There May Be A Silver Lining, But There’s Still Lots Of Cloud

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(We have a ridiculous turnover rate at our restaurant, so I’ve been promoted out of desperation to manager after working only a month. This makes me the fall guy for everyone and results in write ups every day, although I’m one of the strongest workers. I feel that a key point as a manager is to come in happy and set the mood.)

Me: *cheerily* “Good morning, everyone!”

Coworkers 1-3: “Ehh, yeah.”

Me: “C’mon guys! Its going to be a good day!”

(The General Manager walks in.)

GM: “Why aren’t you setting the mood?”

Me: “I tried.”

GM: “As managers, your people rely on you. We can’t have this behavior. I’m going to have to write you up!”

(Days later, the GM comes in with the food, from a different restaurant none the less.)

Me: “Good Morning!”

GM: *grumbles miserably*

Me: “…Setting the mood?”

(I got written up for insubordination.)

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