A Colorful Excuse

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(I’m being interviewed for a seasonal position at a local crafting store. I’m also color blind.)

Interviewer: “Your references checked out and we’d love to have you on the staff.”

Me: “Perfect! I just need to make sure I’m cashier only, however, due to the nature of the store.”

Interviewer: “Not a problem; we start all of our seasonals as cashiers and go from there anyway, and I’ll make sure the managers know about the circumstances. There’s plenty to do that doesn’t involve coloring.”

(My first shift, a manager snags me and brings me to the fabric section.)

Manager: “Okay, so I need these sorted by color. I’ll have someone come help you in a bit when it slows down.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t. I’m [My Name] and I’m-”

Manager: “And I’m your boss, so do it.” *walks away*

(I do what I can until help arrives and wonder if any of the managers actually read my interview notes. An hour later, he comes back.)

Manager: “You’ve barely touched this section!”

Me: “Yes, I know. I’m [My Name] and I was promised I would be cashier only because I’m COLOR BLIND and therefore kind of useless when it comes to sorting things by color.”

Manager: “Oh, right, you’re THAT one. Look this one-” *points* “-is blue, and this one-” *points* “is green. Then there’s purple, aqua-”

Me: “Yeah, I’m sorry, but that’s black, that’s gray, and the rest look brown.”

Manager: “Fine, I’ll get someone else to do it! Just go cashier!”

Me: “Love to.”

(At least it’s only a seasonal position.)

She Understands, Period

| USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Health & Body

(I am a cisgendered woman running some errands. I have purchased some new underwear, pads, and chocolate. The cashier, also a woman, looks at my purchases, and looks at me.)

Cashier: “Honey, I feel you.”

Donut Be Late!

| New Orleans, LA, USA | Coworkers, Food & Drink, Time

(I am about to close the shop and get it ready for when I open tomorrow and the owner gives me a call.)

Owner: “Hey, just letting you know I’m going to have [Coworker] open with you tomorrow because it’s going to be a busy day.”

Me: “Okay, great! Thanks for letting me know!”

(The following morning comes, and I show up half an hour before opening to get the store ready, like usual. But an employee at another location calls with a ton of questions, so I’m behind on opening and people are starting to wait outside the door with no sign of my coworker. A couple minutes before I open the doors, I call her.)

Coworker: *answers phone, sounding groggy* “Hello?”

Me: “Hey, just wondering where you were. You were supposed to open with me this morning, and I’m about to open.”

Coworker: “Yeah, sorry, my alarm didn’t go off. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” *she lives over an hour away* “I’m going to pick up some donuts along the way.”

Me: “Um, okay… but I really need you to be here.”

Coworker: “Hey, I was in the military for 25 years. If you’re running late, you buy donuts.”

Me: “Sounds good. See you soon!”

(I was able to handle the morning rush which wasn’t as bad as anticipated because of the pouring rain. I wasn’t even mad because I just finished observing Passover (aka no bread or grains for a week) and got free donuts! Got to keep the extra, too!)

At War With Your Name

| Austin, TX, USA | Bosses & Owners, Funny Names

(I’ve just finished checking out a customer with the same first name as me. As I have a ridiculously common first name, this is a normal occurrence. I am named after the main character my mother’s favorite book growing up.)

Me: *as the customer leaves* “My mother’s favorite book couldn’t have been Little Women, or something.”

(My boss, who happens to be walking by, chuckles.)

Me: “I guess it could be worse. Her favorite book could’ve been Jane Eyre.”

Boss: “It’s could’ve been War and Peace.”

Me: “There’s a female main character in War and Peace?”

Give Me No Notice Then You’ll Get My Notice

| Scotland, UK | Bosses & Owners, Ignoring & Inattentive, Time

(I have worked for the same company for over five years, having transferred when I moved for university. Now that university is almost over I have found a full-time job that I start next month. My manager is aware that I am leaving, but I have not yet handed in my notice.)

Manager: “Hey, could you work 12-5 on Wednesday?”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t I have a lot of work to be doing before my course finishes.”

Manager: “Okay, I’ll sort something else out. [Coworker], you’re already in that day but you could probably do a longer shift?”

Coworker: “Yeah, if you can’t get anything else.”

(Fast forward to Wednesday and I’m at home working on my final film for hand-in next week when my phone rings at 12:05 pm. My manager is currently off.)

Supervisor: “Hey, [My Name], where are you?”

Me: “What do you mean? I’m at home doing uni work.”

Supervisor: “Well, you were meant to start work at 12.”

Me: “No, I wasn’t.”

Supervisor: “It’s on the rota, that you signed to confirm you know your working hours.”

(Deciding it’ll be easier to go in and speak to them as I live around the corner.)

Me: “Hold on, I’ll come in.”

(As I get into work I go to the staff room to look at the rota. Indeed, I have been put in for this shift, but after I had signed my working hours and told my manager I couldn’t do it. The addition is in my manager’s handwriting. My coworker is in the staff room sorting delivery.)

Coworker: “Hey, what you doing here? I thought you said you couldn’t come in?”

(And that’s the story about how my manager got my notice a week earlier than planned.)

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