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    My Boss Is Just (Ministry Of) Magic

    | UT, USA | Bosses & Owners, Musical Mayhem, Theme Of The Month

    (My boss is a very stylish dresser. On this day, we have a fire alarm that’s not just a drill. We’re all standing outside and talking while we wait for the firemen to check everything out.)

    Me: “[Boss,] I like your dress.”

    (It’s a mint-green dress with musical instruments all over it.)

    Boss: “Thanks! It’s my Ms. Frizzle costume!”

    Me: “I have one, too! Except mine is covered in planets and stars!”

    Boss: “Oh, you should wear that for Halloween!”

    Me: “Actually, I’m going to be Professor Umbridge for Halloween this year. I have a wand and enjoy looking evil.”

    Boss: “That is so great!”

    (A few days later, we have meeting.)

    Boss: “I promised I’d do something special this time and so…”

    (She pulls out a recorder and proceeds to play ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter.’ I love my boss.)

    Can’t Take That Back

    , | England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I work on the fourth floor of my building and because I use a wheelchair, I get the lift up.)

    Supervisor: “You’re in a wheelchair! What happened? Wait, how did you get up here?”

    Me: “I got the lift. Like I’ve done every day for the past three years.”

    Supervisor: “Did you have an accident? What happened to your legs?”

    Me: “I broke my back playing ice hockey three and a half years ago. Two years before I started working here. How have you never noticed?”

    Supervisor: “But you always get the stairs. How did you get up here?”

    Me: “I got the lift. Like every day. I should really get back to work…”

    Supervisor: “Well, I hope you get well soon.”

    The Reference Was Not Super-Effective

    | NJ, USA | Geeks Rule, Theme Of The Month

    (Almost all of my t-shirts have some sort of fandom-related design on them, some far less obvious that others. At my physical therapist’s it has become sort of a joke that he will always try to guess what my shirt is referencing, and is almost always wrong. He also has an assistant who jokes around with both of us. Today I’m wearing a water-fire-grass-water effectiveness cycle shirt, a ‘Pokémon’ reference. When my physical therapist sees it…)

    Physical Therapist: “I have no idea on that one.”

    Assistant: “Oh, come on. It’s easy!”

    Physical Therapist: “Then what is it?”

    Assistant: “Earth, Wind, and Fire! Right?”

    Me: “… It’s Pokémon.”

    (There’s a beat, and then my therapist and I both start laughing.)

    Physical Therapist: “Yes, you’re right, [Assistant]. It was very easy!”

    Losing Track Of Time (And Space)

    | Australia | Bosses & Owners, Theme Of The Month

    (My team lead and I are discussing the new Dr Who series. I’m a fan, but my team lead is a dedicated ‘Whovian’ from before they were called ‘Whovians.’ He’s enlightening me on past and present series, and eventually the conversation meanders towards our children.)

    Team Lead: “I’m telling my son I’m not really that geeky.”

    Me: “[Team Lead], we just had a ten minute conversation about Dr Who.”

    Team Lead: “…yeah.”

    Managed To Eclipse Themselves In Bad Service

    | TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees

    (I’m a huge ‘Twilight’ fan. I had all the movies (and every book out) save for the movie ‘Eclipse.’ Now, I’m also an avid reader, and I buy books every paycheck. I go into this store to finally buy ‘Eclipse’ and the last two John Green novels I’m missing, as well as some books from the bargain bin. I take it to the front counter and set them down. The employee scans the books, ignoring the expensive, two disk special edition ‘Eclipse.’)

    Worker: “Your total will be [Total].”

    Me: “Um, no. I wanted to get this, too. It’s why I came in.”

    Worker: “Oh, you don’t want that. Twilight is really stupid. You have good tastes in books; don’t ruin it by watching that s***.”

    (My jaw actually dropped, as I hate when people judge others by what they read/watch, and the fact he cussed at work.)

    Me: “I happen to love Twilight, and read it constantly. I DON’T find it to be garbage, and regardless of your opinion, you DO need to ring it up, keep your opinion to yourself, and let me pay for it.”

    Worker: “No. The customer isn’t always right you know.”

    Me: “Fine, put it all back. I have your name, and I sure as h*** am going to be telling your manager why you lost a one hundred plus sale.”


    (In this case, yeah, the customer was. I managed to find the movie and my books at a much cheaper price at their competitor.)

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