Thundercats, Whoa

| Robeline, Louisiana, USA | Coworkers, Geeks Rule, Theme Of The Month

Me: “Is that everything you need?”

Customer: “Yes, ma’am, that’s it.”

Me: “Okay, then. Your total is $5.82.”

(The customer pulls out his wallet. I grin because it has the Thundercats logo on it. My coworker, who has just clocked out, notices his wallet too.)

Coworker: *snickers* “A Thundercats wallet? What are you, like, six?”

Customer: *shrugs* “I like the Thundercats.”

Me: “The Thundercats are awesome, man.”

(We high five, and then he leaves with his purchase.)

Coworker: “You just said that to be nice, didn’t you? Thundercats is for kiddies, right?”

(I immediately pull up my smock to reveal a black t-shirt with the classic version of the Thundercats on it.)

Me: “No, not really.”

Coworker: *turns red and slinks away*

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