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    Belted Out The Punch Line

    | Orlando, FL, USA | Awesome Workers

    (I’m on an indoor ride that does not require seat belts. We are just about to start the ride in our vehicle, when one of the ride operators gets our attention.)

    Ride Operator: “If you guys could each pull on the yellow strap to be sure your seat belt is fastened, you’ll be good to go!”

    (The riders looked down to make sure they were fastened, and then they all laughed at the realization that no one, in fact, had a seat belt!)

    Fear Not The Magic Of The Lightning Guild

    | FL, USA | Awesome Workers, Geeks Rule, Language & Words

    (I am having some work done in my house when a new worker shows up, surprising me since I thought I knew everyone and the head contractor had not told me new people were showing up.)

    Man: “Fear not my magics, fair maiden. I am a servant of peace! I am the one they call the Ender of all that is Dark! The vile forces of the water dwellers have rendered my brother unable to continue the tasks unsigned to him by the leader of our order.”

    Me: “I- uh… what?”

    Man: *laughs heartily* “I’m the new electrician; [Name] got some bad sushi last night, so our boss called me in to finish the job.”

    Me: *bursts out laughing* “Oh, my god, that is the best thing I’ve ever heard!”

    An Extra-Large ‘Helping’

    , | TX, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Food & Drink

    (I’m in the drive-thru for a Mexican food fast food place and just pulled up to the speaker box, which has a screen below that displays the order.)

    Employee: “Welcome to [Fast Food]! My name is [Employee]. Can I take your order?”

    (I give me order and notice he put the drink in wrong, putting in an ‘XL’ drink when I just wanted a ‘L.’)

    Employee: “Does everything look right on the screen?”

    Me: “Actually no, I wanted a large not an extra large.”

    Employee: “Oh, sorry. Let me fix that for you.”

    (It changes to the large drink I wanted on the screen.)

    Employee: “Does it look correct now?”

    Me: “Yes, it does.” *jokingly* “Though, if you want to you can give me an XL for the price of a large.”

    Employee: *chuckling* “That’ll be [Price]. Please pull up to the second window.”

    (I wait a little bit in line, but when I make it to the second window and hand him my card, I get handed an XL drink.)

    Employee: *smiling* “I went ahead and got you that extra large for the price of a large.”

    Me: “You didn’t have to have to do that.”

    Employee: “No, you help me out quite a bit at [Place where I work]. It’s the least I can do.”

    Me: “Okay…”

    (It’s so nice when employees are willing to help out each other in the field of customer service… Now if only the customers helped us out in return.)

    Don’t Commit The Crime If You Can’t Do The Overtime

    | Greenville, SC, USA | Awesome Workers, Bosses & Owners, Overtime

    (We’re in training at a call center for a large, national corporation, working directly for the company rather than through an outsourcer. Of 18 people in the training class, 7 of us came from another local call center, this one run by an outsourcer known for their less than quite legal practices, but being in a ‘Right to Work’ state, the employees don’t speak up about it out of fear of losing our jobs.)

    Supervisor: *addressing the class to go over some information on our new schedules once we get out of the training class* “So, any questions?”

    Coworker #1: “Will we be able to get all of our hours every week here?”

    Supervisor: *clearly confused* “Well, we hope that you’ll come in and stay for your regular shifts. If not, then we’re going to have a problem.”

    Coworker #2: “No, what he means is, at the place we worked before, they had this thing called voluntary time off, but it wasn’t voluntary.”

    Me: *seeing that the supervisor still seems confused* “What they would do if it was slow, they’d log us out and not let us back in. They called it VTO but—”

    Trainer: *misunderstanding* “Oh, no, if you accidentally log out during your shift here, they’ll come find you and—”

    Coworker #1: “Oh, no, we didn’t log out accidentally; they’d log us out and send us home because they didn’t want to pay us.”

    Supervisor: *now looking a bit shocked* “No, we won’t send you home early unless you volunteer.”

    Coworker #1: “Do you guys cut our lunches when it gets busy? Or move our shifts around all day?”

    Supervisor: “No, your lunches don’t get cut back. If you’re scheduled for a 45 minute lunch, you get the whole 45 minutes. That’s the law. We have to do that.”

    Coworker #3: “What about overtime? How much can we work in a week?”

    Supervisor: “Oh, you can work up to four hours a day, but your stats have to be up to par. It’s a privilege, not a right.”

    (I can see him cringe, as hands go up from the group of us from the other call center.)

    Coworker #4: “Only four hours a day? What if we’re used to working more?”

    (At this point, all of us are staring at Coworker #5, who was known for working open to close seven days a week at our previous call center.)

    Supervisor: *leaning towards our particular group, and emphasizing* “You can’t work more than four hours of overtime in a day. Only 12 hours in a shift, because THAT’S THE LAW. And you get three breaks on a ten hour shift, because THAT’S THE LAW, TOO. I don’t know what kind of sweat shop you people came from, but we like to do things right around here.”

    (At this point the group of us from the other call center are staring at each other in shock.)

    Coworker #1: *in amazement* “You mean… [National Company] actually takes care of their people?”

    Excellent ‘Poor’ Service

    | Australia | Awesome Workers

    (I frequent a game store near my house, even when I’m poor, as in this story. I’m talking to my favourite employee.)

    Me: “I’m getting my car fixed. I know this is probably the opposite of why you’re here, but please yell at me if I try to buy something.”

    Employee: “Sure! Never enough opportunities to yell at a customer!”

    (The next week I wander in and start admiring a new figurine. I start to walk over to the counter when:)

    Employee: “No! Bad, BAD customer! PUT IT DOWN. You’re poor, remember?!”

    Other Customer: *to me* “What the..?”

    Me: *sheepishly putting the figurine down* “I told him to yell at me for buying things. I didn’t think he’d DO it!”

    (That is why I shop there!)

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