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    Category: Awesome Workers

    When It’s Good To Be Caught Napping

    | LA, USA | Awesome Workers, Bosses & Owners, Overtime

    (I work at for an educational program that works with students of all ages. After a week-long conference out of town, my boss and I are completely exhausted. We come back on a Thursday evening, but we still have to go into work on Friday morning.)

    Boss: “Just try to get some rest and come in an hour late.”

    (For this I am very thankful. We also have to visit the high school we work for, which is usually time-consuming, and by the time we get back to the office later that day, we are barely functional. We keep joking about going home and napping the whole time. This happens in her car in the parking lot.)

    Boss: “Can we just nap instead of going back to the office?”

    Me: “A nap sounds perfect right now.”

    Boss: “Okay. The seats recline. Let’s just close our eyes and rest a bit.”

    (We took a half-nap in her car for about 20 minutes, and got up feeling much better about the rest of our day! She definitely wins the best boss award.)

    Can’t Beat The Catbus

    | Ireland | Awesome Workers, Employees, Pets & Animals, Transportation

    (I had taken my cat to the vet and am getting on the bus back home. I get the same private-hire company’s shuttle bus every time so the drivers are used to me and my often-unusual luggage, but even so I always ask first.)

    Me: *holding the carrier, cat howling* “Do you mind taking a back-seat driver?”

    Driver: *looks into carrier* “I’m not sure I’m allowed to take vicious animals.”

    Me: “Do you mean me, or him?”

    Driver: “You.”

    (I laughed, paid, and sat down. After seven years and with other more modern services, that’s one reason why I always get that bus!)

    The Heights Of Human Decency

    | Anaheim, CA, USA | Awesome Workers, Family & Kids

    (We have just waited for about 40 minutes in line for a ride when my oldest son has to ‘go potty’ and I could see he can’t wait. Afterward we go to a different ride and the attendant measures my youngest son for the height requirement of 40 inches.)

    Employee: “Okay, stand up tall. Now look up… Oh, he barely made it!”

    Me: “Good, at the other ride he wouldn’t stand up straight so he didn’t make the height.”

    Employee: *now doubting himself* “Well, let me measure him again. They give us these plastic cards to be sure.”

    (Sure enough, when he uses the card to flatten my son’s hair, he is just under half an inch too short.)

    Me: “Oh, man that stinks! I can’t believe he is so close!”

    Employee: “Hmmm, why don’t you folks come over here and talk to me for a minute.”

    Me: “Okay…”

    Employee: “How are you guys doing today? Having a good time?”

    Me: “Oh, it’s great! We’ve been on a bunch of rides, though the last one we had to get out of line after waiting for 40 minutes because my other son had to go to the bathroom.”

    Employee: “Have you been to the Toys ride yet?”

    Me: “No, but I’ve heard about it. I think we’ll do that next.”

    Employee: “Well, here, take this Fast Pass and you won’t have to wait for it.”

    Me: “Really? Oh, man, that’s awesome! Thank you so much!”

    Employee: “No problem. Enjoy your day.”

    Me: “Hold on, can we get a picture with you?”

    Employee: “Really?” *clearly surprised and embarrassed*

    Me: “Yeah, dude! That was a super cool move!”

    Employee: “Oh, man, you are going to make me blush!”

    (We took the picture and used the pass later that night when I knew my boys wanted to ride but would not tolerate another long line. It turned out that ride also had the 40 inch restriction, but the employee said he just made it! Thanks, dude, if you’re reading this you made our day!)

    An Overriding Sense Of Fashion

    | OH, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Food & Drink

    (I go to a clothing store often enough that most employees know my face. I come in one day looking rough.)

    Employee: “Hey, girl, what’s got you down?”

    Me: “Got dumped this morning. Didn’t wanna be stuck home and miserable. Got any sales this week?”

    Employee: *hugs me* “Girl, you’ll find someone better. Here, let’s pick out a couple things.”

    (We went through different shirts, pants, and other things before I decide on a complete outfit. We head over to the register to check out.)

    Employee: “Your total is $17.”

    Me: “Wait… the shirt alone is over $20…”

    Employee: “Well, I did an override and gave it the clearance pricing.”

    Me: “What? Why?”

    Employee: “You got dumped, that’s why. Hey, go on over to [Chocolate Store] and buy yourself something good.”

    (I thank her and leave. I go back a couple weeks later with my new girlfriend. The same employee is working, and I wave.)

    Employee: “Hey- Oh my god, is she your girlfriend?”

    Me: “Huh? Oh, yeah. She’s been here a bit—”

    Employee: “See? I told you that you’d find someone better! Now, what are you two looking for?”

    (I’ve been back several times, and the same employee has been happy to see me.)

    Has You In Stitches

    | MI, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Family & Kids, Health & Body

    (My sister is giving birth and having a very hard time pushing the baby out. Her midwife is snarky and sarcastic, playfully antagonizing the baby for not pulling his weight in the process. We called her ‘nurse Juno’ because of her sense of humor. The baby finally comes out, leaving my poor sister with a third degree tear. My sister cries, when the midwife examines her and says:)

    Nurse Juno: “WHOOPS! We’ve got a vass-hole! D*** it, Junior! Someone, bring me my sewing kit!”

    (Hysterical laughter ensued. My sister was stitched up and recovered nicely!)

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