Makes No Concessions With That Deal

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(We haven’t been to the cinema for years mainly due to the high prices; however, our daughter is old enough to sit through a film and a family movie is airing and we decide to go. We have paid for our tickets and are browsing the concession stand.)

Worker: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Just these sweets, please.”

Worker: “Can I interest you in some popcorn?”

Me: “One small sweet, please.”

Worker: “We have some great deals on at the moment.”

Me: “No, thanks.”

Worker: *enthusiastically* “If you buy a drink and some popcorn, it’s a special deal. Hot food, popcorn, and a drink has even more savings!”

Me: “Just the popcorn and sweets, thanks.”

Worker: “Are you sure? You will miss out on the great savings.”

Me: “Uh, fine, I’ll bite. How much do I save?”

Worker: “Well a drink and a popcorn is £6.99.”

Me: “Hang on, how much do I save?”

Worker: “I, err, well…” *working it out* “5p!”

Me: “No, thanks, I think we will pass.”

Worker: “Are you sure?”

(We didn’t take the “great” savings in the end, despite him trying to sell it like the deal of the century.)


In An Entirely Different Space

| Bay Area, CA, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive, Movies & TV

(My friend and I wanted to go catch a late movie one night, shortly after the release of a very popular space movie. When I get to the window, the employee looks bored out of his mind and isn’t even paying attention.)

Me: *walking up to the window* “Hi, can we get two tickets for—“

Employee: *interrupting me before I say what movie* “We’re sold out of [Space Movie].”

Me: “Umm… okay? Can we get two tickets for—“

Employee: “I just said we’re sold out.”

Me: “Yeah, but can I get two tick—“

Employee: *yelling* “WE’RE SOLD OUT!”

Me: “I KNOW! Can I get two tickets for—“

(The employee throws his headset onto the counter and stomps out. He comes back a few minutes later with his supervisor.)

Supervisor: “We’re all sold out of [Space Movie] tickets for the rest of the weekend.”

(Supervisor doesn’t even wait for my response and starts to walk away; I knock on the glass to get his attention.)

Me: “I know that movie is sold out, I really don’t care. I’ve been at this window for over a minute and I haven’t even mentioned the name of the movie I want to see.”

Supervisor: *with a surprised look* “What movie did you want to see?”

Me: “Can I get two tickets for the 10:15 showing of [Different Movie]?”

Supervisor: *quickly sells us the tickets*


How To Be An Owner And Get Owned

| USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners

(The owner of the theater hired his daughter, who has had a longstanding history of being extraordinarily bossy and unpleasant, to the point where I’m one of two employees that hasn’t snapped at her. She’s working in the box office on a very busy day, and I notice she has a line building up. I quickly run to the assistant manager.)

Me: “Hey, I notice there’s a line building up outside. Is the second drawer in the box office open?”

Assistant Manager: “Yeah, it is.”

Me: “Okay. Thanks.”

(At this point, the owner’s daughter comes storming out of the box office.)

Owner’s Daughter: “Why hasn’t anyone come in to help me yet?”

Me: “I just wanted to be sure the second drawer was open. I’m going in there right now.”

Owner’s Daughter: “I swear, you people just don’t do anything around here. I have to d—”

Me: *shouting* “I’M GOING IN THERE RIGHT NOW!”

(Everyone stops and stares at me. I quietly slink into the box and help her knock out the line, and we don’t say a word to each other the whole time, although I can hear her mumbling under her breath how she’s going to get back at me for yelling at her. Some time later, I have a talk with the General Manager.)

General Manager: “So, [Owner’s Daughter] told me that you yelled at her.”

Me: *uneasy* “Um… yeah… I did.”

General Manager: “I just told her, ‘So? Good for him.’ I’m just surprised you didn’t yell at her sooner.”

(Her own father eventually had to fire her because she couldn’t get along with anybody.)


You Can’t Topless That

| Devon, England, UK | Bosses & Owners

(All of the managers, and a handful of team members, are in early for first aid training. A new coworker, who is very sheltered, has been chosen to fill out the numbers and have the training. We’re on a break before the next session. I should also note that at work, the general manager always comes off as quite serious and stern if you don’t know him that well.)

Me: *seeing the general manager walking around* “Oh, [General Manager]! I didn’t recognise you for a minute. I guess because none of us are in uniform, I thought you were some random person who had somehow gotten in.”

General Manager: “Haha, you probably didn’t recognise me without a shirt on!”

(I had to walk away and laugh while my coworker blushed. The general manager was oblivious to how he sounded.)


Three Dimensions Of Stupidity And Bigotry

| NJ, USA | Bigotry, Lazy/Unhelpful, Movies & TV

(My fiancée and I, both male, recently went back to the ‘big’ movie theater in our local mall. We stopped going because after a renovation their prices jacked up to almost twice the cost of everywhere else in the area, but having gotten a gift card for there as a birthday present, we give them another shot. About two minutes into the premier of a new movie, we get up to complain.)

Me: “Excuse me, there’s an issue in theater two. The projector has the 3D lens on but it’s supposed to be a 2D movie.”

Employee: “How do you know?”

Fiancée: “Because everything’s blurry, out of focus, it’s about half as bright as it should be, and this exact same problem happened last time we were here and we had to tell you how to fix it THEN, too.”

Employee #2: “You’re in a 3D showing, sirs.”

Me: “Nnnnnoooo?” *shows ticket stub* “It says right here, 2D.”

Employee #2: “Well, on this listing here it shows 3D.”

Me: “Then the listing’s wrong. I wouldn’t go to a 3D showing because my left eye’s messed up and won’t focus right to make 3D work. It’s also at least $10 more per ticket. It should be 2D, but the lens is messing it up.”

Employee #1: “Sir, please just stop trying to get free tickets.”

Fiancée: “WHAT!? We WANT to see THIS movie, just not messed up!”

Employee #1: “We get people pulling this nonsense all the time; they get a 3D movie but think it costs too much so they complain, just—”

Me: “It’s NOT a 3D movie!”

(My fiancée’s about ready to jump across the counter, and apparently there’s been enough of a ruckus that the manager’s already on the way over without being asked for. One of the employees apparently hears me call my boyfriend ‘babe,’ and says the following thinking I won’t hear.)

Employee #2: “Figures; they’re a couple queers.”

Me: “EXCUSE ME!? You want to repeat that?!”

Manager: “Yes, I’d love to hear it again, too!”

(The two ‘customer relations’ workers turned white as sheets and spun around to see him. Needless to say, the manager got the projectionist to take off the lens, comped us the free tickets to another showing that the other workers thought we were trying to ‘scam’ out of them, and made sure the listings for the workers were reprinted to not show 3D on ALL MOVIES that have both 3D and 2D!)

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