Their Queue To Shut Up

| Columbus, OH, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

(Note: I am a student turning in a permissions form to withdraw from a course just before the deadline. It’s pouring, windy and freezing cold out, and I’ve jogged eight blocks to get there on time. All I have to do is hand the paper to someone behind the desk. When I enter the building, there are two long lines at the desk. I enter the first, behind four others. The following exchange occurs after fifteen minutes in line, while the person immediately ahead of me is being helped.)

Advisor: “Excuse me, but this isn’t a line.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Advisor: “The line is over there.”

(The advisor gestures to the line on the other side of the room. I look around, and she’s right. There’s no one behind me and there’s a sign that states that I’m to wait in the other line until called.)

Me: “I see that now, but I’ve been waiting here for fifteen minutes while the people ahead of me were helped. They were in the wrong line too, unless this is a line for a special purpose?”

Advisor: “No, it isn’t. The line starts there.” *points behind me* “You need to get in line.”

Me: “Why didn’t you say something earlier? You’ve been standing next to this line the entire time I’ve been in it. The four people in front of me stood in this line as well, and you didn’t ask them to go to the back of the other line. You’re really going to single me out? Of course you are. Fine…”

(I walk to the back of the line, but evidently I was louder than I intended to be. Almost every student in line stepped out, pretending to have forgotten some thing or another, letting me pass to the front. I was helped before the person originally in front of me was finished!)

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