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    Marveling At The Marbling

    | WA, USA | Awesome Workers, Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers

    (I’m working at the service desk and start looking for something. Coworker #1 tells me I left it in the break room, I quickly go and fetch it and come back.)

    Me: “Did I miss anything while I was gone?”

    Coworker #2: “Yes, actually. A dragon came up to the desk and said, ‘give me your marbles,’ and I said, ‘I don’t have any marbles.’ Then he said, ‘I know you have them,’ so I coughed them up, because that’s where I keep my marbles – inside my body. Then the dragon said, ‘Quickly, boy, get on my back. There’s no time to explain,’ and there were these three guardians on his back and he flew towards the exit, flying so fast he appeared to shrink and time appeared to slow down, and he looked like a beam of light. So, yeah. That’s what you missed while you were gone.”

    Me: “All I got out of all that is you lost your marbles.”

    My Internet Has Gone All Adava Kedavra

    | Brooklyn, NY, USA | Awesome Workers, Coworkers, Employees, Geeks Rule, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I recently moved across the country from California to New York. I’ve filed a move request with my ISP but don’t have an Internet connection when I arrive in my new apartment, so I call them up to try to resolve this. After giving them all my information, they explain the problem.)

    Customer Service #1: “Okay, so I’m looking at your order here. I see that two weeks ago you opened a new account with us.”

    Me: “Well, I moved. Does that count as a new account?”

    Customer Service #1: “Well, you can process it like that, or just as a move. It’s up to you.”

    Me: “I don’t care how it’s done; I just want to get online in my new apartment.”

    Customer Service #1: “You should be online as of yesterday. Have you tried restarting your router?”

    Me: “Yes, and my computer. There’s no connection.”

    Customer Service #1: “Well, something MUST be wrong on your end, because I see here that we started Internet service at [California address] yesterday.”

    Me: “No, that’s my OLD address. I don’t live there any more.”

    Customer Service #1: “Uhh… hold on.”

    Customer Service #2: “Hello, my name is [Name]. Unfortunately, ma’am, we can’t turn your Internet service on at [California address] because you have yet to pass a credit check.”

    Me: “Huh? I already passed that when I first got my connection, and I don’t live there anymore!”

    Customer Service #2: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t live there. You still need to pass the check.”

    Me: “I’m trying to add service at [New York address], not [California address].”

    Customer Service #2: “Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. Please hold.”

    Customer Service #3: “Hi, my name is [Name]. I’m sorry, but I’m a bit confused. Why are you opening a second account if you already have an account?”

    Me: “I’m not! I’m moving from [California address] to [New York address]. Something went wrong when I filed the move request.”

    Customer Service #3: “Something sure DID go wrong! Okay, I’ve put an order in to move your old account to your new address. We have to deal with this new order someone put in place.”

    Me: “Okay. Can we just cancel it?”

    Customer Service #3: “Hmm… no, I can’t cancel it because the credit check is still pending. You know what though? I can resolve this.” *I hear her typing for a few seconds* “There we go. I can’t cancel it, but I’m allowed to update it. Let’s see if they pass a credit check for Mr. Lord Voldemort, with no social security number, at address #1 Please Cancel This Order Road.”

    (My Internet turns on soon, and I don’t hear any more of the issue for a few days until I get a phone call asking me to rate my customer service interaction.)

    Phone Robot: “Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Please press ‘1’ if I am speaking to: LORD VOLDEMORT.”

    It’s Toughy To Work Out The Taffy

    | MN, USA | Awesome Workers, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (My three-year-old daughter wants candy while out shopping, so I give her a dollar and tell her to pick out just one. She takes one piece of taffy to the counter to ask how much it is.)

    Daughter: “How much is just one candy, please?”

    Busy Cashier: *thinks a moment* “You know what, if you can wait until you get back out in the hallway, you can have it for free. As a present.”

    Daughter: “Wow! Thank you!”

