Twinstigating Trouble, Part 2

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(My step-sister and I are around 7 and 8 when this occurs.)

Stylist: “Oh look, twins!”

My Sister: “We aren’t twins; we look nothing alike. I have dark hair and eyes, and my sister has blonde hair and blue eyes!”

Stylist: “No, you are definitely twins.” *to me* “Aren’t you, dear?”

Me: “No, she’s older than me!”

Stylist: “You don’t know what you’re talking about! You must be twins!”

(She drags us out to where our mom is waiting.)

Stylist: “They are twins, yes?”

My Mom: “Um, no.”

Stylist: “You must be wrong! I know they are twins!”

My Mom: “Well, I only gave birth to one of them, so, no.”

Stylist: “You are twins! You just don’t know it!”

Twinstigating Trouble

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