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    Category: Awesome Workers

    Insanely Caffeinated

    | Boston, MA, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Bizarre/Silly

    (On the way into work I go to the local coffee shop for some coffee. The clerk behind the counter is friendly and efficient.)

    Clerk: “Can I get you anything else?”

    Me: “A large dose of sanity would be helpful.”

    Clerk: *without skipping a beat* “I’m sorry we do not keep that stocked behind the counter. All orders for sanity must be places at least 48 hours in advance.”

    Me: “Ugh, thanks. I will keep that in mind for future reference.”

    (Off I go. A few days later, I return to the same shop and the same woman is behind the counter.)

    Clerk: “Good morning. What can I get you today?”

    Me: “Did you get that order for sanity that I placed a few days ago?”

    Clerk: *again without missing a beat* “I am really sorry. I completely dropped the ball on that one.”

    Me: “Sigh. In that case I will have a large coffee.”

    Clerk: “Excellent substitute. I hope that you find some sanity.”

    Another Way They Make You Cry

    | London, England, UK | Awesome Workers, Food & Drink, Health & Body, Top

    (I am extremely allergic to onions, and, since it is such an unusual allergy, I tend to have problems when I eat out. When ordering takeaways online, in addition to leaving several notes, I always call the restaurant because otherwise there’ll be some type of onion in my meal, and when I complain they’ll sound all confused and say ‘Wait, you meant that type of onion?’ There is only one restaurant that has been so good about it that I’ve stopped calling to double-check, but when I get my order one day I notice that it had green onions throughout.)

    Me: “Hi. I’m the girl who just ordered online, with the onion allergy?”

    Hostess: “Yes, I took your order back to the kitchen personally and made sure they knew about the allergy.”

    Me: “I’m really sorry, but there are green onions in my food.”

    Hostess: “Could you hold for one moment?”

    (She sets the phone down, but doesn’t mute it. A minute later I hear her explode.)

    Hostess: “Of course it counts! It has the word ONION in it!”

    (That moment was a vindication of everything I’ve been saying my whole life.)

    Small Business, Big Difference

    | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Food & Drink, Money

    (I’m the customer in this story. I am just returning home after taking my fiancée to the tram stop in the morning and decide to stop at a café nearby.)

    Barista: “Here’s your large mocha.”

    Me: “Could I pay by card please?”

    Barista: “Sorry the minimum is $10.”

    (I go to grab some chocolate to bring up the total.)

    Barista: “Don’t worry about it. Just pay next time you come in.”

    Me: “Are you sure?”

    Barista: “Yeah. You’ve been in half a dozen times. We know who you are.”

    (Made my day! One of the reasons I love going to small businesses.)

    Makes You Smile Like The Cheshire Cat

    | Decatur, GA, USA | Awesome Workers, Pets & Animals

    (I am a 20-year-old college student, and have noticed a small black kitten around our campus. After watching him for a while, my friend and I confirm that he is a stray. We decide to trap him and take him to a shelter to get him looked at. We have just been told that they can’t take him, but they will give us some medication to give him.)

    Me: “So, these two today and the other in a week?”

    Employee: “Yeah. Just be careful giving it to him.”

    Me: “I will! So, how much do I owe ya?”

    Employee: “Nothing.”

    Me: *stunned* “R-really?”

    Employee: “Yeah. It’s a good thing you’re doing. Most people wouldn’t, especially if they’re a college student.”

    Me: “W-well… I couldn’t just leave him! He’s a kitten. But… thank you so much!”

    Employee: “It’s no problem. Good luck!”

    (We got the little kitten to a shelter the next day. He was named Midnight and got looked after and rehabilitated. As a broke college student trying to save a kitten’s life, I couldn’t thank this guy enough. He restored my faith in humanity!)

    That’s What They Both Said

    | LA, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers, Food & Drink, Rude & Risque

    (I have just got off work on the overnight shift at a big box store. I am picking up a few grocery items before heading home. Among my items are a few cucumbers. The cashier ringing me up is a lady I was friendly with when I was a cashier a few years prior.)

    Cashier: “Oh, you making a salad when you get home?”

    Me: “Yeah. I like to eat something kinda light for my ‘dinner.’ I know its seven am but it’s dinner to me!”

    Cashier: “True. Wow, these cucumbers are huge!”

    Me: “Aren’t they? And those are two of the small ones. I don’t really like the big ones. The seeds are too big.”

    Cashier: “And see, me? I like the big ones! I like a lot of seeds in mine!”

    Me: “Well, go get you some when you get off. They are huge. I’m sure they’re full of seeds. And leave some little ones for me. These big ones are too much for me.”

    Cashier: “Oh, yeah, I was just thinking I’m gonna have to go get some of these big boys.”

    (I pay and gather my bags.)

    Me: “Thanks, you have a good day. Oh, and by the way… I can’t believe we just had that conversation with straight faces!”

    Cashier: *eyes get wide and bursts out laughing*

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