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    Pregnant With Anger

    | Stevens Point, WI, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Health & Body

    (I am pregnant, and have to stop at a store to pick up a prescription. While waiting, I decide to look at their maternity clothes. Two female workers are standing around chatting. Worker #1 is very young, and Worker #2 is definitely middle aged.)

    Me: “Excuse me?”

    Workers: *chatting*

    Me: “Excuse me!”

    Worker #1: “Yes, can I help you?”

    Me: “Can you point me in the direction of the maternity section?”

    Worker #2: “I’m so sorry; we don’t have a maternity section!”

    Worker #1: “We do have plus sizes though, right there.”

    Me: “Yeah… Maternity is NOT plus size.”

    Worker #1: “What’s the difference? If you’re getting huge, a bigger size should work anyways!”

    Worker #2: “We’re really sorry; we really DON’T have a maternity section.”

    Me: *to Worker #1* “Actually, there is a difference. Maternity clothes are longer in the front than the back, and are in the same size as pre-pregnancy.”

    Worker #1: “Well… we still don’t have it. So if you want clothes, just go to plus size!”

    Me: “Don’t EVER say that to a pregnant woman again.”

    (I begin to walk off, and as I’m moving away, I hear her talking to Worker #2:)

    Worker #1: “I don’t understand why she’s mad. What did I say?”

    Worker #2: “SERIOUSLY?”

    Bridging His Knowledge Gap

    | UK | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Geography

    (We’ve recently had a massive order for Norway, but due to the urgency of the order we’ve had problems booking the shipment onto any direct freight services. After finally getting the shipment organised and collected the following exchange occurs between my boss, the financial manager, and the warehouse manager.)

    Boss: “I’ve found a much quicker route that could’ve reached the customer much faster than the service you booked.”

    Warehouse Manager: “I called all the freight companies I could find that would ship to Norway. I don’t think there was a quicker route.”

    Boss: “No, look here – there is a direct route from Denmark to Norway.”

    Warehouse Manager: “What are you talking about? We’d need to hire a ship to send it that way!”

    Boss: “A ship? Why would we need a ship? That bridge goes directly from Denmark to Norway.”

    Warehouse Manager: *looks completely dumbfounded* “[Boss], that’s a shipping lane!”

    (The rest of the office started trying to hide the fact that we were all laughing. All the while Boss tried to convince us that it was actually a bridge. It wasn’t.)

    Bread Is The Bad Staff Of Life

    | Drayton Valley, AB, Canada | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (I’m at a very famous sandwich shop chain, ordering a sandwich for dinner.)

    Clerk: “And what kind of bread would you like?”

    Me: “What kinds of bread do you have?”

    (The clerk points to a diagram listing all their breads.)

    Clerk: “Read the sign.”

    Me: “Okay… um… I’ll have Parmesan oregano.”

    Clerk: “We’re all out.”

    Me: “Oh. I’ll have Italian herbs and cheese then.”

    Clerk: “We’re all out.”

    Me: “Honey oat?”

    Clerk: “We’re all out.”

    Me: “Well, what kinds of bread do you have?”

    (The clerk once again points to the diagram and is quite angry now.)

    Clerk: “READ THE SIGN!”

    (There is NOTHING on the sign saying what kinds of bread they are all out of.)

    Me: “Let me rephrase. What kinds of bread are you NOT all out of?”

    Clerk: “Oh… All we have right now is white bread.”

    Me: “Then I’ll take that.”

    Should Have Driven Home The Point More

    | MO, USA | Extra Stupid, Job Seekers

    (I’d worked for this particular pizza chain for many years before finally getting my own store. My first month there I realize I need to hire more staff and start taking applications right away. One of my very first interviews is for a delivery driver position and it is going well. We go over in detail what his job duties would be and he seems really excited about the job.)

    Me: “Well, everything looks great, I really like your enthusiasm, and I think you’ll be a great fit for this job. Now all I need to do is run an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) on you and make sure you’re eligible to drive. It should only take a few days and I’ll let you know. I just need to see your license.”

    Interviewee: “What license?”

    Me: “Your driver’s license…”

    Interviewee: “Oh, I don’t have one of those.”

    Me: “You don’t have a driver’s license? You do realize this position is for a delivery driver, right?”

    Interviewee: “Yeah, but I didn’t think I needed to have a license to do that.”

    Me: “You didn’t think you needed a driver’s license to drive?”

    (After this I started asking every potential applicant BEFORE bringing them in for an interview. In the two years since this happened I’ve had this exact same conversation with more than a dozen people.)

    Not As Clear As A Belle

    | Waterbury, CT, USA | Extra Stupid, Movies & TV

    Me: “Hello. May I have two tickets to Belle, please?”

    Attendant: “Um, I think you mean the new Disney movie?”

    Me:Belle isn’t a Disney movie. It’s about a bi-racial women who works towards ending slavery in 18th century England.”

    Attendant: “Um, we don’t have anything like that…”

    Me: *sighs* “Can I get two tickets to that movie?” *points to ‘Belle’ movie poster*

    Attendant: “Ugh! That’s ‘Bee-Elle!’ It’s basically Cinderella. God, why is everyone so stupid…”

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