Too Many Cheeseburger-Hold-The-Cheese Stories

| FL, USA | Food & Drink

(I have just unwrapped a sandwich from [Quick-Serve Restaurant], only to find that the toppings are completely wrong. I’d ordered their Barbeque Bacon Cheddar sandwich, which is pretty self-explanatory. The sandwich I received had ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onions, and nothing else. I took it to the food runner to let them know, and the following exchange happened.)

Me: “I ordered this sandwich just now, and it’s really wrong.” *employee takes sandwich*

Employee: “It’s really raw? I’ll have them fix it.” *employee leaves before I can correct her, and returns a minute later*

Employee: “You said it was raw?”

Me: “No, WRONG.”

Employee: “Oh. What was wrong with it?” *I hold up the order ticket, which clearly says BBQ CHED*

Me: “It was supposed to be a barbeque cheddar burger. This one has ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onions.”

Employee: “That’s what comes on it.”

Me: “But it doesn’t have any barbeque sauce, bacon, or cheese…”

Employee: “OH! Was it supposed to be a barbeque cheddar burger?”

Me: “…yes.”

(They did wind up remaking the sandwich for me, but I think I see now why they got it wrong in the first place!)


Doesn’t Know Their Bread And Butter

| Halifax, NS, Canada | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I stop by a popular made-to-order sandwich shop one evening after classes. Given this store’s proximity to campus, it receives a lot of business and they’re usually out of most types of bread. Because of this, I know to ask before ordering what they have available.)

Worker: “Hi, what can I get for you?”

Me: “First, could you tell me what types of bread you still have?”

(She sighs and looks at her coworker.)

Worker: “Why does everyone keep asking us that!?”

(Considering, on this occasion, I could count the number of loaves they still had on one hand, it seemed everyone knew it was a valid question.)


The Waitress Dropped You Like A Hot Potato

| Santa Fe, NM, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(My brother arrives home after his high-school baseball game quite hungry, so my mother and I decide to take him out eat despite us having just ate. We agree to share a small desert while my brother eats a meal. Note: this is about eight at night.)

Waitress: “Are you ready to order?”

Mother: “Yes, I’ll have an order of the appetizer potato wedges and also a coffee, if you guys are still serving some.”

Waitress: “I’m not so sure but I’ll check on that to see if we still have some.”

Mother: “Okay, thank you.”

(The waitress takes my dessert order then continues onto my brother’s while I talk to my mother. During this whole time, the waitress has a very melancholy attitude but, hey, we all do sometimes; it’s not that big of a deal.)

Me: “You’re ordering more food? Aren’t you stuffed? I know I am!”

Mother: “Haha, no. I’m still a little hungry.”

(About five minutes later our server drops off waters for all of us and briskly informs that there is no coffee, doesn’t even ask my mother if she would like something else instead, and walks away quickly. Finally, after another 15 minutes goes by, my dessert arrives along with my brother’s meal and nothing else. Also, my mother has already drank her glass of water and is on to drinking mine and not once has the waitress stopped to ask if we needed refills.)

Mother: *as the waitress is already walking away* “Excuse me… I ordered an appetizer I have yet to receive that.”

Waitress: “No, you didn’t.”

Mother: “Yes… I did.”

Waitress: “No.”

Me: “Yes, she did. We even had an explicit discussion about it.”

Mother: “Whatever. Can you just place an order of the potato wedges for me?”

Waitress: *doesn’t even say anything and walks away*

(My mother finally received her simple appetizer. The waitress did not acknowledge us at all until my mother had to flag her down for the bill to which the waitress just threw it on the table and again when she gave us back our change. Now my mother has worked in the restaurant industry for well over 20 years and is the type of person to always leave more than 20% tip because she knows what it’s like to be waitress, but on this occasion she refused to leave anything for this waitress saying it is the worst service she has ever received from a waitress. When we wanted to go, our waitress was nowhere to be found so she flagged down another waitress for some to-go boxes. The other waitress quickly fetched the boxes for us and my mother gave her a tip relaying the horrible service to her and stating that her fetching the boxes was best service we received all night.)


Should Have Just (Stereo)Typed It

| Wrightsville, PA, USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers

(I used to work as a busboy. One day, I’m writing the daily specials on the chalkboard. One of the waitresses nearby watches me, and out of nowhere asks me this.)

Waitress: “Wow, you have better handwriting than a girl. Are you gay?”


Thankfully Not On Your ‘High’ Horse

, | OH, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Health & Body

(I decide to get lunch at Popular Fast Food Restaurant. I walk in and stand waiting to order for five minutes, with no one at the counter. I have brightly dyed hair.)

Cashier: *speed walks from outside to behind counter* “I’m so sorry, miss. I didn’t see you there!”

Me: “It’s okay.” *places order*

Cashier: “I like your hair, I’ve always wanted to do mine red, white, and blue because that would be f***ing awesome, but they won’t let us do it here.”

Me: “Yeah, I work for [Locally-Owned Pizza Shop] and technically we aren’t supposed to have dyed hair, but they don’t really care as long as it goes under your hat.”

Cashier: “Well, technically we aren’t supposed to smoke marijuana, but I’m still high right now.”

(Moment of silence, he gets an ‘oh s**t’ look on his face.)

Me: “Me too, man. Me too.”

(He let out a sigh of relief and gave me a high five and a free milkshake.)

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