There Heart’s Really Into This Job

| Coworkers

(One of my jobs is to call new reps, welcome them, and make sure they know the ropes. A good 75% of outgoing welcome calls end up going to voice mail. However, this one answers.)

Me: “Hi! This is (me) from (company), calling to welcome you to the team!”

New Rep: “Hi… it’s not really a good time right now.”

Me: “I’m so sorry about that. Is there a better time for us to call?”

New Rep: “Well, I just had a heart attack and the paramedics are here now, so you’ll have to call later.”

Me: “Oh! I’m so sorry. I hope you feel better, and we’ll talk to you soon!”

(For future reference to all: if you’ve just had a heart attack and the paramedics are there, you ARE allowed to let it drop to voice mail!)

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