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    Not Scripted For Success

    | NY, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees

    Telemarketer: “Hello, this is [Big City Newspaper] and we are offering subscriptions.” *continues at length with options and pricing details* “Would you like home delivery?”

    (I was actually pleased by the sales call because I had just moved to Big City and hadn’t had time to arrange for the paper yet, so:)

    Me: “Sure.”

    Telemarketer: *dead silence*

    Me: “Hello? Are you still there?”

    Telemarketer: “Um, yeah; it’s just that nobody ever says ’yes’ so I don’t know that part of my script.”

    The House Doesn’t Win

    | England, UK | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I’m selling my house. When you arrange these with estate agents they are very keen to show you what houses they have to sell, as they would make more money.)

    Estate Agent: “So where are you looking to buy?”

    Me: “It is in [Area]. I have seen some great properties there already. We are looking for…” *I give him the house specifics*

    Estate Agent: “That’s great. I think we have a house that would be suitable for you. What is your budget?”

    Me: “Well, it is £190,000.”

    Estate Agent: “Okay, so, is that the maximum you can pay?”

    Me: *hesitantly* “Well, I suppose we could stretch to £200,000 if you found me the right house, but 190 is where we want to be. I have met with my bank and mortgage advisors, and have set budgets around this. 190 is ideal.”

    Estate Agent: “Okay. I’m going to send you the details of a house. Take a look. It is slightly over budget but it looks great.”

    (He later sends me the details. The house is nothing special but it is £45,000 over what I had stated. Annoyed that the agent didn’t bother to listen to me, I delete the email and forget about it. Later that week, I get another phone call.)

    Estate Agent: “Hi, it’s [Estate Agent] from [Agency]. What did you think about the property I sent you?”

    Me: “To be honest, it’s far too expensive. There are several properties available in the area all for less money. And I note that the owners will not take any offers.”

    Estate Agent: *seemingly ignoring me* “Well, it is a great house, and if you come in and see our mortgage advisor maybe she can help you borrow more money.” *again a trick to earn them more money from a sale*

    Me: “To be honest, I have already looked into this and that won’t be necessary. I know the repayments and 190 is affordable for us.”

    Estate Agent: “I’m going to look at time slots for you with our advisor anyway. You might find it really helpful to speak with her, and I’m sure she can get you that extra money.

    Me: “No! Thank you! I have an advisor and I don’t need the advice. 190 is our price and I would like to stick to it.”

    Estate Agent: “Are you sure? The house is a great property!”

    Me: “I will be perfectly clear with you. The house, in my opinion is massively overpriced. I have seen three other houses that offer more for less money. I don’t want to get into debt we cannot afford for a mediocre house!”

    Estate Agent: *shocked* “Oh, okay. Well, I think you are missing out. But let me send you other properties we have.”

    (I did receive details of other properties, all over budget, and very few actually met our brief. I kept getting calls about houses in the wrong area and completely unsuitable for us. I eventually found a great property that we liked marketed by someone else. When the first agent found out, they had the cheek to ask if they could contact the owner (so they could make money on that as well).)

    An Explosive Realization

    | St George, UT, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Health & Body

    (I stopped at a local gas station one day to fill my truck up. Another patron is also filling up her vehicle in the next pump. I notice an employee checking the garbage next to the pumps. This doesn’t bother me at first, until I noticed a light cigarette in her hand. My mouth is agape at first but without hesitation, confronted her.)

    Me: “Excuse me? Are you kidding me right now?!”

    Employee: *she gives me the most confusing stare* “What?”

    Me: “You have a light cigarette in your hand, right next to the gas pumps! You’re not supposed to do that. It’s dangerous!”

    Employee: *just shrugs* “Sorry. Don’t worry, though. It’s okay. I’m not even near you, anyway.”

    Me: *I scoff and give a nervous chuckle* “Okay?! Death by second hand smoke is one thing lady, but death by second hand explosion is another!”

    Other Patron: *starts to giggle loudly*

    (The employee’s face was completely red as she went back to her smoking station on the side of the building, away from the pumps. As I finished filling up and drove away, the employee gave me the biggest glare. Needless to say, I never filled up at that particular gas station ever again.)

    Inject A Little Compassion

    | Canada | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My roommate and I are both autistic and have extreme fear of needles. I pass out, but my roommate, unless he has something to hold on to, starts kicking and screaming. One day, he has to go on for surgery and I’m driving him.)

    Nurse: “[Roommate].”

    Me: “I’ll be there when you wake up. Do you have your stuffy?”

    (My roommate shows me a toy, and starts to follow the nurse to the room.)

    Nurse: *sees the toy* “What the–? Sir! You are 25! I don’t think you need that!”

    Roommate: “But! Ok, fine… Can [Roommate] come with me?”

    Nurse: “I don’t have time for this! You can do this! Now come on! We’re losing light!”

    (She pries the toy out of his hand and gives it to me. I’m a little nervous, as I know he can be wild when terrified. I start reading my book, and sure enough, I hear a ‘Code White’ which means aggressive patient. After a second, the same nurse comes running out.)

    Nurse: “[My Name]! [My Name]!”

    (I get up and run inside. My roommate has five nurses pinning him down, and he’s kicking and screaming.)

    Nurse: “Control him! He kicked half of us!”

    (I go over and start to soothe him. Once he’s calm, I give him his toy and stay by his side while they give him the needle. As they wheel him off, the nurse turns to me.)

    Nurse: “What is wrong with that guy? The second he saw the needle he freaked out.”

    Me: “He has an extreme fear of needles! It’s in his chart!”

    Nurse: “I thought he was just being a wimp!”

    (My friend’s surgery went very well and he made a full recovery. However, the nurses we’re quite inattentive and rude to us while we were there. When I had to have surgery on my ovary a month later, we went to another hospital, where they let him in with me for when I passed out.)

    Not Thinking Inside The Box

    | Washington, DC, USA | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (My wife has a bad eye infection and after a trip to the doctor, we take her prescription for antibiotic eye-drops to a pharmacy to be filled. They tell us we can pick it up in an hour. A little more than an hour later I go back to pick it up.)

    Me: “Hi, I’m picking up a prescription for [Wife].”

    Pharmacist: “We don’t seem to have that here. When did you drop it off?”

    Me: “About an hour ago.”

    Pharmacist: “Oh, here’s the record… This won’t be ready for three days. We don’t have it here.”

    Me: “What? She has an infection and needs her medicine now, not three days from now. Why didn’t you tell us it would take so long when we dropped it off so we could go to another pharmacy?”

    Pharmacist: “Well, we just got the shipment in today, but we haven’t opened the boxes yet  to take out the medicine.”

    Me: “It takes three days to open a box?”

    Pharmacist: “Well, I guess if you want to wait 10 or 15 minutes, I can get it for you.”

    Me: “…Yes. Do that, please.”

    Pharmacist: *sighing* “Fine, I’ll go get it. I hate having to open the boxes.”

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