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    Category: Employees

    Needs A Self-Administered Dose Of Reality

    | CA, USA | Crazy Requests, Employees, Health & Body, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I have just given birth, and have been transferred from the labor ward to the maternity ward. A nurse is going over my medications. I take an individualized thyroid medication, only available from a compounding pharmacy. My doctor has directed this medication is not to be stopped under any circumstances.)

    Nurse: “I don’t recognize this thyroid medication.”

    Me: “It’s compounded.”

    Nurse: “You won’t be able take this while you’re staying at the hospital because we don’t have it in our supplies.”

    Me: “That’s why my obstetrician has noted on the chart that I will bring my own supply.”

    Nurse: “You can’t do that. We have to manage all your medications while you are here. And it will take three days for us to get it from a compounding pharmacy. I don’t want to deal with the paperwork. Do you think you can just not take this medication while you are here?”

    (I’m stunned, but within a split second I decide how I want to respond.)

    Me: “Sure.”

    (The nurse left the room. I got out my supply of pills and took my usual dose. The next time I gave birth at that hospital, I made sure I took two separate bottles of my pills, paranoid that they’d try to forcibly make me hand them over to stop me from taking them. They did a little better that time. They took my bottle of pills and dispensed the daily dose to me each day – and billed my insurance under the line item of ‘Self-Administered Medication!’)

    Solving Your Cash Flow Problem

    | WI, USA | Employees, Money

    (I have a check that I need to deposit at my bank, but I need it to pay a bill online immediately. I head inside.)

    Me: “Hey, there! Just wondering, is there any way I could cash this check, then deposit the cash into my account so it’s immediately available?”

    Teller: “No, I’m sorry. You can either cash it or deposit it. It will take 1-3 business days to clear if you deposit it.”

    Me: “Oh, okay. Well, just cash then I guess.”

    (I then get the bright idea as I’m leaving to just go through the drive through and try and deposit it there. I think I’m being extremely clever and have beaten the system. But, I’m called out.)

    Teller: *now on drive through speaker* “Ms. [My Name], I already told you that you can’t do this.”

    Me: “I guess I just don’t understand. You just gave me the cash. All you have to do is put it in my account.”

    Teller: “I really can’t do that.”

    Me: “Well, hang on a minute. I can’t do that here… but doesn’t that mean I can just take this exact same handful of cash you gave me to the downtown branch and deposit it there?”

    Teller: *speechless*

    Me: “I’ll take that as a yes. Thanks!”

    (And of course, the downtown branch had no issues.)

    Someone Should Have Studied More

    | CA, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, School

    (I’m on a well-known PC company’s website trying to decide if I want to replace my laptop with their tablet or a third party one with the same operating system. I see an online chat button and click it.)

    Rep: “Hi. Thank you for visiting [Company] Website! My name is [Rep]. How may I help you?”

    Me: “Hi! I just had a few questions. I need a tablet for university and I’ve been thinking about the [Company-Specific tablet], but I’m not sure if that’s the best one for me. I’m wondering if one of the other [same OS] tablets would be a better choice, since I’m kinda on a student’s budget.”

    Rep: “I see. I’ll be happy to answer that question for you. Before we proceed, may I please have your first and last name, and your email address?”

    Me: “[My Name] and my email is [email]”

    (We have a very brief chat where the rep is thrown off by my need to run a somewhat obscure software program, so they tell me to call tech support directly.)

    Me: “Thank you very much. I just have one more question. When I was browsing the [Company] site a few days back, I saw student discounts were offered. I can’t find it again. Is there a direct link, or did I just miss out on a limited time thing?”

    Rep: “Are you a student?”

    Toying With His Gender Issues

    | Brisbane, QLD, Australia | Employees, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (I’m taking my six-year-old nephew to a popular family restaurant that sells kid’s meals with toys. We get there and he starts going on a rant about how he has to have a boy’s toy because last time he got a girl’s toy and he’s a boy. The whole restaurant can hear him and just think it’s cute.)

    Me: *to cashier* “As you might be able to tell he’d like a kid’s meal with a boy’s toy.”

    Cashier: “It’s okay. I understand the struggle.”

    (I order the rest of the meal and my nephew keeps ranting.)

    Cashier: “Oh, can’t I just give him a girl’s toy… Just to screw with his brain?”

    Bet Your Bottle Dollar I Won’t Come Back

    | CA, USA | Employees, Money

    (A major grocery chain’s store near my house has recently changed owners. A customer notices the store’s ads say that Gatorade is $0.67, so she gets a bottle and takes it to the cash register.)

    Customer: “Why is this $1.72? The ad says it’s $0.67.”

    Cashier: “The bottle costs $1.05.”

    (Between this and the fact that they didn’t have enough cashiers and I had to stand in line for a long time, I don’t think I’m going back there anytime soon.)

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