Management Is Not Their Calling

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(In one screen, due to the special effects used, there always needs to be a staff member present and if different films are showing, it has to be changed over manually by a manager.)

Me: *frantically running out of the screen*

Supervisor: “[My Name]? What are you doing?! Get back in the screen!”

Me: “It’s playing the wrong film!”

Supervisor: “What?”

Me: “It’s supposed to be [Film A – a 12A/PG-13 rated film] but it’s showing [Film B – a 15/R-rated film] and I’ve radioed for a manager four times and they’re not responding! There are kids in the screen!”

Supervisor: “Oh, god!” *into their radio* “Manager receiving!”

(They call through three more times in two minutes but there’s still no response.)

Supervisor: *turns to me* “I’m going to projection. You get back in there and answer any questions. Let me know when the right film is showing.”

(Eventually we got it sorted and though a few people were annoyed, they calmed down when the right film started. The supervisor came to speak to me once the film cleared out.)

Supervisor: “So I went to the office to see what was going on with the managers.”

Me: “Were they in a meeting?”

Supervisor: “No. [Manager #1], [ Manager #2], and [Manager #3] were all sitting there with their radios turned off.”

Me: “Are you kidding me?”

Supervisor: “So I told them how the wrong film was cued up and that I’d just changed it but there may be customers wanting to complain afterwards. And do you know what they said?”

Me: “What?”

Supervisor: “They asked why we didn’t call them.”

Report Back To Your Panic Station

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(I have quite severe anxiety that I’ve been honest about with certain managers since day one. Though I’ve gotten better through their support and encouragement, I do have a tendency to fixate on things and blow them way out of proportion and have on more than one occasion driven myself to hysteria over the tiniest issues. Meanwhile many of the staff have a slightly twisted sense of humour.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], I need to have a word with you.”

(It’s quiet and managers will often inform us of minor changes on our areas in person so I think nothing of it and come away from the front of the area.)

Me: “What is it?”

Manager: “There’s no easy way of saying this but… we’ve had a few complaints from other staff about your conduct and the things you’ve been saying and frankly we think it’s outrageous and unacceptable.”

(I’d recently had a few disagreements with a coworker over some of the horrible things they’d been saying and the fact they often won’t leave me alone, and instantly assume he’s gone to the managers about me.)

Me: *seconds away from a full on panic attack and trying not to cry as I worry I’m about to be fired* “Wha-? Bu-? I-?”

Manager: *starts laughing* “Just kidding, I’m just here to check your till.”

(It’s too late by this point and despite not being in trouble, in my head I’ve already been fired, denied about 30 other jobs, lost my flat, and ended up on the street because I can’t pay my bills.)

Me: *bursts into tears*

Manager: “Whoa! What’s the matter?”

Me: *through hysterical sobbing* “I thought you we-were about to fi- fire me.”

Manager: “Crap.” *over radio* “Hey, [Coworker], can you come to [area] for a second?”

(He guided me to behind the area, out of the customers’ view, and once my coworker arrived he asked her to help me calm down while he continued to serve at the area. It took about twenty minutes for me to calm down enough to go back to work. At the end of my shift the manager asked me to come into the office where he apologised for making me panic and promised to watch how he spoke to me in the future. Even though he freaked me out worse than anyone else, the way he reacted still makes him my favourite manager ever.)

Comeback Back At Ya

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(My manager and I are having a disagreement on how to cook popcorn. He claims that if we prepared it the way I did, it would come out burnt. After some debate, we try both ways. We examine the batch after my method.)

Me: “It looks fine to me.”

Manager: “YOU look fine to me!”

Me: “Oh, well, thank you.”

Manager: “Wait… d*** it!”

Not Entitled To That Third Dimension

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(I take my younger brother and sister to the cinema, booking my tickets online before going. When we get there we find three teenage girls in our seats, who refuse to move, so we get a member of staff.)

Usher: “This lady has booked these seats. Please move to your own allocated seats.”

Girl #1: “Well, there’s been a mistake. WE booked these seats online before she did.”

Usher: “Show me your tickets.”

(They show the usher their tickets, showing that they did indeed have the same seats… in a different screen room.)

Usher: “These are the tickets for the 3D version. This screen is showing it in 2D.”

Girl #2: “Well, someone should have told us where to go.”

Usher: “It says clearly on the ticket ‘screen five’ and the member of staff that checked your ticket will have told you ‘screen five.’”

Girl #1: “We paid for this film and these seats. We’re not moving.”

Usher: “You paid extra to see the 3D version.”

Girl #1: “Yes, we paid extra, so we should get these seats.”

Usher: “Fine, you may keep those seats.”

(The girls smiled at us victoriously. The usher directed us to screen five where we got to take their seats in the 3D film.)

Needs More Guidance On Parental Guidance

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(I’m working on the counter with one of the supervisors. It’s quiet save for the one customer he is serving at his till.)

Customer: “Can I get two child tickets for [Film]? I don’t want to watch it so I just want to drop them off.”

Supervisor: “Sure, can I ask how old are they, please?”

Customer: “They’re 11.”

Supervisor: “Sorry, [Film] is a 12A, which means under-12s have to be accompanied by someone who is 18 or over. We can’t allow under-12s on their own.”

Customer: “For god’s sake, that’s ridiculous! They want to watch the film! I don’t WANT to watch it!”

Supervisor: “Sorry, I’m afraid it’s our policy. There isn’t anything we can do, unfortunately.”

Customer: “Forget about it!” *storms out with the boys who are now disappointed they can’t watch the film*

Me: “Erm, [Supervisor]? You know you said the 12A thing is our policy?”

Supervisor: “Yeah?”

Me: “More like, it’s the law.”

Supervisor: “Oh…”

Me: *shocked* “You didn’t know that?”

Supervisor: “Erm…” *goes into the office*

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