Bouncing From One Subject To Another

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(I work as a receptionist for a health agency. Months ago an email went out to all the departments letting us know we have a new director for the department. I did attend his reception, but never got a chance to meet him. In order for a person to enter my office, I press a button on my desk to let them in. Two months after the reception a rather large and tall man comes to my door and turns the handle to come in.)

Me: *I smile* “Good afternoon. Can I help you, sir?”

Man: *jiggling the door handle* “I’m here to see [Office Director].”

Me: *still smiling* “Very good. Is she expecting you?”

Man: *still jiggling the door handle* “I’d like to talk to [Office Director].”

Me: *gritting my teeth* “Yes, well, may I tell her who’s calling?”

Man: *again with the door handle* “I’d like to talk to [Office Director].”

Me: *tired of his rudeness and surly behaviour, I stand up, using the same tone he has used on me* “I’m sorry, sir, but I didn’t quite catch your name.”

(He straightens himself, and in a tone that leaves no question as to who he is, tells me:)

Man: “My name is [Man], and I am the new director of this entire department.”

Me: *I smile* “That’s nice. Won’t you come in?”

(I introduce myself, and one of my coworkers. She asks if there will be changes made and he tells her there will, and positive ones.)

Me: *I ask because I have been asking this for the past eight years* “Does that include a bounce house?!”

Man: *laughing* “Yes! I’ll even throw in a slide, and a box of donuts!”


Coworker: “Don’t tell her that! She’s been asking for one for years!” *to me* “You! Go find [Office Director]!”

(I do, and lead him to her office, then sit back at my desk. A bit later, after introducing him to folks in the back of the office, she brings him around to my desk.)

Office Director: “And you met [My Name], our receptionist.”

Man: *kinda smug* “Yes. She wouldn’t let me in.”

Office Director: *raising an eyebrow to me* “Oh?”

Me: *not to be outdone by this man* “He wouldn’t tell me who he was.”


Email Fail, Part 6

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(My coworker can’t log into his work account, which means he can’t use any of the programs we need to do our work, including his email account. He phones tech support.)

Coworker: “Hi, I can’t login. Can you help?”

Tech Support: “Unfortunately there is an overall problem with login in. We will let you know when it is fixed so you can login normally again.”

Coworker: “So you will call me when I can log in again?”

Tech Support: “No, that is too much work. To save time we will email everyone who has this problem.”

Coworker: “But if I can’t login, I can’t read the email you will send.”

Tech Support: “We will email you.” *click*

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The Homeless Is About To Make Him Jobless

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(Our office building has a shared conference room that is open to any of the businesses in the building to use. We usually hold morning meetings in there but today another company has reserved it. All of the employees of that company in the conference room happen to be either Indian or African-American and are all dressed in business casual. One of my coworkers arrives and goes to the conference room, notices it isn’t our employees in there, and comes to our office with a worried look on his face.)

Coworker: “Hey, man, did you notice there are a bunch of homeless people in the conference room?”

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