Hannibal: The Restaurant

| Houston, TX, USA | Language & Words

(I work at a pretty nice restaurant in an upscale area of town. I’ve waited tables A LOT, but I also have pretty bad anxiety. This night, I am particularly frazzled. I have just served a large table their meals, and am coming back for the first check in.)

What I meant to say: “How’s everything tasting tonight?” OR “How are we doing?”

What I actually said: “How is everyone tasting tonight?”


You Must Not Be Special Enough

, | USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring & Inattentive

(My husband and I stop at a fast food restaurant for dinner one night. The restaurant is running a special promotion entree and the cashier is asking each customer if they’d like to try the special. We are in line behind another customer.)

Cashier: “Good evening; welcome to [Restaurant]. Would you like to try our [Special Promotion]?”

Customer: “Yes, that actually sounds pretty good!”

Cashier: *without missing a beat* “Unfortunately, we’re all out of [Special Promotion]. Is there something else you’d like to order?”

Customer: “…”

(To this day I’m not sure if she was told she had to offer the special no matter what or if it was just autopilot!)


Getting Into A Pickle Pickle

, | Wheeling, IL, USA | Food & Drink, Language & Words

Me: “Can I get two [Burgers] with cheese, one with no pickles.”

Cashier: “So, that’s two [Burgers] with cheese and one [Burger] with no pickles.”

Me: “No, two [Burgers] total, both with cheese, one of them with no pickles.”

Cashier: “That’s the same thing, just said a different way.”


You’re Fired! I Think?

| Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Lazy/Unhelpful

(This is my first job. I am in high school and school is almost out. When I was hired, I told that them that there were a few weeks I could not work due to trips that had been scheduled prior to be me being hired. The manager said this was no problem, and even put the list of weeks I was unavailable up on a bulletin board in the office. I worked a few weeks and am able to take off as needed. As my second trip is drawing to a close, I call my job.)

Me: “Hey, I’ll be back in town on Sunday. Do you need me to work this week?”

Manager: “Um, not sure. Call me when you get back and I’ll get you on the schedule!”

Me: “Great!”

(I return from my trip and call again.)

Manager: “The schedule is full. Check in at the end of this week.”

Me: “Okay…”

(At the end of the week I call again. The same thing happens. The manager says he doesn’t need me, and to call back. The third time I call…)

Coworker: “Oh, [Manager] isn’t here right now. Call back in a few hours.”

(I call back in a few hours.)

Coworker: “Oh, he just stepped out. Call back tomorrow.”

(I can never seem to reach the manager after trying pretty much once or twice a week for a few weeks so I give up. About a week later, I see I have a missed call from the restaurant. I call back.)

New Worker: “Oh, I think I called your number by mistake, sorry. Hey, are you that girl that used to work here?”

(I guess I was fired without ever being notified.)


A Sudden Shift In Expectations

| Scottsdale, AZ, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Overtime

(It is the late morning and I am scheduled for a shift in the afternoon when I get a call from the manager.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], we don’t have many reservations today and expect it to be slow so we are cutting you. Sorry.”

(Now having the day off I go meet up with some friends on the other side of town. About 10 minutes before my shift was supposed to start I get another call.)

Manager: “[Coworker] called in sick so we will need you here after all.”

Me: “That’s fine but I’m on the other side of town. I need to get home to change into my uniform so I won’t be able to be in for about an hour.”

Manager: “Your shift starts in ten minutes! You need to be here when you are scheduled! What the h*** are you doing across town when your shift is about to start?”

Me: “You cut me from the schedule so I was under the impression I wasn’t working until just now.”

Manager: “You’d better be here EXACTLY when the schedule says you need to be!” *hangs-up*

(I raced home to change and was able to get there within 45 minutes and ended up getting written up for being late.)

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