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    Getting Charged With False Battery

    | USA | Employees, Liars/Scammers, Transportation

    (I’m at my dealership getting my routine oil changes, sitting in the customer waiting area. It’s mid-winter and my car is starting up just fine except when it gets really cold.)

    Tech: “So, you’re battery is testing bad and you’ll need to replace it soon.”

    Me: “Okay, and how much will that cost?”

    Tech: “About 110 plus tax.”

    Me: “Well I don’t have that right now. It will have to wait.”

    (Fast forward to the summer time and I’m doing another oil change.)

    Me: “So, the last few times I’ve been here, I was told the battery was testing bad. I took it to another shop and had it tested; they said it was fine.”

    Tech: “We’ll test it and make sure.”

    (I go to the waiting room and the tech comes out a while later.)

    Tech: “The battery is still testing bad. You’ll need to replace it.”

    Me: “Funny how I have two other reports telling me that the battery is fine. Do not tell me the battery is testing badly. The car has a hard time turning over when it gets cold but now because it’s warm, it’s fine. Don’t tell me that it’s bad again.”

    Tech: *shuts up and goes back to desk*

    (When I went back for my next oil change, surprise, surprise, the battery tested just fine. This is why I call them car-stealerships.)

    Making A Boob Of Oneself

    | Jacksonville, FL, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Food & Drink, Health & Body

    (I have just had my first daughter and am out shopping with her for the first time since she was born. About midway through, she starts crying because she’s hungry and I look for a quiet place to hunker down and feed her. I find a little bench in the women’s shoe department, sit down facing the wall, and start feeding my baby. I hear someone come up behind me. It’s an employee from another department.)

    Man: “Ahem. Ma’am, the bathroom is right over there.” *points none too subtly*

    (I ignore him and continue feeding my daughter.)

    Man: “Ma’am, I’ll be happy to escort you there.”

    Me: “Thanks, but no thanks. Almost done anyway. ”

    Man: *sighs heavily* “Ma’am, I’ve been kind. You need to go there NOW. That’s indecent.”

    Me: “Says you.”

    Man: “I WILL have you kicked out.”

    Me: “Under what grounds?”

    Man: “Indecent exposure.”

    Me: *I switch her to the other side* “I have an idea. It’s close to lunchtime. Why don’t you come in and eat with us? Grab your lunch.”

    Man: “What?!”

    Me: “Well, would you eat your lunch in a bathroom?”

    Man: “No, that’s disgusting!”

    Me: “Then don’t ask me to feed my kid there.”

    Man: “Then kindly leave the store.”

    Me: “No, thank you.”

    (He finally stormed off and returned a little while later with a manager, just as I was finishing burping my daughter. The manager apologized to me and stomped off while his employee stood there gape-jawed as I calmly packed up and resumed shopping. In a society that glorifies boobs, isn’t it funny that they become ‘immoral and indecent’ when they’re actually being used for what they were developed for in the first place?)

    The Cut-Throat World Of Medicine

    | Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I have a bad sore throat, and thinking that it’s probably strep, which I often get, I decide to visit the local walk-in clinic.)

    Doctor: *takes a look at my throat* “Uh, I think you should get to the emergency room immediately.”

    Me: “What? Why?”

    Doctor:  “Just go. As soon as possible.”

    Me: “But, is it serious?”

    Doctor: “GO!”

    (Naturally, I look up my symptoms on the Internet on the way to the E.R. and am convinced that I have throat cancer. After I’ve waited for hours, the E.R. doctor is finally able to see me.)

    E.R. Doctor: “Why are you here?”

    Me: “I have a very bad sore throat.”

    E.R. Doctor: “WHAT? Are you serious? Why didn’t you just go to a walk-in clinic?”

    Me: “I DID! They sent me here! Can you please tell me what’s wrong?”

    E.R. Doctor: *looking at my throat* “For God’s sake, it’s just strep. Here’s a prescription for antibiotics. Next time, just go to a walk-in clinic rather than wasting my time.”

    (So, I was terrified and wasted most of a Saturday for nothing, and the E.R. doctor obviously thought I was a hysterical hypochondriac. Thanks, walk-in doctor!)

    A Duh-zen

    | El Paso, TX, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (I am trying to check out at a local grocery store. I have multiple different items. I am unloading my cart.)

    Me: “There are a dozen peaches in this bag.”

    Cashier: *types in 20 peaches*

    Me: “No, I said a dozen. Not 20.”

    Cashier: “Yeah, I typed in a dozen. That is correct.”

    Me: “A dozen is twelve. Count them.”

    Cashier: “Look, I know how to do my job.”

    Me: “You are trying to charge me for eight peaches that I do not have. A dozen is 12; you charged me for 20.”

    Cashier: “Look, okay, it’s 20. Everyone knows that. You are holding up the line.”

    Me: “A dozen is 12! Take them out of the bag and count them! 12 peaches, not 20!”

    Cashier: “Look, I need you to pay and get out of the way.”

    Me: “I am not going to pay for eight extra items that I do not have!”

    Cashier: “If you are not going to pay, then you need to leave the store!”

    Customer Behind Me: *to Cashier: “A dozen is 12! You are trying to charge her for 20, you dimwit! Charge her for the appropriate items and let her pay!”

    Cashier: “Don’t insult me just because she does not know math!”

    Customer: “She doesn’t know math? You are the simpleton that doesn’t know what a dozen is! It’s hardly her fault that you cannot do basic math! I am a math teacher. A dozen is 12. Now, ring her up correctly and stop charging her for eight extra items!”

    Cashier: “No! You guys are trying to scam this store!”

    Customer: “Right. Get your manager out here, NOW!”

    Me: “Yes, please, I would really love a manager right now!”

    Manager: “What seems to be the problem?”

    Me: “I have a dozen peaches and she is trying to charge me for 20. When I tried to get her to take off the extra eight, she accuses us of trying to scam her!”

    Cashier: “Well, you are trying to scam us!”

    Manager: “Are you kidding me? Go get a dozen eggs from that cooler.”

    (The customer behind me is now chuckling. The cashier leaves in a huff and grabs a container of dozen eggs.)

    Manager: “Good, now open and count them.”

    Cashier: “There are 12.”

    Manager: “Exactly. 12 eggs in a container marked one dozen. What does that tell you?”

    Cashier: “Uh…”

    Manager: “Get rid of the extra eight. Once you are done with that, please clock out and go home. I will deal with you tomorrow. Also, hand everyone in this line as many coupons as you can until you run out.”

    (The cashier voids the extra items, while bright red, and hands me a massive stack of coupons. I never saw her again at that store.)

    A Dream Is A Wish Your Hulk Makes

    | UK | Awesome Workers, Employees, Movies & TV

    (My sister and I are out to see ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ I happen to be wearing an Avengers shirt, have my Avengers bag with me, and am carrying a Hulk plush toy because I get nervous around crowds. We get to the front of the line to buy tickets.)

    Sister: “Okay, hang on.” *pulls me into the cashier’s line of sight* “Guess which movie we want to see?

    Cashier: “Oh, I know. Cinderella, right? I’ve heard Hulk is great in that!”

    (She rang us up for our ‘Age of Ultron’ tickets, and told me my Hulk was cute!)

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