    (We leave and continue shopping elsewhere, and it’s not till later I realize it was probably easier for the busy cashier to write one taffy off as shrinkage rather than work it out by pound!)

    Never Too Chicken To Feed The Rebellion

    | MA, USA | Awesome Workers, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (My mother and sisters and I have gone to a popular amusement park in the area, and have not eaten dinner yet. It is 9:30 at night, and we’re starving now that we’re not on any rides. We pull up to the drive through for Popular Chicken Restaurant, which is combined with Taco Restaurant.)

    Speaker: “Hi, welcome to [Taco Restaurant]! [Popular Chicken Restaurant] is currently closed”

    Mother: “Oh… sorry, we only wanted [Popular Chicken Restaurant].”

    Speaker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, [Popular Chicken Restaurant] closes at nine.”

    Mother: “Oh, that’s all right. Have a good night.”

    (We start to leave, and pass by the window as we go. Just as we’re passing it, suddenly we hear a man shout.)

    Man: “Hey! Wait!”

    (My mother pulls up to the window.)

    Mother: “Yes?”

    Man: “[Popular Chicken Restaurant] is closed, but we do still have a bucket of some leftover chicken if you’d like”

    Mother: “How do I pay?”

    Man: “There’s no need. It’s leftovers and we’re going to get rid of it anyway.”

    Mother: “Thank you so much!”

    Man: “No problem.”

    (The workers gave us a whole container of chicken and ended up giving us another container filled with biscuits and grilled chicken.)

    Man: “I have five daughters at home, and they always ask me after work if I can bring chicken home. I understand how it’s like to feed a hungry family.”

    Mother: “Thank you so much. We just came from [Popular Amusement Park], and haven’t eaten dinner.”

    Man: “Well, no wonder they’re so hungry. They might rebel for food.”

    (Just before we leave, my mother rolls down the middle window of the van so we can thank the man. We all wave, and I can’t help but add this last thing.)

    Me: *waves happily from the back seat* “Thank you for feeding the rebellion!”

    Man: “No problem. Come back again any time!” *waves back*

    (My family appreciated this man’s kindness gratefully. I’ve always read things like this before, but to experience it myself is truly the greatest feeling. I will never forget this moment.)

    Managing The Managing Situation

    | CA, USA | Awesome Workers, Coworkers, New Hires

    (Recently, we received a call from head office saying that we will be getting a new manager, due to our previous manager not being a good fit for our staff. As we are a very new store in a well-sized independent chain, I can clearly remember the first two days I worked, in which I was taught how to section books by an assistant manager from a nearby city. When I get our new manager’s name, my ears perk up.)

    Me: “[Name] from [Nearby City] who was an assistant manager? I think I know her! She helped us out in the beginning!”

    Assistant Manager: “No, you’re thinking of [Other Manager] from [Other Store].”

    Me: “Oh? But I thought…”

    (I think very hard about this during my shift before turning to another coworker.)

    Me: “No, no, it’s got to be her. She helped me use Wordstock for the first time. Said she even dreamed about bookstore sections once. And [Assistant Manager] said she was one of the best at Wordstock in the company!”

    Coworker: “And you’re saying she was helping us out in the very first few days, when the store wasn’t even fully built?”

    Me: “Yeah! I swear to God, I’m not crazy. I just got to find out by Monday!”

    (No one else in the store, save for me, seems to remember this manager, but I am resolute on knowing the truth. I come in for my afternoon shift on Monday and see a familiar face walking around the store with a clipboard. She turns to look at me.)

    New Manager: “Well, hello there!”

    Me: “I knew it! I knew that I knew you! You helped us on the first few days!”

    New Manager: “Yep! And I remember you, too!”

    Me: “You do?”

    New Manager: “Yeah! You’re [My Name]! I remember you being so helpful from the very beginning.”

    (One day into her job, and she’s already proven a better fit for us than our previous manager, who worked with us for almost a year!)

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