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    Category: At The Checkout

    We’re Separated

    | New Zealand | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink

    (I’m quickly getting some lunch between classes, by myself. After ordering my sandwich I get to the register.)

    Server: “So, are you paying together?”

    (I turn to the stranger next in line to me. We both look confused.)

    Both Of Us: “Separately”

    Server: *to next customer* “You know if you’re taking her out for lunch you should be paying! It’s the right thing to do!”

    (I paid for my sandwich and left hastily, without my ‘lunch date.’)

    The Tip Was The Tipping Point

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Employees, Money

    (My friends and I are eating at a Japanese restaurant for a spontaneous lunch. The food was decent but service was almost nonexistent. We all agree not to tip. I go to pay.)

    Cashier: “Your total is $16.”

    (I give her $15 in bills and a $2 coin.)

    Cashier: *pockets coin* “Your total is $16. You didn’t give me enough.”

    Me: “Actually, I did. That’s why I gave you the coin.”

    Cashier: *combination of surprise and annoyance* “Ooohh, okay. That’s enough money now.”

    (She gave me my change and I met my friends outside. Turned out she didn’t want to give my friends their change either.)

    Instructions Aren’t So Clear

    | Chattanooga, TN, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (While we’re being checked out, an item buzzes. The register clearly displays the error, ‘BUFFER FULL – PRESS CLEAR.’)

    Cashier: “Huh. This isn’t working.”

    (She slowly reads the message, then ignores it and tries again without pressing clear. Same buzz, same error. So she tries again. And again. And again.)

    Wife: “It’s saying, ‘Buffer full – press clear.’”

    Cashier: “Yeah, that happens sometimes. Don’t worry, it’ll take.”

    (She tries it again. And again. And again.)

    Me: “You know, maybe just in case it helps, try pressing clear?”

    (She does. The error message goes away. The item rings up just fine.)

    Cashier: “Huh. He’s pretty bright, for a gentleman.”

    Wife: *under her breath* “Yeah, he’s been reading for years now…”

    Brain At A Low Dollar Value

    | Winchester, VA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Money

    (I’m at a well known pet store looking at fish since I have recently upgraded my aquarium. I notice that one of the fish that I’m looking at is currently running under a 5 for $5 deal with the store card.)

    Me: “Okay. So I think I’ll go ahead and get some of these since they’re 5 for $5. But I want 10.”

    Employee: “What? No. You can’t do that. It’s 5 for $5. Not 10 for $5.”

    Me: “I understand that. I want 10 fish for $10.”

    Employee: “No! It’s only 5 for $5! You can’t do 10 for $10!”

    Me: “Just go ahead and give me 10. Let’s just see what happens at the registers.”

    (Sure enough when we go to the registers, I am right and I get my 10 for $10. She seems extremely confused by this.)

    Employee: “I really didn’t know it worked like that.”

    Price War Stories

    | USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Money

    (I recently went into a shop to exchange a bag I bought for a similar, but larger one. I’ve chosen my replacement bag and get to the customer service till.)

    Clerk: “If there is a price difference between these products, are you willing to pay it?”

    Me: “Is there a story behind this question?”

    Clerk: “Several.”

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