Has A Suite Ending

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(My husband and I are on the last stop of our Hawaiian honeymoon in Kauai and go to check into the resort I’ve been looking forward to the most. At our other resorts we parked at valet but since self-park is so close to the entrance we figure why not save $20? As my husband is parking, I’m getting us checked in. The very nice clerk and I chat for a bit about the honeymoon and whatnot. He is running my credit card to put a financial hold on it for the room charge. When it doesn’t go through the first time he tries running it several more times. Then my email goes crazy with alerts from my credit card company as three-four charges have gone through for $1500+ each.)

Me: “Wait, wait, wait! I think those charges are going through!”

(I show him the emails, trying not to panic.)

Clerk: “I’m so sorry. Let me go get that taken care of.”

(The clerk disappears at this point for maybe five minutes and my husband arrives from parking the car. After a short time the clerk returns.)

Clerk: “Okay, I spoke to my manager and got the charge issue corrected.”

Me: “Great, thank you!”

Clerk: “Thank you for being patient.”

Me: *obviously joking* “I mean, grrr, we want an upgrade.”

Clerk: “Oh, I’ve done that, too. You’re now staying in our presidential suite; it’s the nicest room in the resort.”

Me: “No, wait, no, I was kidding! I don’t need an upgrade.”

Clerk: “You’re on your honeymoon! Enjoy!”

(My husband and I both offer a stunned thank you, still not certain what the “nicest” room means. It turns out to be a 2800 sq ft suite (several times larger than our tiny 500 sq ft NYC apartment) with a full kitchen, four-person hot tub, and three balconies.)

Husband: “I’m pretty sure we are the first people staying in this room that used self-park!”


You Can Swear By Her Behavior

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(My coworker has a HUGE potty mouth. It’s what she’s known for. Our phones and half the hotels on our side of town are having trouble with outside lines. We can answer and talk to people but not hear them. As I’m closing my shift I warn her about them and tell her they are being worked on.)

Me: “Oh, and the person calling can hear you so for the love of Pete, don’t swear at the phone!”

Coworker: “Well, s***! I’m gonna f*** that up!”

(The phones were fixed before she could.)


Lack Of Agency Urgency

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(I am working on a very busy evening with an agency worker, sending food up to the rooms and back. The night has been the busiest I’ve ever seen it, and we’re starting to run short on plates. I’ve just returned from a floor to see the agency guy just standing around.)

Me: “Hey, [Agency Worker], can you do me a favour and run up to the kitchen and grab some—”

Agency Worker: “I think I might make coffee first. I’m tired.”

Me: *taken aback from being interrupted* “Well, let’s get these orders out the way first. I don’t want us to run out of plates when we’re this busy, so can you get some for me, please?”

(With a huff, the agency worker walks off. I get another room service order, and quite a large one in fact. I’m then phoned by a room for a request for more cutlery, so I run upstairs with a pair of knives and forks. I return five minutes later to see the agency guy slouched on the officer chair with a cup of coffee in hand, totally oblivious to the HUGE order that just came through, and without a single plate brought down. In a fit of anger, I slam my hand down hard on the counter.)

Me: “Right! Either you can get off your arse and do the work you signed up for, or you can leave. I’m not running around just so you can take it easy.”

(With one more huff, the agency worker brought back plates as instructed — the wrong ones, however. Nevertheless we managed to get through the night, but after that incident I asked my boss never to take him on again.)

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