Dawn Of The Dreams Of The Dead

| Washington, DC, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners, Zombies

(One effect that a high-stress job has on me is that I dream intensely about work. I’m currently working as a seasonal employee at a store — obviously a high-stress job. I do, however, very much enjoy what I do.)

Me: “I’ve been dreaming about being at work. I’m surrounded by demanding customers and I can’t make them go away.”

Manager: “When I dream about being at work, I imagine all the customers are zombies. Then I can smack them on the head.”

(Yep, I like this job.)


Will Just Leave That Comment Hanger

| King of Prussia, PA, USA | At The Checkout

(I am a woman and I just spent the night with my boyfriend. We don’t live together and I didn’t plan on staying the night. The next morning, I need to go to work and I do not have work clothes available. I decide to go to [Store] near work before coming. I grab a sweater dress and head for the cash register. At the cash register, the following exchange occurs:)

Male Cashier: “Will you be keeping the hanger?”

Me: *tired* “No…”

Male Cashier: “Oh, so going straight to work, huh?”

Me: “…”

(I paid and made a beeline for the exit. Later on that day I thought of a good comeback, but it was too late.)


As Loud As A Baby

| IN, USA | Employees, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I have recently discovered that I am unexpectedly pregnant. My clothes are quickly starting to be too small, and I need a few extra pieces. We haven’t made a public announcement to family or coworkers, including our four-year-old daughter. I go to a big box store that has had a small maternity section where I previously shopped when I was pregnant with my daughter.)

Me: *looking around the women’s clothing department for the rack with maternity clothes and not finding anything* “Excuse me, ma’am?” *to a clerk walking through the department* “Where is the maternity section?”

Clerk #1: “Hmm… I don’t work in this department, but let’s see what we can find.”

(She is very nice and cheerful. We look around a little, and even go over to the baby department to see if the clothes are over there. I mention in a low voice that we haven’t announced my pregnancy yet, not even to our daughter. My husband and daughter follow us around. The clerk offers to check with someone from the women’s department. I agree.)

Clerk #1: *very quietly to Clerk #2* “Do you know where the maternity clothes have been put?”

Clerk #2: *on a stepladder stocking shelves* “No, I have no idea.” *in a very LOUD voice* “Hey, [Clerk #3] do we still have maternity clothes!?”

(Mortified, I turned and walked away from the loud clerk. My husband whisked our daughter even further away. Turned out major national retailer no longer carries maternity clothing. Clerk #1 followed me, apologizing for Clerk #2’s big mouth.)

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