Registering The Bad Ones At The Register

| TN, USA | Coworkers, Criminal/Illegal, Family & Kids

(I am a supporting manager at my store. We hire a new cashier who seems like a good worker, if a tad lazy. However, over a period of several weeks, we start to notice money going missing from the registers. One busy Saturday, I cover the new cashier’s register while she goes on her lunch break. During the rush, her thirty minute break stretches out to forty five minutes. This is not a first-time occurrence.)

Me: *to my coworkers* “Does anyone know where [Cashier] is? She’s been gone forty five minutes, and we really need more coverage at the registers…”

(I notice an older woman standing near the clock-in office who glares at me, but I’m too busy at the registers to pay her any attention. Eventually, the new cashier returns without an excuse for being late. The next day, my boss pulls me aside and asks if I can attend a meeting with the cashier. I am currently the only female manager, and it is considered good protocol to have a “witness” around for a one-on-one conversation between a female employee and a male manager. I agree, and the three of us sit down in the manager’s office.)

Boss: “[Cashier], we just wanted to touch base with you over a couple of things. Earlier today, I noticed you and your mom go into the bathroom with a [Store] bag full of something. Would you mind just letting us know what that was about?”

(I’m surprised, but I stay quiet.)

Cashier: “Oh, yeah, my pants got stained, and my mom brought me a fresh set during my break.”

Boss: “Okay, I see. And speaking of your breaks, we just wanted to remind you that your lunch breaks are meant to be for thirty minutes only. That’s thirty minutes when you’re not on the clock, NOT thirty minutes in the break room. Any time you’re not working, that’s part of your break. See what I mean?”

Me: *piping up* “The thing is, especially during rush periods, we really need all the hands we can get, which means we really need you back on the clock after your thirty minutes are up.”

Cashier: “Okay, I understand.”

(We depart, and I assume the problem is solved. However, a few hours later, an older woman storms up to me, the same woman who had been standing near the office yesterday.)

Me: “Can I help you?”

Woman: *viciously* “I just want you to know that my daughter is NOT a thief!”

Me: *blank, bewildered stare*

Woman: “My daughter would never steal from anyone! I was just bringing her new pants! She’s a good employee, and you’re lucky to have her! How dare you assume she’d be a thief!”

Me: “I… never said she was…?”

Woman: “And just so you know, she was NOT gone forty five minutes! She is very responsible!” *storms away*

(A little dazed and annoyed, I resumed working. I later found out that the cashier sent her mother to fuss not only at me, but also at my boss, and even at another employee who had nothing to do with it! A few weeks later, my boss ended up firing her for repeatedly failing to show up for her shifts. So much for being “responsible.” As for the registers, they stopped missing money as soon as she was gone.)


Has Gender Baggage

| Sterling, VA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees

(My boyfriend and I have three dogs in the house so we always buy large bulk bags of dog food. I grab the 32-lb bag for our two dogs, and he grabs the 28-lb bag for his mother’s dog. We also grab a dog toy that looks like a teddy bear.)

Me: *places the bag on the belt for checkout* “Hello.”

Cashier: “Hello.” *immediately looks to Boyfriend after ringing everything up* “That will be $58.95; do you have a rewards card?”

Me: “I have one under my phone number.” *types it in*

Cashier: *still looking only at my boyfriend* “That will be $55.95. Cash or credit?”

Boyfriend: “Credit.” *swipes card*

(I reach to take the bag of dog food I brought up but the cashier immediately grabs both bags and stacks them on one another. He then thrusts the bag with only the little toy bear at me.)

Me: “I can take a bag of—”

Cashier: *grabs both bags of dog food and immediately puts them in my startled and off-balanced boyfriend’s arms* “Have a nice day.”

(We were both too stunned at first to say anything but as we left the store I turned to my boyfriend.)

Me: “He did see me carry the bigger bag up to the register, right?”

Boyfriend: “I have no clue what his problem was, but these bags are f****** heavy!”

(Luckily we weren’t parked too far away!)

