The Boss Doesn’t Give You Enough Credit

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(I have just started my professional career a few months ago and end up taking my first international work trip with my boss. He has been somewhat harsh with me about dotting all my i’s and crossing all my t’s leading up to this trip, but I have performed well throughout our work on this trip, and just the night before, over dinner, he said he was impressed with my performance. Over the course of the trip, I have been using my company card to pay for meals, transportation expenses, and other necessary things. The next morning we go to check out of our hotel.)

Clerk: “I’m sorry, ma’am, your card was declined.”

Me: “Can you please try it again?”

Clerk: “Of course… I’m sorry, it’s still coming back as declined.”

(I go grab my boss who is sitting in the lobby waiting for me to finish checking out.)

Me: “[Boss], my company card is coming up declined. I followed your instructions to make sure that my credit line was sufficient to pay for everything I needed on this trip. What should I do?”

Boss: “Well, why didn’t you have the finance department make sure your credit line was sufficient to cover this trip?”

Me: “I did do that. I emailed them exactly what you told me to with the details and cost of our trip, and called them to confirm that they received that and had extended my credit line properly. My card is still coming up declined. How do I handle this?”

Boss: “Well, just put it on a personal credit card and request reimbursement. They usually send checks for things you’ve paid for personally within 30 days, so you won’t have to pay any interest.”

Me: “I’m… I’m… sorry, sir, but we’ve been staying in this expensive hotel for 15 nights, and I simply don’t have that kind of credit available to me, even if I maxed out every one of my personal cards. I know that it’s the middle of the night in the U.S., but is there some emergency number I can call to get my company card fixed to work?”

Boss: “What do you mean you don’t have ‘that kind of credit’ available to you? It should only be around $6000. What, were you hitting the minibar too hard? Just put it on a personal card!”

Me: “Please don’t yell at me. I’m young and pretty much so broke, so I only have about $4000 total credit available on all of my personal cards. However, all of those charge international exchange fees, so it’s more like $3800-3900 before the cards will be declined. I’m sorry. I did what I was supposed to, but there is simply no way I can cover this without using my company card. Maybe we could try your company card?”

Boss: “Ugh, fine, I will pay your hotel bill, but don’t think this doesn’t reflect on your professionalism. What kind of professional doesn’t have personal cards that can cover a simple $6000 bill?”

(When we got back, it turned out our finance person *had* sent in the paperwork to increase my company card’s credit line, but instead of increasing my credit line by $4000, she increased it by $400. She was not penalized, and my boss held that over MY head for several years to come.)

The Only Thing You Can Rely On Is Their Attitude

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(I am the front desk manager at a hotel and I’m interviewing potential employees for a full-time front desk position. After a number of unimpressive interviews I meet one young man who seems perfect for the job. He comes across as a little intimidating and just a bit self important but I need someone and he is qualified, so I make the offer.)

Me: “Okay, so I’ve decided that I would like to offer you the position.”

Applicant: “That’s just great!”

Me: “Yes, I think you will fit in wonderfully with our team. I just need you to meet with the general manager so that she can give her approval. Once she OKs me to hire you we’ll get started on your training.”

Applicant: “All right! I can’t wait.”

Me: “So, can you come in Friday morning at nine am to meet with her? Her name is [General Manager].”

Applicant: “Definitely, I’ll be there. Thanks a lot.”

Me: “Absolutely, and thank you for coming in.”

(We shake hands and part ways. Friday morning comes and goes; the guy never shows up. I figure if he can’t be bothered to show up for his secondary interview then he probably won’t be very reliable as an employee so I go back to interviewing potential applicants. The following Wednesday I find someone who is perfect for the job. The GM is there and meets with him and we get started on his training the following day. The next Monday, I get a call.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Hotel]. This is [My Name] speaking. How may I help you?”

Applicant: “Yeah, I’m wondering when my first shift is. You never got back to me on that. Not very professional over there, are ya?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Applicant: “I said, I want to know when my first day is.”

Me: “I’m sorry, first day of what?”

Applicant: “Work! Obviously. When do I start? You were supposed to tell me but you never called back.”

Me: “…Wait, is this [Applicant]?”

Applicant: “Yes, it is.”

Me: “Okay, well, you were a no show for your interview with [General Manager] last Friday…”

Applicant: “Yeah, well, I figured I would meet her when I came to start my job and I was crazy busy that morning anyway. Sorry about that.”

Me: “Well, in any event, since you were a no show for your secondary interview we no longer considered you for the position and it has since been filled. Good luck with your job search.”

Applicant: “Wait, what do you mean the position has been filled? And secondary interview? What the f*** is that all about?! You gave me the job!”

Me: “No… I said that I wanted to offer you the position but that I needed you to meet with [General Manager] for her approval. I said we would discuss your training after that. You never bothered to show up for that interview so we took you out of the running. We need someone reliable and who can follow directions…”

Applicant: “This is bulls**t! I already quit my other job! I didn’t even give notice so they won’t take me back even if I ask! How could you do this to me?!”

