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    Almost An Endless Conversation

    | Wiltshire, UK | Employees, Money

    (I’m a customer at a restaurant;there’s a huge sign outside that says, “Get endless refills your large soft drink for an extra 25p!”. However, they only have medium cups left. So, I fill up a medium and take it to the counter, figuring if I’m getting endless refills it doesn’t matter what cup size I’m using.)

    Me: “They didn’t have any large cups left, but I want to do the endless refills offer.”

    Cashier: “£2 please.”

    Me: U”m… no. I want the endless refills offer.”

    Cashier: “Yeah, you can get a refill once you’ve finished.”

    Me: “And I don’t have to pay any more?”

    Cashier: “No, you have to pay for another drink: £2.”

    Me: “Doesn’t ‘endless refills’ mean that you can refill your drink as many times as you want for one price?”

    (At this point, a supervisor walks over.)

    Supervisor: “Is everything alright here?”

    Me: “Yeah, I wanted to get the endless refills for £2.75.”

    Supervisor: “You can refill your drink once you’ve finished.”

    Me: “For free?”

    Supervisor: “No, you have to pay for another drink.”

    Me: “There’s a huge sign outside the restaurant offering endless refills for £2.75.”

    (She goes outside and looks at the sign, then comes in and speaks to the manager. After a couple of minutes, she comes back in.)

    Supervisor: “Sorry about that, sir, nobody told us about it. Oh, but the sign says you need to be buying a large drink.”

    Me: “Yeah, but you don’t have any large cups left. But if I pay for a large, and I’m getting free refills, surely it doesn’t matter how big the cup is?”

    (She stares pensively for a moment.)

    Supervisor: “No. No, you’re right. That’s £2.25, then.”

    Me: “No, it’s £2.75.”

    Supervisor: “No, the sign says 25p extra.”

    Me: “Yeah, but it needs to be a large cup.”

    Supervisor: *stares for a moment again* “Yeah, yeah you’re right.”