: “Pardon me, sir, would you mind checking me out? Sorry to bother you.”

Employee: “No.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Employee: “You have been continually rude to me and I have a right as a working citizen of America to turn down who I serve.”

Me: “…”

(He does not check me out and I end up leaving without my groceries. As I’m walking up to my grandparents someone calls from behind me. I turn to see the elderly man from the store.)

Elderly Man: “Hey! Hey kid!”

(He’s carrying a shopping bag.)

Me: “Hello?”

(The man silently hands me the bag and turns to leave. I open the bag and see the birdseed, eggs, and milk I had been trying to buy.)

Me: “Thank you!”

Elderly Man: *just smiles*

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