Me: “Sir, you were a NO SHOW for your interview with the BIG BOSS. The one who decides if we hire you or not. I told you that you had to meet with her before we could proceed and you chose not to come and not to call me to say that you weren’t coming. I’m sorry but we are no longer interested in hiring you.”

Applicant: “I can’t f***ing believe this! You guys are a**-holes. I’m out of a fucking job now, I’ve already told everyone I know that I got the job… My parents threw me a party, for Christ’s sake. Can’t we work something out? I don’t f***ing believe this.”

Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t hire someone who can’t even be bothered to show up for their interview. How can I rely on you to show up for your shifts? And with this language and attitude you’re showing me I feel very confident that I made the right choice. Good luck in your job search, [Applicant].”

(I hung up before he could protest. He called back a few times and later that evening my employee called me at home to say that he was there in the lobby demanding to speak to me and telling the customers not to stay here because we’re all a bunch of heartless liars. We ended up having to call to police to have him escorted off the property because he refused to stop making a scene. All I can say is, thank God I dodged a bullet on that one.)

Unable To Show A Little Restraint

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(I am the front desk manager at a hotel. We have an ad online looking for a part-time front desk clerk and I’ve been getting a lot of applications. About four months ago we hired a new guy, let’s call him Jim, who is working out to be one of the best employees we’ve had in years, and I’m really hoping to get just as lucky with the next person. Everybody loves him and he has the potential to advance to a manager position in the future if things keep up. Just before three pm, a young lady walks in with a file folder and I can already tell she is here to apply for the job. I go to greet her.)

Girl: “Hi. May I speak with the manager, please?”

Me: “Is this regarding a job application?”

Girl: “Yes, it is.”

Me: “Wonderful! My name is [My Name] and I’m the front desk manager. Pleasure to meet you.”

Girl: “Likewise! My name is [Girl] and I would like to apply for the position you have available.” *she pulls a resume from her folder and hands it to me* “As you can see by my resume I am more than qualified and would be perfect for this job.” *her resume is average to say the least* “There is only one thing holding me back…”

Me: “All right, and what might that be?”

Girl: “Well, do you have an employee named Jim working here? Jim  [Last Name]?”

Me: “Yes, I do. He is my best employee.”

Girl: *looks surprised* “Oh, well, I can’t be in the same building with him due to a restraining order I have against him.  I can’t work here as long as he’s on your staff. So…”

Me: “Well, then, I guess I won’t be able to consider you. I’m very sorry. Have a lovely day.”

(I hand her back her resume and she looks at me with this devilish look that tells me this girl is a troublemaker. She kind of smiles.)

Girl: “Do you guys do criminal record checks?” *she has a huge smirk as she asks this*

Me: “Yes, ma’am, we do a criminal record check on every employee, including on Jim.”

Girl: “Well, he—”

Me: “We are fully aware of his past and the general manager and I have decided that we are comfortable enough with him to overlook it. We firmly believe that everybody deserves a second chance and Jim is no different. And as I said, he is my best employee, one of the best we’ve had in years, and I have no intentions of firing him as long as he’s doing his job and being honest with us. Is there anything else?”

(She goes red in the face and puckers her lips.)

Girl: “Well, that’s wonderful! I’m so happy to hear he’s doing such a wonderful job. That’s just great. Yeah. Well, can I leave you my resume anyway in case something comes up?”

Me: “Well, things do change so I suppose I could hold on to it but as I said, I have no intentions of firing him so unless he quits I have nothing available for you here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to wrap up and head home. Thank you.”

(I go back to my office, file the resume and think nothing more of it. The next morning the phone rings and a familiar voice asks to be put through to the general manager. I recognize her right away as the girl from the night before. I overhear my manager’s side of the conversation and it’s clear that she’s going over my head to get this guy fired. After about 15 minutes the general manager hangs up and calls me in to the office.)

General Manager: “You’re not going to believe this:  a girl just called and tried to talk me into firing Jim so we could hire her. She said that she is perfect for the job and that we need her on staff but that you are discriminating against her by putting her in a situation where she can’t work here.”

Me: “What?!”

General Manager: “Yeah, according to little miss law school here, it’s illegal to hire people who have restraining orders against them because it prevents their victims from being able to work at those same places.”

Me: “Seriously? She’s crazy. That girl is nothing but a troublemaker and even if Jim wasn’t here I wouldn’t want her on staff. I don’t need that kind of childishness around here.”

General Manager: “Yeah, she also told me we were breaking the law by having her resume here and told me that I have to destroy it because it might be in an area where Jim could see it.”

Me: “She insisted on leaving it. I gave it back to her!”

General Manager: “Oh, I know. I know her type and what they do. This ain’t my first rodeo. Not my first experience with a restraining order either. You should have hear how quickly she changed her tune when I told her that by coming here and calling me she was actually violating her own restraining order thereby making it null and void. I told her I would be giving this information and the security tapes to Jim and his probation officer. She just went silent, then told me happily to never mind and to tell Jim to have a lovely day and to enjoy his job. Unbelievable, some people.”

