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    Category: Employees

    Managed To Eclipse Themselves In Bad Service

    | TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees

    (I’m a huge ‘Twilight’ fan. I had all the movies (and every book out) save for the movie ‘Eclipse.’ Now, I’m also an avid reader, and I buy books every paycheck. I go into this store to finally buy ‘Eclipse’ and the last two John Green novels I’m missing, as well as some books from the bargain bin. I take it to the front counter and set them down. The employee scans the books, ignoring the expensive, two disk special edition ‘Eclipse.’)

    Worker: “Your total will be [Total].”

    Me: “Um, no. I wanted to get this, too. It’s why I came in.”

    Worker: “Oh, you don’t want that. Twilight is really stupid. You have good tastes in books; don’t ruin it by watching that s***.”

    (My jaw actually dropped, as I hate when people judge others by what they read/watch, and the fact he cussed at work.)

    Me: “I happen to love Twilight, and read it constantly. I DON’T find it to be garbage, and regardless of your opinion, you DO need to ring it up, keep your opinion to yourself, and let me pay for it.”

    Worker: “No. The customer isn’t always right you know.”

    Me: “Fine, put it all back. I have your name, and I sure as h*** am going to be telling your manager why you lost a one hundred plus sale.”


    (In this case, yeah, the customer was. I managed to find the movie and my books at a much cheaper price at their competitor.)

    The Waiter Is A Halfwit

    | Schaumburg, IL, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink


    (My husband and I go to a popular restaurant that makes great shakes in different flavors including half one flavor, half another.)

    Me: *to waiter after looking at the shake flavors* “Is it possible to get 1/2 banana and 1/2 chocolate?”

    Waiter: *pauses, then looks thoughtful* “Well, we have a 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 banana. Will that do?”

    Me: “…”

    Started Suspecting After The Ferrari FU9000

    | Brampton, ON, Canada | Employees, Liars/Scammers, Technology

    (I answer the telephone at my work and get scam calls all the time. Instead of trying to call them out on their scam I decide I would scam them back instead.)

    Scammer: “Hello. I am calling from [Well Known Photocopy Manufacturer] to confirm that we have updated information on file. Can you tell me the make and model of your photocopier?”

    Me: “Certainly I can help you with that! It’s a Bugatti FU7510.”

    Scammer: “Bu- Errrr, I’m sorry. Could you repeat that, please?”

    Me: “Bugatti FU7510.”

    Scammer: “Hmmmm, I don’t seem to have that on my list. Are you sure that’s correct?”

    Me: “Oh, yes. The machine is right in front of me and it clearly says Bugatti FU7510.”

    Scammer: “That is strange. I have never heard of a model called Bugatti before.”

    Me: “Really? Well we’ve had this machine for a few years now and it’s the best one we’ve ever had. Very, very fast and quite stylish, too!”

    Scammer: “Really? Okay, well I’ve made note of it. Thank you.”

    Me: “Oh you are MOST welcome! Have a great day!!”

    (Every time they call I come up with some name for the make and model off the top of my head but I always start the model number with ‘FU’ for obvious reasons.)

    Nothing Light About Being Polite

    | Sweden | Awesome Customers, Employees, Food & Drink

    (My family and I have been customers at this pizza store for several years. On this day, I drop in right after they open in order some pizza for when my job ends, which is close to when they close as well.)

    Me: “Hey, I’d like two [pizza] and one [pizza].”

    Employee: “Sure. You bringing it with you?”

    Me: “Yeah, but I can’t pick it up until about six pm. Is it a problem to ask you guys to prepare it for that time?”

    Employee: “Dude, I’m gonna tell you something.”

    (At this point, I’m a bit worried but I remain silent.)

    Employee: “If you had asked me to fix you a pizza for Christmas, at three am sharp, in five years time, I would have gotten that f****** pizza done and delivered it to your house, if I had to. You and your family are the nicest people we’ve had as you’re polite, respect that there’s other people before you, AND you don’t mind waiting a few minutes extra in case we screw up.”

    Me: “I, um… Wow! Thanks!”

    (Needless to say, we’re now regulars who order at least once a week from them!)

    Making A Song And Dance About Rent

    | NSW, Australia | Bad Behavior, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Money

    (I’m a university student. I am out of town to stay with family for a few weeks, and my house that I rent was sold from a previous owner to a real estate firm, where I now need to pay my rent. Because I’ve been out of town, I didn’t get a letter from them and I was a few weeks behind on rent, so they called me.)

    Realty: “Hello? Is this [My Name]?”

    Me: “It certainly is! How can I help you?”

    Realty: “You need to give us three weeks of rent NOW!”

    Me: “Um, excuse me? I was told I’d be contacted regarding my new rent agreement…”

    Realty: “Didn’t you get a letter?! We need the money now!”

    (It turns out my housemate didn’t tell me about the letter either, so I was in the wrong there and agreed to pay the missing weeks plus rent for the next fortnight, which came up to over $700, almost all of my savings from my student payments. I transferred it that day to the account they gave me in an email. The next day…)

    Realty: “Hello? Is this [My Name]?”

    Me: “Yes it is. How can I help?”

    Realty: “You still owe us over 21 days of rent! When will you be paying us?”

    Me: “Now, hang on; I paid all of my rent to you yesterday. I even sent a receipt in an email as proof.”

    Realty: “Well, I haven’t seen that email!”

    Me: “You sent me a reply of ‘thanks.’”

    Realty: “Um… well, that should be in order then.”

    (And now today…)

    Realty: “Hello? [My Name]?”

    Me: “Yes, that’s me.”

    Realty: “Your rent is still overdue! When are you going to pay us for the missing 21 days?!”

    Me: “I’ve sent it to you! I sent both you and another employee that called! I don’t owe you any more money for the next fortnight!”

    Realty: “Where did you pay it to?”

    Me: “I sent an Internet transfer to the account YOU emailed me!”

    Realty: “You mean [Account Number]?” *pauses* “Oh. I see your email. You put in the wrong number! Didn’t you check the number?! It has a two after the first digit and you left it out!”

    Me: *checks her email* “There’s no two anywhere in this account number you sent me.”

    (There is a silence as I assume she checks the email.)

    Realty: “… I’ll mark your file as ‘not your fault.’ Make sure you pay us when the payment bounces back to you. Have a nice day.”

    (Hopefully they leave me alone and I actually get that payment back! I’m moving out to a different realty next month!)

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