Worming Their Way To A New Animal

| Hampshire, England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Pets & Animals

(I have two pet rabbits, neither particularly small. They’ve recently had trouble maintaining their weight but there’s no signs of illness and they’re eating well, so my guess is the newer rabbit brought worms with her and passed them to my buck. I pick up some worming medicine from the pet store which needs to be fed to them for a course of a few days, but they only have one pack; I return on their delivery day for more.)

Me: *to store manager* “Hi, I need some medicine from the cabinet.”

Manager: “Sure.” *he opens it* “What do you need?”

Me: “Three packs of [medicine], please.”

Manager: “What do you need it for?”

(I explain about the likelihood of worms and the fact that they’d only had one pack last time.)

Manager: “Oh, so you only need one pack, then.”

Me: “What? No, I need three more.”

Manager: “Once you’ve given them the tablets it covers them for a year.”

Me: “Uh, it’s not tablets. And it’s a course; if you look on the side of the box, it tells you how much you need to give the rabbit. One pack would be enough for a rabbit under 2.5kg; mine are 3kg and 6kg, so I need more.”

Manager: “That’s not right. It’s one tablet, and they’re fine for a year.”

Me: “But… no, that’s not what it says on the box at all. If you’d just look-”

Manager: “That’s how it is for dogs.”

Me: “I… what? I’m not trying to deworm a dog.”

Manager: “It works for dogs!”

Me: “I have RABBITS. Just- just look at the box!”

(He finally glanced at it, then grumpily gave me the medicine I wanted, all the while muttering about how it’s only once a year, how it is for dogs, etc. The manager of a pet store that actually sells rabbits and animal medicines could not comprehend that dogs and rabbits could possibly need different medical care. For the record, after the course of medicines their weight stabilised nicely!)

Worming Their Way Into Your Bad Books

| Saskatoon, SK, Canada | Pets & Animals

(I’m buying superworms for my salamanders. The pet store has a large display of ferrets near the front.)

Me: *to store employee* “Excuse me, could I feed a worm to the ferrets?”

Employee: “I… Let me check with my manager.”

Me: *to Manager* “I’d like to feed the ferrets one of these worms.”

Manager: “Uh, no. Ferrets don’t eat worms!”

Me: *to my friend* “What does she think wild ferrets eat, ferret food?!”

(I looked it up. Ferrets can eat, and most of them love, superworms.)

Unable To Resume The Résumé

| ON, Canada | Job Seekers

(I’m applying for a job at a large pet store chain. I am very qualified for the position. Three weeks after handing in my resume I get a call from the store, right before I’m about to go out of province for a week for a family wedding.)

Manager: “Hello! I’m calling about your resume. I read it over and frankly, you are exactly what we’re looking for! I’d love for you to come in for an interview. I’m actually away for the next three days but could you come in Thursday?”

Me: “Thank you so much. I’m so glad to hear from you! Unfortunately, I will be out of province for a week. Is there any way we can do a phone interview?”

Manager: “Oh, no worries at all! Just give us a call when you get back. We’d really like to interview you before we offer this job to anyone else.”

Me: *getting excited as this job is in my field of interest and would be good experience* “Thank you! I’ll call you back as soon as I get back to Ontario!”

(The day I get back I give the store a call. I’m informed that the manager is off sick but they’ll pass along that I had called. I wait a day or two and hear nothing so call again. This time she’s there.)

Manager: *sounding slightly annoyed* “Thanks for following up. I was about to call you.”

Me: “Of course. I hope you’re feeling better! I’m back in town now and I was hoping we could still set up that interview!”

Manager: “I have to rearrange my schedule a bit; being off sick has set me back. I’ll call you back with a day and time! If you don’t hear from me in a week give me a call!”

Me: *thinking a week is a long time but still optimistic* “Great, thanks!”

(A week went by and nothing, so I called as requested. I’m told she’s sick again. I call a few days later and am told she was busy and they’d pass on the message. This continued for another week. She never called me and by that point I stop calling. I get that my going out of province probably put me out of the running for the job, but she could have told me that rather than string me along. Luckily I got another job shortly after that was seasonal but also a HUGE boost to my resume!)

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