Me: “Wow. Did she really void her own restraining order?”

General Manager: “Probably. Depends on the terms and conditions, I guess. Anyway, do me a favor and pull up the security footage from last night when she came in and prepare an incident report, please. Let’s wrap this up right now and be done with it.”

(It turned out she had done the exact same thing at Jim’s second job where he worked as a bouncer at a bar. The girl didn’t even need work; she had a full time job and was going to school but was determined to make his life difficult. I don’t know what is going to come of it all but it still amazes me how hateful and vindictive some people can be.)

Floored By Your Lack Of Effort

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(I am employed by a hotel chain that owns five-star hotels across the world. I am working with an agency worker who is, for lack of a better word, difficult. He frequently uses his phone on shift, gives orders although his position does not involve management responsibility, pockets tips that are meant to be shared, amongst other things. Today we are working the room dining shift, where we send food to the guests rooms that they have ordered. It’s been a particular un-busy day; not many orders have gone out.)

Me: “Can you start clearing the floor as soon as you’re done—”

Agency Worker: “I need to do this first!”

Me: “Um… yes. I just said to you when you’ve finished to start the clearing, please.”

Agency Worker: “Okay.”

(I silently fume because this isn’t the first instance in which this particular agency worker hasn’t let me finish what I’m saying, or shown much interest in what I’m asking him. I let it go, knowing there is only two hours left before I can leave. 20 minutes later, after sending up some cutlery to a guest on a particular floor, I notice a tray of food left outside one of the guest’s rooms. Knowing that the agency worker is already clearing the floors, I leave it for him – partly because I wanted to see if I can trust him with such a basic job. I come back to the room dining office 10 minutes later, and see the same agency worker sitting in front of the register.)

Me: “Hey, [Agency Worker], did you clear the floors?”

Agency Worker: “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Me: “Cool, I’ll be right back a sec…”

(Suspicious that he somehow finished nine floors in the space of 30 minutes, I decide to go back to the previous floor I was on, just on a hunch. Lo and behold – the tray is still there. Furious, I return downstairs with the tray in hand.)

Me: “So, [Agency Worker], the clearing is done. Yeah?”

Agency Worker: “Yeah.” *he’s still at the computer, and doesn’t even turn to acknowledge my upset tone*

Me: “Right, so, what’s this, then?” *I present the tray*

Agency Worker: “Oh… well, that must have just been left outside!”

Me: “I saw this exact tray upstairs half an hour ago, [Agency Worker]. Can you please check the floors and do it proper—”

(Before I finish, the Agency Worker once again flips out on me.)

Agency Worker: “I do not do the clearing every 15 minutes! It’s the rules! We do it 10 pm and it is now 9 pm! It’s the rules!”

(Flabbergasted by this response, I just leave him to it.)

Good Honest Work

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(I have been working at this hotel for a couple of months, but I normally work the evening shift. One time when I am asked to work a morning shift, I get confused over a check-out and accidentally refund a customer about $150 when she actually OWED that amount. Naturally, I’m freaking out, but I call my manager and the customer to explain the situation, and the accounting manager also is involved.)

Accounting Manager: “Well, you’re only human. This COULD be an automatic termination, but you’re a really good employee, nothing like this has ever happened with you before, AND you’re working a shift you almost never do, so it’s just going to be a write up, okay?”

Me: “O- okay. Thank you so much. I know I really messed up…”                                   

Accounting Manager: “Hey, it happens. Really, we’ve had far bigger screw-ups, and this won’t be the last. You’ll be fine.”

(She let me go on an early break, and shortly after I came back from it, the customer actually came back to the hotel to return the money (we waived the original fee she owed for her honesty), which was a huge relief.)

Accounting Manager: “Awesome! I mean, you’ll still be written up, you know, but at least we’ve got our books balanced now!”

Me: “Yeah, I feel a lot better with that settled. And I can’t argue with a write up; I did mess up.”

Accounting Manager: “But hey, it all got fixed in the end, and I’m sure this will fall off your record before it can actually hurt you.”

Me: “Here’s hoping!”

(She disappears into the back office for a bit, and I continue on with my day, still a bit shaken but feeling a bit better, until…)

Accounting Manager: “It’s your lucky day, girl; you’re not even getting a write-up anymore!”

Me: “R- really!? Why not?”

Accounting Manager: “Well [Assistant Manager] still thought you should get it, but [Head of HR] pointed out that you caught your mistake immediately, you reported it to everyone who needed to know, AND you got the money back. Yeah, you made a mistake, but you did everything right to fix it, so it didn’t seem right to punish you!”

Me: “Oh, my God, thank you so much!”

Accounting Manager: “Hey, thank [Head of HR]. She’s the one who stuck up for you!”

(I did exactly that, but she insisted it was all my doing for being honest. It’s seriously awesome to work in a place where honesty and hard work really do pay dividends, and I am so grateful to everyone involved that day for their understanding and support!)

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