Still Hoping It Will Just Be An iFad

| Oscoda, MI, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

(While on a trip with my mom and cousin, I go into a secondhand shop in my former hometown. When I still lived near the store, I knew that they only accepted cash, so I am happy to see a sign stating that they now accept credit cards. There is only one employee in the store, an older man. I pick out a few items and take them to the register, but as soon as I take out my card…)

Employee: “Sorry, I can’t take that. I can only take cash.”

Me: “But your sign says…”

Employee: “I know. If my daughter were here she could help, but I dunno how to run this thing.” *he points to an iPad with a card reader plugged into it*

Me: “That’s easy. I can show you, since I don’t have any cash on me.”

Employee: “Naw, I’m never gonna figure it out.”

(I had to go back out to the car and ask my cousin to lend me some money.)


That Did A Fat Lot Of Good

| VIC, Australia | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Health & Body

(I am currently looking for work during the story and I’m handing out a resume; I’ve also been on hormone therapy due a deficiency so I’ve gained weight because of it.)

Me: *enters the store and goes up to one of the workers* “Hi, I was wondering if I could see your manager? I want to hand in my resume.”

Worker: “Don’t even bother. You’re too fat to work in this store.”

Me: *shocked* “Excuse me, how has my weight got anything to do with getting a job?!”

Worker: “It might send the wrong message.”

Me: “About what?”

Worker: “That it’s okay to fat.”

Me: “Can I still speak to the manager?”

Worker: “Why?”

Me: *sarcastic* “I don’t know, because you’re being rude?”

Worker: *sigh* “Fine.” *calls Manager over*

Manager: “Hello, what seems to be the problem?”

Me: “Your worker here was extremely rude and prejudiced.”

Manager: “About what?”

Me: “My weight! I was just going to hand in my resume when she stopped me.”

Manager: “Well, you are a little porky and we don’t want to send the wrong message.”

(I stormed out and handed my resume at other places. I ended up getting a job somewhere else and paid better.)


Has No Idea What’s In Store

| Scotland, UK | Overtime

(I’m the idiot in this story. I’ve just moved town for university. Up until the previous week I worked at a hotel and a store. I have transferred store, but work between both of its locations which have different names. The phone rings so I go to answer it in our normal fashion.)

Me: “Good afternoon, [Hotel]. I mean [Store #1 in Town #1]. Wait, no, [Store #2 in New Town]– Nope, sorry, this is definitely [Store #3 in New Town]. My name is [My Name] and I clearly need a coffee. How can I help you?”


An Un-Hair Assessment

| San Francisco, CA, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees

(I have a hair appointment and the stylist recommends a certain store to get the extensions I want. Note: the name of this store has “hair” in it. I check online the night before to get the address and opening hours, and everything seems to be in order. I arrive the next day with my boyfriend, and there are two gentlemen sitting outside of an empty looking shop.)

Me: “Hello, is this [Store]?”

The Two Men: “Yes. We don’t have any hair.”

My Boyfriend: “Why not?”

The Two Men: “We’re just out. The shipment didn’t come in.”

(They are sitting on a lot of unopened boxes.)

Me: “Okay… thank you for your time.”

The Two Men: “If you had called ahead we could have saved you a trip; next time, please be a little more prepared.”

Me: “I’m very sorry I assumed you were ready to sell the product you advertised!”

(We got the hair from somewhere else, and when I told my stylist she was fuming!)


Breaking With Procedure

| Fort Pierce, FL, USA | Lazy/Unhelpful, New Hires

(I am the service desk associate. We have just had a huge rush at the checkouts and are down a register because we can’t locate one of the newer cashiers. After a manager goes looking for her, she comes back and says nothing. When we don’t have any customers, I pull her aside.)

Me: “[New Girl], what happened? No one could find you!”

New Girl: “I was on break.”

Me: “How? [Previous Service Associate] said she didn’t know where you were! Who told you to go on break?”

New Girl: “No one. I was hungry so I told her I was going. She may not have heard me; she had a line at the desk.”

Me: “What?! You can’t do that!”

New Girl: “Why?” *she is starting to give me attitude after being completely polite before*

Me: “[Other Cashier] was supposed to go next! And WE tell you when to go on break. You can’t just decide! We have to send you in a certain order based on who came in first and who’s leaving! And you certainly can’t go when we get a rush!”

New Girl: *rolling her eyes* “I didn’t know it was such a big deal.”

Me: “It IS a big deal! If we don’t know where you are, we can’t keep up with the lines!”

(She told me she understood, but continued to be snotty with me all day. None of the seasoned people think she’s going to last long.)

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