His Heart Isn’t In The Right Place

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(I am seeing my primary doctor for my biannual wellness visit. I had gone into the appointment very concerned because my heart arrhythmia had flared up in the past few weeks. At the end of the appointment:)

Me: “I’d like a referral for a cardiologist, for a consult and a Holter monitor [basically an EKG that you wear for 24-48 hours]. My PVCs have been increasing, and I’m becoming alarmed.”

Doctor: *clearly unconcerned* “I don’t think this is an issue. I don’t hear any skipped beats.” *listens to my chest for maybe three or four seconds, not an exaggeration*

Me: “I respect that, but I want a referral to a cardiologist.”

Doctor: *seemingly annoyed* “All right, I’ll put in that referral for you.”

(He did, and I had the Holter monitor and consult done. At the consult I learnt that literally 23% of my heartbeats were premature, resulting in no blood pumping effectively during those periods. I never went back to that doctor.)

Might As Well Be Sleeping On The Job

| Queensbury, NY, USA | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I make an appointment with my primary doc because I’ve been having a long stretch of extremely excessive sleep and fatigue (hypersomnia). I explain the issue, including the fact that several days a week I will sleep anywhere from 16 hours to more than 24 hours, only getting up to eat minimally and to use the bathroom.)

Doctor: “Well, insomnia can have a lot of causes. I think the easiest way to get back on track is to try melatonin, which has been shown to help reset the circadian rhythm.”

Me: “I’m aware of melatonin. However I don’t need help GOING to sleep. My problem is that I’m sleeping too much!”

Doctor: *seemingly oblivious to my reply, continues on about melatonin while I grow increasingly frustrated*

(After the appointment, I looked at my summary of care. He listed insomnia as my diagnosis. He’s my ex-doctor now.)

Doesn’t Take A Surgeon To See This Scam

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(After several weeks of severe pain I was recently diagnosed with gallstones following a CT scan. I get a call from my doctor later in the day and she says what amounts to “Gallstones can only be operated out”. I’m resigned to have surgery because the pain gets really intense, but when I share her information with a friend who’s into medical stuff she tells me that doesn’t sound right. I do some more research and find there are multiple, non-intrusive ways to get rid of them. I go back to talk with her about it.)

Doctor: “Okay, so, gallstones, you said you want to have them taken out. You know that’s [really expensive surgery that includes the complete removal of my gallbladder], right?”

Me: “Actually, I was doing some research and does lithotripsy or Oral Bile Acids sound familiar?”

(She just blinks at me twice.)

Doctor: “Er, where did you hear those?”

Me: “A friend told me that she knew for a fact there were non-surgical treatments for gallstones… Why did you tell me surgery was the only option?”

(To my horror, she proceeded to sputter and stare like a deer in the headlights before excusing herself. A nurse came in a few minutes later to tell me that she had just LEFT THE CLINIC and sped off in her car to avoid answering my question. By the way, the answer? Her normal clientele were from some nearby projects, ie. people unable or unlikely to pay another doctor for a second opinion or do their own research. She had been telling people for years that surgery was the only solution to X problem to get money out of them. Unsurprisingly, she was sued twelve ways to Sunday for malpractice once one of the nurses blew the whistle.)

Your Pregnancy Assumptions Are Making Me Sick

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(Growing up, once in a while I would get extremely nauseated, often to the point where I could not keep down water. If it went on long enough, I had to go to the ER to get a shot of Compazine (an anti-nausea drug) and IV fluids. Fortunately I grew out of it, but the last time it happened I was about 16 and the urgent care doctor was a little too persistent in his questions. Keep in mind I had been vomiting for hours and feeling horrible with little sleep since the night before, and I got fed up.)

Doctor: “Are you pregnant?”

Me: “No.”

Doctor: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes. Very sure. This has happened all my life; I just need the shot.”

Doctor: “Are you sure you aren’t pregnant? Pregnancy can cause nausea, you know.”

Me: “I am really positive I am not pregnant.”

Doctor: “We can’t give you this shot if you are pregnant—”

Me: *interrupting* “—unless I’m giving birth to Jesus Christ, I’m not f****** pregnant!”

(The doctor must have been pissed because he insisted on giving me the shot in my ass, which was a first, but I was so sick I really didn’t care. I should’ve just told him I was a virgin, but my friend had brought me and I think I didn’t really want to say it in front of her.)

It’s A Sticking Point

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(I’m incredibly allergic to the adhesives used in medical tapes and stickies. I’ve just had a test where they monitor my heart with a portable ECG for 24 hours. They place sticky tabs all over my chest to attach wires. I had a really bad reaction to them. I’m at my cardiologist getting the results and talking about buying my own monitor.)

Me: “Will it need me to use more stickies?”

Cardiologist: “No, some of them let you just put your finger on them.”

Me: “Good because my skin got really burnt from the last ones.”

Cardiologist: “You need to tell them you are allergic.”

Me: “Why? They can’t do anything.”

Cardiologist: “They can use different stickies.”

Me: “Yeah, but I’m allergic to the adhesive not the sticky…”

Cardiologist: “Yep… No point telling them.”

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