You’re Part Of The Part Problem

, | Germany | Money, Technology

(I’m building myself a new computer. For this I have ordered some hardware from a small but well known electronics mail order company. There’s only one part that isn’t in stock but the website says they’ll receive a batch within the next few days. However, after a month this item still hasn’t arrived. I call the hotline.)

Me: “Hi! I ordered some computer parts from you about a month ago and, even though the website said [item] would be available again within the last weeks, I still haven’t received it. I understand that you can’t do something about supply bottlenecks but I wanted to know how much longer it’s going to take and maybe cancel the order and order [other more expensive item].”

Employee: “Wait, just let me pull up your order. Oh, yes. I see what you mean. And you said you’ve waited for a month? In this case I’d be happy to upgrade you to [more expensive hardware] without any additional costs. Would that be okay for you?”

Me: “Wow, okay. Yes, of course. I’m thrilled. Thank you so much.”

(Few days later I receive a parcel from said online shop. I open it only to find an item which is actually both much cheaper and worse compared to my initial order. I call again.)

Me: “Hi. I called some days ago about [hardware]. Since you did seem to have a bottleneck with this part you offered to send me [more expensive item]. I’ve now received [hardware half the price of my initial order].”

Employee: “Oh, yeah. That was me. I talked to my supervisor and he said I couldn’t upgrade you to this particular part but since you were waiting for so long I thought you’d may be okay with [less expensive item].”

Me: “Oh, okay. Well, I’d like to send it back to you and order somewhere else. Could you do a refund?”

Employee: “I could but are you sure? You got [less expensive part] free of charge!”

(After a short discussion I gave up. He didn’t understand that I didn’t get it for free but would pay around 200€ more than the actual price. After he refunded me I ordered somewhere else.)


Locked In To The Task

| USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests

(My boss closed the shop around 5:00 p.m., but he calls me at home at 6:30 p.m. Note: we have five parking spaces, right in front of the store.)

Boss: “Hi, can you pop back to the store for me? There’s a customer locked in the car park.”

Me: “What? How did you not notice when you left?”

Boss: “She pulled in while I was cashing up. I shouted at her but she just waved at me and went on down the street. So I locked her in and drove home.”

Me: “And she’s still there?”

Boss: “Yeah, one of the neighbors called me. Apparently she’s threatening to call the cops.”

Me: “And you want me to drive over and deal with this furious customer who’s going to yell at me? You do it!”

Boss: “You’re closer and it’ll be quicker and she’ll be less cross.”

Me: “I can’t believe you did this.”

Boss: “B**** deserved it for being rude!”

(I withstood the torrent of abuse and let her out, but now the boss owes me, big style!)


Pretty Bad Service

| Chicago, IL, USA | Coworkers

(I am organizing stock in the front of the store. A coworker is idling by the front desk, clearly wearing her work-vest and nametag.)

Customer: *approaching my coworker* “Excuse me, do you work here?”

Coworker: “No, I’m just here to look pretty.”

(My coworker promptly walked away to another section of the store, far away and out of view. I stared after her for a few seconds before approaching the customer to offer help. The customer didn’t seem phased at all, and seemed to believe her!)


Maybe They Just Used The Bag Instead

| USA | At The Checkout, Coworkers, Employees, Rude & Risque

(So I just recently started working at a store. I’ve only been working a few days when a couple comes up and has condoms. I forget to put them in with their other items.)

Me: “Oh, darn. I forgot to bag their condoms.”

Coworker: “You just ruined their night, man.” *a few months later I see the same couple*

Me: “Hey, you remember that couple that I forgot the condoms for? I just saw them…”

Coworker: “Was the girl pregnant?”


How To Mismanage The Situation

| ME, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners

(I have to make a late milk run at a popular retail place. I get in line, at the only register open, and we start doing my WIC, a government program to help mothers and children, and we realize… neither of us has a pen.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry. Let me page my manager; normally she has one.” *enters code to page the manager* “Sorry about this.”

Me: “It’s fine, really. Normally I bring one but I forgot tonight.”

Cashier: “It’s fine!”

(Ten minutes go by with no sign of the manager and a line has formed.)

Me: “I really didn’t mean to hold up the line.”

Cashier: “You’re not. Does anyone have a pen? My manager must be stuck.”

Lady: “I have one.”

Me: “Thank you! I’ll give it right back.”

(We get through the first check, then we have to do the fruit and veggies and I go over, so I opt to pay the rest by personal check.)

Cashier: “Why won’t this… I’m sorry, this seems to not want to go through.”

Me: “It’s fine. It happens all the time, and you’d think I remember how it’s done!”

Cashier: *smiles and calls up the manager again*

(We wait a few minutes, and see the manager, who sees how many of us there is and runs in the other direction.)

Cashier: “[Manager], wait! I need… assistance… Really?”

Me: “I have to pick up my daughter from my parents house…”

Cashier: “I am so, so sorry.”

(We wait an additional few minutes, making it a total of 20 minutes I’m at the register, and holding up the line.)

Me: “What is the time?”

Cashier: “It’s 9:30.”

Me: “Oh, man I really have to get my daughter. Look, maybe—”

Manager: “I’m here!”

Cashier: “About time!”

Me: *sighs in relief*

Manager: “Be lucky I’m not turning you away.”

Me: “Sorry…?”

Cashier: “She hasn’t done anything! She’s been patiently waiting for you so she can check out and leave! Please show me how to do this, so I can get the rest of her items, and she can pick up her TODDLER.”

Manager: “Don’t need to be so rude!”

Lady: “Ma’am, why did you take so long?!”

Manager: “I was busy!”

Cashier: “We saw you, running away.”

Manager: “Just get this woman out of here.” *she leaves*

Me: “Wh-what did I do!?”

Cashier: “I’m so sorry, [My Name]. She’s horrible; why she’s even still working here is beyond me…”

(When I was leaving, I heard the cashier making a report to their boss on her phone while checking people out, but I really do doubt anything will come of it.)

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