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    Doodled Out A Project

    | NY, USA | Awesome Workers, Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers

    (My coworker and I handle many of the same accounts, so she asks me to attend a meeting for one of her projects and report back. While in the meeting, I absentmindedly start doodling on the project brief. Afterwards, I realize that I have to give it to her.)

    Me: “So here’s the brief for the [Project]… and also some shapes and a monster saying ‘Rar’.”

    Coworker: “Wow, nice!”

    Now I Know My EBC’s

    , | FL, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Language & Words

    (I’m waiting in the Social Security Administration office to obtain a replacement Social Security card. As they call out each waiting person, this happens.)

    Speaker: “Would B43 report to window ‘E’ as in Apple?”

    (I’m confused, but figure she actually said ‘A’ and it was just an accent thing. Some other patrons mutter about it, but I brush it off. Several minutes later…)

    Speaker: “Would C88 report to window ‘D’ as in dog? See? I’m smart!”

    (Everyone in the waiting area burst out laughing. I guess she really did flub up with the “Apple” one and decided to run with it.)

    Pray There Is No Weekend Expansion

    , | Montreal, QC, Canada | Awesome Workers, Coworkers, Geeks Rule, Technology

    (A friend and I are chatting at work. Note that we met through ‘World of Warcraft.’ This happens in the morning when we both log in to chat.)

    Me: “Welcome to the world of work! WoW: boring edition!”

    Friend: “WoW, like you’ve never seen it before! Grinding (to keep your job). New skills: copying, scanning, and sorting mail. New quests: copying, scanning, and sorting mail. New dailies: copying, scanning, and sorting mail. BUY IT TODAY!! Bonus: PHONES! WoW:RLE (Real Life Edition). Play today!”

    (Awesome way to start a Monday morning.)

    Made Contact With The X-Men

    | Las Vegas, NV, USA | Awesome Workers, Coworkers, Geeks Rule

    (My coworker has run out of his regular contacts and my boss has allowed him to wear his Halloween contacts at work today, which means he has red irises. None of the customers comment on it until one woman’s eight-year-old son notices them.)

    Boy: “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

    Coworker: *without missing a beat, dead serious* “Did you ever see the movie X-Men?”

    Boy: *gasps* “NO. WAY!”

    (The mom and I couldn’t stop laughing while I rang them up.)

    Pulling Up The Service

    | Golden, CO, USA | Awesome Workers

    Me: “Can someone help me find [Product], please?”

    Cashier: “[Name] will help you.”

    ([Name] walks ahead of me to correct aisle. He’s a bit pudgy, and his belt is barely above the curve of his buttocks. In addition, he has a walkie-talkie dangling from one back pocket and a scan gun hanging from the other. I get what I need and return to the cash register.)

    Me: *laughing* “It took a lot of self-control not to tell [Name] to pull up his pants! All my teacher instincts were on alert.”

    Cashier: *without batting an eye, picks up microphone and announces* “[Name], pull up your pants. I’ve got a teacher here who says you need to!”

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