Prisoned In Pink

| USA | Bizarre/Silly, Criminal/Illegal, Employees

(While visiting out of state, I see a police officer carrying a set of pink handcuffs. When I join my local police explorer group I bring my own set for the fun of it. The cuff holders on my belt for the most part obscure the cuffs from full view. This happens when I go on a couple of different ride-alongs.)

Officer #1: “You’ve got pink handcuffs? Keep those out of sight.”

Officer #2: “Pink handcuffs? Nice! If we arrest anyone tonight we’re using those!”

The Long And The Short Of It

| Switzerland | Employees, Time

(I lost my wallet with my identity card. I’ve spent four days searching everywhere but give up. Because of a possible identity theft I need to report this to the police so I can get a new identity card and mark the old one as lost.)

Me: “I have lost my wallet with my ID and need to file a report to get a new one. It’s possible that the wallet has been stolen.”

Police Officer #1: “How long has it been?”

Me: “I lost it four days ago and couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Police Officer #1: “It’s maybe a little bit too soon to file a report. Maybe it shows up again?”

Me: “Yeah, I know, but I need to get a new ID ASAP, so I have to do this.”

Police Officer #1: “Okay, wait here. Someone will come and help you.”

(After a while another officer shows up.)

Police Officer #2: “[My Name]? You have lost your wallet with your ID? How long has it been?”

Me: “Four days, I wanted to make sure I didn’t just lose it.”

Police Officer #2: “Four days?! That’s way too long to wait! You should have come here two days ago!”

Me: “…”

Secretary Providing (Breaking) Bad Service

| AB, Canada | Crazy Requests, Criminal/Illegal, Employees

(My father’s friend has a remote hunting cabin on a corner of his property. One winter, he goes out to check on it only to find that some criminals have broken into it and set up a meth lab. Naturally, he calls the police. Not seeing it as an emergency, he calls the local RCMP detachment directly and talks to a secretary.)

Friend: “Yeah, I’m at [gives legal land location], and someone broke into my cabin and set up a meth lab.”

Secretary: “Oh, another one. Boys will be boys, am I right?”

Friend: “Um… yeah. Anyway, what should I do with all this drug stuff?”

Secretary: “Just gather it all up and throw it out.”

Friend: “WHAT?”

Secretary: “Yeah, this is so common these days; it’s really nothing to worry about. Just clean out your cabin and chuck it.”

Friend: “Don’t you need to send an officer out here to check it out?”

Secretary: “Well, if you’re THAT concerned about it, you can box it all up and bring it down to the station.”

Friend: “But… from what I’ve seen on the news, there could be all kinds of hazardous chemicals in there!”

Secretary: “Nonsense. You’ll be fine. Box up it and bring it down.”

Friend: “Okay.”

(Needless to say, my father’s friend was still rather concerned, so he decided to call 911 right away. The 911 operator was VERY concerned, and a couple of officers and a hazmat crew were soon on the scene.)

I Just Swan To Get Out Of Here, Part 2

| Phoenix, AZ, USA | Coworkers, Movies & TV

(In the communications center, we have some new hires on the floor in their first phase of training. I’m talking to one for the first time. We’re trying to see if we have any mutual interests.)

Me: “I have a tendency to spend a lot of money on books.”

Trainee: “I don’t read much.”

Me: “Not even Harry Potter?” *this is usually my go-to series with people, with it being so popular*

Trainee: “I never really liked Harry Potter.”

Me: *jokingly* “We can’t be friends then.”

Trainee: “But I do like Twilight!”

Me: *after a pause* “We REALLY can’t be friends then.”

I Just Swan To Get Out Of Here

Quebec To The Drawing Board

| NB, Canada | Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Geography, Transportation

(In Quebec, there is no law stating that a car needs to be inspected every year, or that a car needs a license plate in the front. These are required in a car from New Brunswick. The police have set up a checkpoint to see if people have had their car inspected.)

Me: *stopping* “Everything all right, officer?”

Officer: *looking at my dash, and taps where the inspection sticker usually goes* “Not for you! You don’t have an inspection sticker!”

Me: “The car is from Quebec. We don’t need one.”

Officer: *looks at front bumper then sing-songs* “We don’t have a license plate! I’m going to need your license and registration please.”

Me: “Ma’am, the car is from Quebec. I’m just a student here.”

Officer: *ignores me and goes to see my rear bumper and sees the Quebec plate, then comes back to my window* “License and registration.”

Me: “Okay. Here is my French license and here is my French registration.”

Officer: *looks at them thoroughly then looks at me* “Here. Move along.”

Me: “Okay, have a good day!” *leaves*

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