The End Of A Vicious Cycle

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(This occurs on a Christmas Eve on a Monday at our resort’s bike rental shop. Although we closed at 4:30 pm, company policy is to stay open until all our customers have been helped. There’s still a long line at 5:30 pm. At this point, my wife, the resort’s general cashier, comes by to expiate the paperwork. At the same time, the night security supervisor comes by.)

Security Supervisor: “You’re going to have to close. It is dark and past your closing time.”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t close with customers waiting. Besides, the Christmas lights provide enough light.”

Security Supervisor: “I’ll have to call your manager, and she…” *points to my wife* “…can’t be here.”

(I ignore him as I wait on customers. Frustrated, he starts calling my managers. He eventually gets my General Manager on the line.)

Security Supervisor: “The GM wants to talk to you now!”

(Surprisingly, one of the customers who has overheard everything speaks up in my defense.)

Customer: “Shut up, a**hole! He’s busy!”

Wife: *to me* “I’ll get [the customer’s] bikes so you can talk to the GM.”

(I get on the phone with the General Manager.)

General Manager: “[Security Supervisor] briefed me on your situation. Can you put me on speaker?”

Me: “Sure.”

General Manager: *on speaker* “[My name], keep up getting the bike rented out. [Security Supervisor], you need to help the customers or get out of his shop. [My wife], thanks for helping out and make sure your hours are transferred to this department. If any customers can hear me, I apologize for my Security Supervisor and thank you for your patience. Everyone have a Merry Christmas!” *hangs up*

(With this, the customers that overhear this applaud.)

Security Supervisor: “This isn’t the end of this, jerk!”

Customer: “Leave him alone! I want my bicycles.”

Me: “No problem, ma’am. Last name and villa number, please?”

Security Supervisor: “That’s it! You’re done at this company!”

Customer: “I’ll make sure you’re done at this company!”

(I did hear about it. I had to make a statement, and so did my wife. In fact, there were several comment cards from customers and several letters to corporate about what had happened. By the end of January, I was still running that little bike shop while the former security supervisor was appealing his unemployment denial.)

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