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    The Salon Doesn’t Make The Cut

    , | Seattle, WA, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees, Money

    (I’m helping with a fundraiser at the local mall. We have various stalls set up selling special items or offering special services, with all the profits going to charity. A woman that recently opened a hair salon arrives and asks to speak to one of the staff as she sets up.)

    Woman: “You know, I was thinking on the way over here. This is usually a day off for me, yet I’ve agreed to come in and work for you.”

    Me: “Yes, well, it’s for a good cause.”

    Woman: “Yeah, but I’m not going to see a single penny for today.”

    Me: “Again, that’s because it’s going to charity.”

    Woman: “I know but… well, I’m just going to come out and say it: I don’t think this is at all fair for me, so I want to ask for an amendment to be made.”

    Me: “And that is?”

    Woman: “Either I get 50% of the profits from today, or I walk.”

    (There is a moment of stunned silence. Slowly I look around at the other people, many of whom have likewise agreed to come and work on their days off without protest.)

    Me: “Well, I guess you walk, then.”

    Woman: “…What?!”

    Me: “If you don’t want to work for free, then you’re free to leave.”

    Woman: “Wha… but… I’ve got folks coming for me to do their hair today! They’ll be wondering where I am!”

    Me: “Then I’ll tell them what you said about demanding the right to take money from charity.”

    Woman: “WHAT?! But that’ll kill business for me!”

    Me: “Well, that’s on you. Everyone here agreed to the hours and the terms of this fundraiser, and none of them have expressed the selfish attitude I’m hearing from you.”

    Woman: “Okay, I’ll stay! I’ll stay!”

    (She frantically begins setting up, then goes to work without a peep. Thinking that’s that, I go back to helping with the other businesses who’re participating. A few hours later I’m approached by another lady.)

    Lady: “Hey, I don’t want to complain, but the woman from the hair salon over there? She’s been telling every customer she’s worked with how unfair it is that you’re not paying her for this charity event. It’s making several people rather uneasy.”

    Me: *sigh* “Hold on. I’ll get my manager.”

    (We contacted security and promptly have her removed from the mall. Surprisingly, she still managed to stay in business afterwards.)

    A Low Grade Of Customer Service

    | Berkshire, England, UK | Employees, School

    (I am a 20 year old female, but I have been told I look anywhere from 14-16. I made an appointment to discuss getting a student credit card so that I could build up a good credit history early and make life easier later down the line. I arrive 10 minutes early because I hate being late. As things go, the person before me takes 30 minutes extra, so I’m already a bit frustrated when I start talking with him.)

    Banker: “So, you want to open a student credit card?”

    Me: “Yes, I study archaeology BSc at [University].”

    Banker: “Oh, good. They are okay, I guess… What grades do you get?”

    (First off, the uni is on par with Oxford for the course I am on and beats Cambridge, so it’s not just okay. Secondly, I do not feel my grades are his concern but I am doing very well so I don’t mind.)

    Me: “Oh, I’m getting high two ones, so, really good!”

    Banker: *chuckles* “That’s not too bad, I suppose…”

    Me: “I am second best in my class; I am doing extremely well and am only in first year.”

    Banker: *looks at me incredulously* “Really, you could do better.”

    (2:1 is second highest you can get. As I am just below border for first, this is EXTREMELY offensive.)

    Banker: “Oh, and next week someone will call you to check on customer service. Can you not mention the wait?”

    Me: “Of course not. I work in customer service; I understand waiting…”

    (No I didn’t mention the wait… I did however mention how unsettled he made me feel, and the fact he kept alluding to not wishing to give me a card because I wasn’t getting the highest grade.)

    Lifting Like A Girl

    | Germantown, MD, USA | Employees, Health & Body

    (My parents are landscaping and I am picking up extra topsoil because they ran out — ten bags of it. I am an average-sized female in my 20s.)

    Me: *lifting bags of topsoil onto a cart*

    Male Employee: “Miss? Why don’t you let me do that?”

    Me: *lifting another* “Why? Are customers not allowed to get their own anymore?”

    Male Employee: “No, ma’am, I just thought…”

    Me: “Just thought what?”

    Male Employee: “Well, you are a girl…”

    Me: “That a girl can’t lift 50 lbs of topsoil on her own?” *lifting another bag*

    Male Employee: “Uh, well, I just thought you might need some help…”

    Me: “Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I’m weak. If I needed help, I would have asked for it. If women can push a baby out, they can lift 50 lbs of soil!”

    Male Employee: *flushes bright red and scurries off*

    Female Cashier: “You’re the first girl to ever reject his help!” *laughs* “I wish more women did.”

    Accepting A Charge With The Battery

    | Malvern, PA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    (My friend jumped my dead battery last night so I could get home, and suggested I go to a local car parts place that’s known for testing car parts. It’s been raining but it’s really just a drizzle at the moment I’m there and have it checked.)

    Car Parts Dude: “It’s not saying your battery is dead. It’s saying it needs a charge. The starter and alternator are fine. A full battery charge takes around three hours.”

    Me: “Okay, let me check with my friend. I think he has a charger.”

    (I text my friend, who advises me that a charge isn’t the way to go because the battery will just die again. So, I tell the dude I want to buy a battery. I’ve seen the huge signs outside that read FREE BATTERY INSTALLATION with purchase.)

    Car Parts Dude: “I’m sorry, but company policy says we can’t work on cars when it’s raining.”

    (I text my friend again and he reminds me of another car place — one with service bays — less than 200 yards away. I drive over there.)

    Car Service Guy: “So, what brings you in?”

    Me: “My battery’s dying, and I would like to get a new one. I was just up the street to have it tested, and they said they can’t install it for me because it’s raining.”

    Car Service Guy: *blinks and shakes his head* “Okay, then.”

    (Thank you to the car service place! I know I paid an installation fee with you, but it was worth getting taken care of today!)


    | Wayne, PA, USA | Employees, Movies & TV

    (When a popular kids’ cartoon video series has a new DVD out with one of the main characters in an Indiana-Jones-like outfit, I make sure the 4-foot tall cardboard cutout of this character in the middle of the sales floor is full of DVDs. A customer approaches the counter.)

    Customer: “Excuse me, do you have the new [Series Name] DVD?”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am. The large cardboard cucumber over there is holding it for you.”

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