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    Not THAT Kind Of Role Play

    | Germany | Bosses & Owners, Geeks Rule, Rude & Risque

    (I’m 17 and I work as an au pair in Germany, looking after two children. I’ve asked my employers if I can take a weekend and a Friday off during June to go to Amsterdam with my girlfriend and her father for a tabletop RPG convention, and am now trying to explain what RPGs are. The dialogue takes place in German, which is not my first language.)

    Me: *haltingly* “You pretend to be a character and play a story with other people.”

    Mother: “Like theatre? On a stage? I didn’t know you were an actress!”

    Me: “No, no, just in a room with a few people. No audience. You just make up the story as you go along.” *I mean to say costumes, but instead say clothing* “You don’t wear any clothing but sometimes you have props.”

    Mother: *obviously thinking it’s something sexual and being horrified because of my age* “Is that legal?!”

    Me: *not understanding her horror* “Yes, of course! People come from all over the world; meeting new people is part of the fun.”

    Mother: “I don’t think you should go… Your girlfriend’s father plays as well?”

    Me: *suddenly realises my mistake* “Oh… OH! I meant costumes, not clothing! Everyone wears clothing! No one takes their clothing off! Especially not [Girlfriend’s 56-year-old father]!”

    (We laughed over the mistake later and I managed to explain better, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the time I told the mother of the children I look after that I play games with strangers with my clothes off!)

    Redirection Deflection

    | England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Transportation

    (Part of my job is ordering equipment.)

    Boss: “Where is that package from [Supplier]?”

    Me: “I’ve spoken to them; apparently they shipped it last week.”

    Boss: “That’s not good enough! Ring them again!”

    Me: “If they have shipped it, I’m not sure what anyone can do.”

    Boss: “Just sort it!”

    (I ring them back and low and behold, they have shipped it already and can do nothing. Speaking with our stores team I find that there is a problem…)

    Me: “Hey boss, Just found out that the company has been redirecting our mail, so that package is probably at the other site. I will—”

    Boss: *interrupting* “No! No, you don’t understand. They don’t do that. You’re making excuses again.”

    Me: “Yes, yes they do. Look.” *I hand him an old envelope* “When a letter or parcel is sent to us it automatically gets redirected.”

    (There is a large ‘redirection’ sticker on the front with the other address on it.)

    Boss: “No, you don’t get it. This is something else.”

    Coworker: *overhearing* “Yes, that’s the case. There was an email sent out all about it.”

    Boss: *irate* “Look, they do not redirect our mail! That is only when you put the address on wrong.”

    (I lean over plucking the letter from the old envelope still in his hand.)

    Me: “Seems okay.” *read out address; it is perfect*

    Boss: “Whatever. Just get me that package!”

    (If he had let me finish I would have told him that I had asked the store-man to pick it up. The package was dropped off less than an hour later.)

    Found Your On Calling

    | England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Money

    (Being ‘on-call’ means that you get paid a little extra to answer your phone when at home and come in when needed over the weekend. My boss decides to take this from me due to ‘budget cuts.’)

    Boss: “I tried to call you this weekend.”

    Me: “Oh, did you? I didn’t have my phone with me.”

    Boss: “We had a major issue; I needed you to come in.”

    Me: “Oh, okay. Well, I was out with the family, so even if I took my phone I wouldn’t have had reception.”

    Boss: “Not good enough! You need to have your phone with you at all times!”

    Me: “Yeah… I’m not going to do that. When you paid me call out, I took it everywhere, on holiday, to the gym; I would have my phone by me all day and night, and always answer it no matter the time. Now that you’re not paying me, there is no chance I’m doing it for free.”

    Boss: *suddenly silent* “Oh, I… uh… forgot about that. Do you want to go back on call?”

    Me: “No, I don’t think I do.”

    (Despite the drop in pay, it was the best decision I made, I had my weekends back and finally got a break from work.)

    Didn’t Notice About The Notice

    | USA | Bosses & Owners, Ignoring/Inattentive, New Hires

    (I am being interviewed for a job. It is about an hour away from my current job.)

    Hiring Manager: “So, you currently work at [Other Restaurant]… I see it’s quite far away.”

    Me: “It’s close to my mom’s place. My dad’s place is close to here.”

    Hiring Manager: “Ah. So, are you planning on working both jobs, then?”

    Me: “No. I’m planning on leaving my current job.”

    Hiring Manager: “Ah, okay. So, you’re going to move in with your dad, then.”

    Me: “Yes.”

    (I’m later accepted for the job. He tells me to meet him and sign the paperwork, so I do that. At this point, I still don’t know when I’m starting. Finally, he calls me a few days after we filled out the paperwork.)

    Hiring Manager: “Hello, [My Name]. So, can you start tomorrow?”

    Me: “Um, no. I still need to give my two-week’s notice for my current job.”

    Hiring Manager: “But I thought you were going to work both jobs at once?”

    Me: “No… I told you before that I was planning on leaving my current job.”

    Hiring Manager: “Well, why didn’t you give your notice before?”

    Me: “Because I still don’t know when I’m starting. How about I start on [date two weeks from now]? Would that work?”

    Hiring Manager: “Look, call me back when you get out of your current job.” *click*

    (I call back. He doesn’t answer, so I leave a voicemail.)

    Me: “Hi, this is [My Name]. You just basically asked me to first quit my job before getting my schedule. That’s no good. I want to know that I’m going to still have a job, and I can’t just quit my current job without notice; that would be unprofessional. So please, send me when I’m going to start in writing, and give me two-week’s notice so I can give my two-week’s notice. If you can’t do that, then this isn’t going to work.”

    (I get a call back a couple minutes later.)

    Hiring Manager: “Well, we need people who are ready to start right now, so we’re just going to have to not hire you.”

    (I don’t know what thoughts went through this man’s head to make him think that I could work two jobs that are an hour away from each other at once, or why he thought it reasonable to ask me to just up and leave my current job whenever he needed me to without giving notice.)

    A Reduced Experience

    | Cambridgeshire, England, UK | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I’m working at a newly opened shop with a manager who has no managing experience. The type of business is new even for the owners, so a lot of what we’re doing is trial and error to see what works. I go in for my shift one day and chat with my supervisor.)

    Supervisor: “So, you know we had all that bacon that was going out of date soon? One of the owners said because there was so much we should reduce it early, as we won’t sell it all on the last day.”

    Me: “Sounds sensible.”

    Supervisor: “Yeah, I thought so, so I did, but the next day the manager came in and had a right go at me for reducing items before the sell by date! Even after I told him it was [Owner]’s idea!”

    (Fast forward two weeks, I’ve just come in to cover someone else’s shift, working with the same supervisor.)

    Supervisor: “You remember the bacon incident from a couple weeks ago? Well, [Manager]’s just had a go at me again. You’ll never guess what for?!”

    Me: “I have a few ideas, but go on.”

    Supervisor: “Last night when we were recording all the wastage and throwing it out, apparently we threw out items that were still in date.”

    Me: “But you only threw out reduced items?

    Supervisor: “Exactly. Apparently [Manager] has decided we need to start reducing things before their dates when we have lots of them so we throw less away, but he never bothered to tell me, and now it’s my fault!”

    Me: “So, essentially he expects you to know that he’s started doing something that he said we would never do and actually told you off for doing two weeks ago?”

    Supervisor: “Yep! Fun isn’t it?”

    (Believe it or not, the owners think this is acceptable behaviour from our manager. Unsurprisingly most of us are looking for new jobs just to get away from him.)

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