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    Category: Bizarre/Silly

    When Hunger Bugs You

    | VA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Food & Drink, Pets & Animals

    (At my pet store we sell crickets which many animals, such as lizards, use as a staple in their diet. We are encouraged to chat with the customers to make them feel welcome. The following conversation happens while I am putting crickets in a bag for a customer.)

    Customer: “Do you have any reptiles yourself?”

    Me: “No, but I have nine hermit crabs and their care is very similar to the reptiles at the store. Do you have any critters yourself?”

    Customer: “No, I just felt hungry…”

    Me: *speechless*

    Customer: “That’s not what I meant! I stopped by [Popular Fast Food Restaurant] and decided to get some crickets for my son’s bearded dragon.”

    Me: *hands him bag of crickets while laughing*

    Tip-Top Dancing

    | KY, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers, Theme Of The Month

    (I’ve always been oblivious to the people around me and hard to embarrass. Not in a bad way but I’ll frequently find myself dancing to music being played in a public place (like a grocery store) or making weird faces at my coworkers within clear view of customers. This happened as I was putting in an order for one of my tables. Note: the music in the restaurant was a mix of 80s and 90s pop – pretty much what I grew up listening to.)

    Coworker: “Hey! My table wants to ask you something.”

    Me: “Okay… What is it? Is it bad?”

    Coworker: “Just come over here.”

    Me: *to table of guests* “Hi! What can I do for you?”

    Table: “Hey! Yeah, we were wondering if you could do that dance you were just doing again?!”

    Me: “What?”

    Coworker: “Yeah, when you were putting in your tables’ order you were dancing to the song…”

    Me: “Oh!” *blushing* “Did it go like this…?”

    (I do a pared down version of what I think I was doing earlier.)

    Table: “Yeah! That was it! Thanks so much. That’s hilarious!”

    (They ended up leaving me a $5 tip with my coworker!)

    So Fly Me To Home, Where The Samurai Gnome

    | PA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Theme Of The Month, Tourists & Travel

    (I’m taking a short flight from Philly to Pittsburgh to visit my girlfriend. The flight is on Halloween, and we’re going straight from the airport to the party and so I’m already dressed in my outfit. I’m dressed as an elaborate Samurai. Despite my somewhat bizarre dress, I don’t encounter any resistance going through airport security until I’m boarding the plane itself when suddenly…)

    Stewardess #1: “Oh… oh. One second.”

    (She runs off, seeming somewhat flustered, but soon comes back holding a tiny toy treasure gnome.)

    Stewardess #1: “Would you mind if we took your picture with our travel gnome?”

    Me: “Uh… no. Not at all. Go right ahead.”

    Stewardess #1: “Yay!”

    (Three stewardesses gather around while I hold up their ‘travel gnome’ and another one takes a picture of all of us. Apparently one of them had seen the movie ‘Amélie’ and gotten a toy gnome to be their plane mascot. I was the only one in costume on the whole flight, and they had to get a picture with the Samurai.)

    Stewardess #2: *after I’m seated* “Thank you so much for that. Can I get you a free drink?”

    Me: “Oh, no, that’s okay.”

    Stewardess #2: “No, you don’t understand. Our plane LOVES our travel gnome. I’d love to get you a drink on the house.”

    Me: “Oh. Well, in that case, a rum and coke, maybe?”

    Stewardess #2: “Absolutely!”

    (And so for playing with the gnome I got a free drink to help pass the short plane ride.)

    Taking Things At Face Value

    | OH, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners, Theme Of The Month

    (It’s quiet, so a coworker and I are doodling on scrap paper. I find a small stash of crayons.)

    Me: “Hey, [Coworker], what should I draw?”

    Coworker: “Oooh, draw [Manager]!”

    Me: “Okay!”

    (I proceed to draw a stick figure with my manager’s name on it. I pause for a second.)

    Me: “I’m gonna have fun with this!”

    (I proceed to write ‘[Manager] is a big mean poopy face’ under it. I then pin it to the bulletin board in the back. Later, I check by. My manager has left a note.)

    Note: “[Manager] is not a big mean poopy face. Do not illustrate her as such. Thank you.”

    Needs A New Motherboard

    | PA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers, Technology

    (Part of our job as a help desk agent is, unfortunately, having to set up new users in a few programs. One program in particular only allows one session, so oftentimes, we end up getting kicked out by each other. I happen to witness this exchange.)

    Coworker: “Anyone in [Program]?”

    Team Leader: “I think your mom was.”

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