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(About two months before the release of Fable III for Xbox 360, I walked into our local Gamestop to preorder the special edition. I’m a girl. Here’s what happened.)

Male Cashier: *to my boyfriend* “You finding everything okay?”

Boyfriend: “Sure.”

Me: “I need to preorder the special edition Fable III.”

Male Cashier: *to my boyfriend* “You want to order Fable III?”

Boyfriend: “No.”

Me: “I want to order Fable III .”

Male Cashier: *to me* “The Nintendo DS games are over there. We just got the new Nintendogs.”

Me: “I am not interested in Nintendogs. Am I able to preorder the special edition Fable III ? I want the version that comes with the deck of cards and the Hobbe statue.”

Male Cashier: *to my boyfriend* “She’s ordering you the new Fable III?”

(Note that my boyfriend is on other side of the store looking at Wii games.)

Boyfriend: “No, but I would like to preorder Harry Potter 7 for Wii.”

Male Cashier: *to me* “You want to preorder Harry Potter 7 for Xbox?”

Me: “Dude. No. I want to preorder the $150 Limited Edition Fable III. I assume I can do that. Can I give you my money? I can come back tomorrow if you don’t understand.”

Male Cashier: *to my boyfriend* “You want me to ring up both your games in one transaction? You’re getting Fable III and Harry Potter, right?”

Boyfriend: “No, I don’t think I want the Harry Potter now. However, she wants to preorder Fable III.”

Male Cashier: “Okay, if you change your mind please let me know.”

(At this point, another male cashier arrives at work and approaches me.)

Other Male Cashier: *to me* “Can I help you with something?”

Me: “Yes. I want to preorder the special edition of Fable III.”

Other Male Cashier: “Oh! For your boyfriend?”

Boyfriend: “Hahahahaha!”

Me: “You all suck.”

First Male Cashier: “Wait. You play Fable?”

Me: *facepalm*

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