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    Good Honest Work

    | OK, USA | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers

    (I have been working at this hotel for a couple of months, but I normally work the evening shift. One time when I am asked to work a morning shift, I get confused over a check-out and accidentally refund a customer about $150 when she actually OWED that amount. Naturally, I’m freaking out, but I call my manager and the customer to explain the situation, and the accounting manager also is involved.)

    Accounting Manager: “Well, you’re only human. This COULD be an automatic termination, but you’re a really good employee, nothing like this has ever happened with you before, AND you’re working a shift you almost never do, so it’s just going to be a write up, okay?”

    Me: “O- okay. Thank you so much. I know I really messed up…”                                   

    Accounting Manager: “Hey, it happens. Really, we’ve had far bigger screw-ups, and this won’t be the last. You’ll be fine.”

    (She let me go on an early break, and shortly after I came back from it, the customer actually came back to the hotel to return the money (we waived the original fee she owed for her honesty), which was a huge relief.)

    Accounting Manager: “Awesome! I mean, you’ll still be written up, you know, but at least we’ve got our books balanced now!”

    Me: “Yeah, I feel a lot better with that settled. And I can’t argue with a write up; I did mess up.”

    Accounting Manager: “But hey, it all got fixed in the end, and I’m sure this will fall off your record before it can actually hurt you.”

    Me: “Here’s hoping!”

    (She disappears into the back office for a bit, and I continue on with my day, still a bit shaken but feeling a bit better, until…)

    Accounting Manager: “It’s your lucky day, girl; you’re not even getting a write-up anymore!”

    Me: “R- really!? Why not?”

    Accounting Manager: “Well [Assistant Manager] still thought you should get it, but [Head of HR] pointed out that you caught your mistake immediately, you reported it to everyone who needed to know, AND you got the money back. Yeah, you made a mistake, but you did everything right to fix it, so it didn’t seem right to punish you!”

    Me: “Oh, my God, thank you so much!”

    Accounting Manager: “Hey, thank [Head of HR]. She’s the one who stuck up for you!”

    (I did exactly that, but she insisted it was all my doing for being honest. It’s seriously awesome to work in a place where honesty and hard work really do pay dividends, and I am so grateful to everyone involved that day for their understanding and support!)

    A Waste Of Management

    | Brisbane, QLD, Australia | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests

    (I have just started my afternoon shift when a customer has approached me to ask a couple of questions before she decides to buy some fabric. I have finished ringing up the sale and the customer has left when my manager approaches me.)

    Manager: “I saw you with that woman. She’s been in the store for over an hour. Wasted my time asking stupid questions.”

    Me: “She asked me prices of the fabrics she had. I was with her for maybe five minutes.”

    Manager: “So? She’s a time waster. She comes in, and wastes our time by asking questions. I don’t want to see you talking to her again.”

    Me: “Sorry, I didn’t know she was just a time waster. I wouldn’t have sold her over $200 worth of fabric if I’d known.”

    (My manager glared at me and stomped off.)

    Overtime Crime, Part 7

    | England, UK | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Overtime

    (I run a small team but my boss is so overbearing he tries to make all the decisions, despite not being up to scratch.)

    Me: “Just to let you know we had a guy call in sick.”

    Boss: “Who is there to cover?”

    Me: “Well, that is an issue. [Worker #1] in on holiday, [Worker #2] has just finished his shift and legally cannot work. I have spoken to [Worker #3] but he is being difficult. We do have [Worker #4] but I know that he isn’t ideal…”

    Boss: “You tell him to get in here and cover that shift or I will fire him!”

    Me: “No disrespect, but you cannot do that. He has every right to refuse working extra hours and it’s not in his contract.”

    Boss: *breaks into a rant about my leadership and how I’m not doing my role properly* “It looks like I’m going to have to do this for you.”

    Me: “Okay, well, sure. Give him a call.”

    (I leave the office, I happen to know that the worker in question is difficult anyway, but I also know that he was planning to be away from home. I give it an hour.)

    Me: “So did you get [Worker #3] to come in, then?”

    Boss: “No, they have their right to have time off. I let him have it off. I think we should ask [Worker #4] to do it.”

    Me: *internal sigh* “Great idea. I have already asked him and he has confirmed that he will do it.”

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    File This One Under Stupid

    | Singapore | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (My boss is not very tech savvy; I am the best at IT and related things in the office so he often asks me for help. I have tried many times to explain everyday computer terminology to him to no avail.)

    Boss: “[My Name], could you come over here?”

    Me: *walks over* “Yes?”

    Boss: “I just did something and now all these files have ended up in the wrong folder! Can you help me move them back here so I can rename them properly?” *waves mouse over an area of the desktop, which is already almost filled with file and folder icons*

    (I look; there are over 20 files in a “New Folder”. Note that my boss’s concept of moving files is to do them one by one; no matter how many times I’ve tried to teach him how to select multiple files and drag them to move them, he never seems to learn.)

    Boss: “They were here just now and now can you move them back.” *again gesturing vaguely at the desktop with his mouse*

    Me: “So just to be sure, you want me to move your files onto the desktop, where they will end up here?” *gesturing outside of the screen, which is the only way I’ve found that he understands that the file icons can’t be seen anymore because they are too many and can’t be all displayed on the desktop*

    Boss: “Yeah.”

    Me: “You sure?”

    Boss: “Just do it!”

    Me: Okay.” *clicks and drags all the files to the desktop, where, predictably, half the file icons can no longer be seen*

    Boss: “What did you do? I told you to move them to a separate folder so I can rename them all together!”

    Me: *sighs internally*

    This Is Not The Android You Are Looking For

    | Hong Kong, China | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (I work for a company that manufacturers Android devices. The CEO doesn’t know much about his market.)

    CEO: “I want to preinstall this software on our Android devices.”

    (I check out the software only to find out it is outdated.)

    Me: “The software runs on DOS and requires floppy disks to be installed. It also hasn’t been updated for 15 years.”

    CEO: “So? Can we have it on our Android devices?”

    Me: “No, I’m afraid our devices don’t have a floppy disk reader or DOS…”

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