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  • Don’t Just Be Married To Work
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    Don’t Just Be Married To Work

    | Greely, ON, Canada | Awesome Workers, Bosses & Owners, Coworkers

    (I work housekeeping for a retirement home. I’ve just worked an entire weekend and a holiday all by myself and I’m exhausted. Typically, when you work a weekend and a holiday, you get the next day off. I wasn’t given it this time and I’m even more tired and cranky by Tuesday. On Wednesday, I have serious doubts about going in, but I decide to grin and bear it. Also worth noting is I’m getting married on Thursday and have arranged to take the day off. My boss has called me into her office just before lunch break.)

    Boss: “I was going over the weekend schedule and wondering why it takes so long to finish up. I know I normally say you can leave some things set aside for during the week, but what is it, really?”

    Me: “I think it’s just the sheer amount of beds to make, especially when some need to be changed. It takes a lot of time and energy. I know after I finish the beds, I start slowing down because I’ve used a lot of energy up. Everything else is pretty easy. It’s just the beds that really kill the weekends.”

    Boss: “What else?”

    Me: “I think that’s pretty much it… Weekends wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for beds. It gets pretty hard and doesn’t leave much time for anything else, especially if we get called around. And also [Dietary Director] called me and asked me to help in the dining room. I only gave them half an hour, but it still dug into my schedule.”

    Boss: “You didn’t have to do that. That’s not our responsibility.”

    Me: “I know, but I like to help out. If we’re in a bind on a weekend, the other departments always give us a hand, even though it’s not their job.”

    Boss: “You have a point there… For things like that, you do need to tell me so I can make sure you get paid.”

    (The conversation carries on in a similar manner, with us just discussing the schedule. I feel myself begin to relax, knowing I’m not in trouble for not leaving at the right time on weekends. Then my boss has one last thing to say.)

    Boss: “I need to show you something downstairs.”

    Me: *getting nervous* “Is it the avalanche of boxes in the office? I was going to get it cleaned up after lunch.”

    Boss: “Just come with me.”

    (We stop in front of the residents’ craft room. Through the window, I can see the lights are off and the room is pitch-dark.)

    Boss: “Hmm, I don’t have my key.”

    Me: “Here, I’ve got it.” *moves to open the door* “Huh, it’s already open…”

    (Suddenly, the lights flashed on and all my coworkers and people from other departments screamed out, ‘SURPRISE!’ I nearly fell over in shock! Turned out my boss just wanted to distract me while my coworkers set up a bridal shower for me, complete with presents, pizza, cake, balloons, soda, and so much more! It was the best lunch break ever! My husband-to-be and I almost teared up when we read all the cards and looked through all the presents when I got home. Things like that make my job so worthwhile and make me love the people I work with.)

    Only Charged Them For Battery

    | CA, USA | Awesome Workers, Bosses & Owners, Employees, Transportation

    (The battery in our car died as I am closing my store. Fortunately for my husband and me, a coworker gives us a ride home. I have the next day off. Since there is a car part store between home and work, which is only about a mile away, we decide to walk there and buy a battery, and then walk to where the car is still parked. Since I used to work at a car part store like this one, my husband has me do all the talking. This starts after I pay for the battery.)

    Me: “Okay, this is great. Now, I have a weird request. May I speak to your delivery manager?”

    Cashier: *confused* “Okay?”

    Manager: “Can I help you?”

    Me: “Yes. This is going to sound odd and I understand if you can’t, but our car is broken down in the parking lot for [Restaurant] and we want it delivered to the [Restaurant] if possible.”

    Manager: “You want us to deliver this battery to the [Restaurant]?”

    Me: “Yes, I work there and I can call my manager if you need to. If you can’t, that’s okay; we’ll just carry it there.”

    Manager: *looks at my husband, who is leaning on his cane, then at me, a flimsy looking woman* “I think we can manage that.”

    (He gets our information and a description of our car. The delivery driver even arrived right as we were walking up to the car. Thanks to him we didn’t have to carry a car battery a mile to install it in our broken down car. Thank you, Mr. Manager!)

    Party Of Five

    | UK | Awesome Workers, Employees, Food & Drink, Top

    (I am 11 years old and ‘shopping’ (i.e. looking round) with four friends. It’s a very hot day so we decide to pool our money and get a milkshake to share.)

    Me: “Can we have a vanilla milkshake please? And, um, five straws?”

    Barista: “Okay! ”

    (The barista makes our milkshake… then another one… and another… until there are five. My friends and I fidget nervously, thinking she misheard us.)

    Me: “Umm… actually we asked for—”

    Barista: *interrupts* “That’s [price for one milkshake], please!”

    Me: “I- um- oh! Okay! Thank you so much!”

    Barista: “You’re welcome! That’s my good deed for the day!”

    (It was only a small thing but I’ll never forget the day we got five milkshakes for the price of one!)

    Should Have Trusted In A Good Blaster

    | Jacksonville, FL, USA | Awesome Workers, Geeks Rule, Technology, Tourists & Travel

    (I’m sitting at my gate, waiting for my flight to begin boarding, when this announcement comes over the loudspeaker…)

    PA: “Luke Skywalker, if you left you laser sword at security, please come claim it now. Luke Skywalker, if you left your laser sword at security, please come and claim it now…”

    (The whole section cracks up laughing!)

    Must Be Someone Of Note

    , | OH, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Coworkers

    (Recently, I’ve cut my hours due to my grades slipping in school. On one of the nights I used to work I stay home to study for an exam while my parents and brother went to get dinner at my workplace. My mom is trying to divide their order to use multiple coupons while my trainer is watching.)

    Trainer: “Hun, you don’t need to do multiple orders. I can take all those coupons for you in one.”

    Mom: “Oh, thank you!”

    Trainer: *after taking my family’s order* “How’s [My Name] doing? I miss seeing her around.”

    Mom: “She’s been hard at work. She misses coming here.”

    Coworker: *grabs a 12 lb. bag and a marker and starts writing on the bag*

    Trainer: “We all miss her. Hopefully she’ll do better.”

    Dad: “We hope the same.”

    Coworker: “[Trainer]? Can you come here?”

    (My family didn’t know it until they received their order, but my coworker and my trainer wrote a note for me on the bag. I still keep the bag with their notes.)

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