Flagging Down Some Tech Support

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(For a couple of summers, I worked for an older woman who ran her own landscaping business, mostly planting flowers and organizing things that the men on the crew could not be counted on to put away properly. As a fairly tech-savvy college student I offered minor tech support even after I found a more year-round job. On this occasion, I answer a slightly hysterical phone call regarding important emails.)

Boss: “[My Name], oh, you’ve got to help me. I had this really important email from [Client] but now I can’t find it!”

Me: “Are you sure you’re checking the right email? Or the right inbox?”

Boss: “It’s my work Gmail and it’s so important. It has all the details of what I need to do and I flagged it but now I can’t find it!”

Me: “I could come over, if you need—”

Boss: “No, no. I must be getting senile. I mean it was RIGHT HERE and I flagged it so I could find it again but now—”

Me: “Wait, you FLAGGED it? Check your spam folder.”

Boss: *half an octave higher* “My SPAM FOLDER! Why would it be there?!”

Me: “Flagging it isn’t a good thing. You told your email that you didn’t want to see that message, and probably every message from [Client]. It’s a warning. Like “red flags,” you know?”

Boss: *skeptical* “No, I don’t know. Where did it go?”

Me: “Please, check your spam folder.”

(She checked it and, lo and behold, there was all the important messages from Client that she’d been going crazy looking for, among other business emails. She definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to planting and designing gardens, but put her in front of a computer…)


This Call Is Going Down(load)

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(My dad is on the phone with a tech company’s customer service, trying to figure out why a critical detail of an order he placed has now changed.)

Dad: “I ordered your software disc, but now your website is saying I have to download it. The software isn’t for me. I need the disc, the physical copy.”


Dad: “What do you mean, you don’t have it on disc?! I specifically selected, and paid shipping on, an actual physical copy because the person it’s for cannot download it!”


Dad: “You haven’t traveled much, I can tell. Most of the world doesn’t have the kind of Internet access you’re obviously used to. Is there a manager or supervisor I could speak to? Because you can’t help me.”


Dad: “Okay, so tell me: where is your store in Antananarivo, Madagascar? There isn’t one, is there? Well, that’s where I do business, and that’s where MY DISC is going once you MAIL IT TO ME.”


Dad: “Charlotte! That’s an hour and a half from where I live! You want me to waste fifty bucks on gas, just to get something YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAIL TO ME?! That I’ve already paid for! Just transfer me to your supervisor already!


Dad: “Hello? Hey, hello? They hung up on me!”

(He called the Charlotte store next, explained his problem, and was quickly informed that he could download the software he’d paid for and transfer it via flash drive, much less likely to be damaged in transit than a disc.)


Should Monitor The Situation More Closely

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(I have been doing tech setup for a new temporary worker. She is very young and obviously very new to the workforce, and has been very demanding throughout the whole process, insisting on being given things we don’t normally give — such as desktop speakers for listening to music, which would disturb others in the open office. This is the tail end of a very long conversation.)

Temp: “If you won’t give me speakers, then at least give me earbuds so I can listen to music.”

Me: “We don’t have earbuds to give out, and you shouldn’t be listening to music on shift anyway.”

Temp: “I’ve always been able to listen to music before at my other jobs. How come I only have one monitor? I should have two monitors, at least.”

Me: “We don’t have enough monitors to give two to everyone; you can go on a waiting list, but there are several people before you, and nothing you’re doing in this role should require a second monitor.”

Temp: “Ugh! I’ve NEVER had to work in a job where I didn’t get two monitors before!”

Me: *with a wide smile* “Then you’re gaining valuable new work experiences already!”

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