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    Category: Family & Kids

    Grandma Will Understand

    | CA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Family & Kids, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My father calls me at work, which he never does, to tell me my grandmother is dying and could go at any time. After time to compose myself, I go to warn my boss I would need bereavement leave some time soon and I would tell him as soon as I had word.)

    Boss: “I hope she doesn’t die the first week in December. We’re going to be really busy the first week in December.”

    (Thanks for the support, boss!)

    Sandwiched Between A Manager And A Hard Place

    , | OH, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Family & Kids, Health & Body

    (My brother frequents the store that I work at because he enjoys visiting me. Due to this, one manager has come to like him so much that she memorizes his order and has done her best to see to it that everyone else knows it as well. This happens when she is on vacation and another manager is on duty.)

    Mom: *drives into the drive-thru*

    Manager: “Welcome to [Store]. How may I help you?”

    Mom: “I would like [Sandwich] and um, a [Sandwich] the way [Brother] likes it.”

    Manager: “And what is that?”

    (At this point, I am scrambling to go and tell the manager what it is since I am to assist him with taking orders, however, he shoves me aside.)

    Manager: “Ma’am, you are the parent. You should know how to make [Brother]’s sandwich!”


    Manager: *rings this in* “Your total is [amount].”

    (When my mom pulls up to the window, my manager proceeds to chew her out because of her order. After she pulls away.)

    Manager: “Is that the only reason why your mom comes here only when you’re working, [My Name]? Pathetic!”

    Me: “[Manager], that is not the whole case—”

    Manager: “—and what is [Brother] now? Didn’t you say he is 18? He should learn to speak up!”

    Me: “That isn’t the problem!”

    Manager: “Then what is it?”

    Me: “[Brother] is autistic. He has problems speaking up! Especially to his parents! And my mom comes in to keep me company!”

    Manager: “He should still learn to speak up!”

    (The next day, I learned that my coworker who was on the grill reported this to the General Manager. She came to me and told me that my mom could come in and order just like that again, despite what that last manager said. That manager now refuses to serve my family when they come through the drive-thru.)

    Not Making A Clean Break

    | Kansas City, KS, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Family & Kids

    (The church is having its annual vacation bible school event. All week, the kids between the ages of 8 and 11 have made a complete mess of the church, not only leaving trash and dirt everywhere, but also destroying church property. A good two hours of my shift every day has been spent fixing the things they break, often repeatedly. Up to the second to last day, however, they have only been at the church during the day. That night, the activity director stops me in the hall.)

    Activities Director: “[My Name], we have parents coming in tomorrow morning, so you need to make sure the daycare is extra clean — especially the bathrooms and the halls.”

    Me: “Okay, not a problem. What time will the kids be clearing out of the gym so I can get started?”

    (Note that I can’t reasonably get started on the bathrooms or the halls until the kids are out of the way, because I would have to go back and redo everything within minutes, because the kids seemed to just radiate messes wherever they went.)

    Activities Director: “Oh, they’re going to be down here all evening. They’re just going over to dinner, so they’ll be gone for about 45 minutes, and then for a couple hours starting at seven.”

    Me: “Wait, they’ll be coming back after that?”

    Activities Director: “Yep.”

    Me: “…My shift ends at eight. If they’re back down here after that, there’s nothing I can do if they make a mess again.”

    Activities Director: *cheerfully as she walks away* “You can do it!”

    (Never mind the fact that I couldn’t get two completely trashed bathrooms and the entire hall done in an hour; I knew they weren’t going to stay clean after I left. But I did as I was told and got everything cleaned up pretty well for the next morning. As I was leaving after clocking out, I saw the kids going back through the daycare to the gym — an hour earlier than I’d been told — leaving a mess of food crumbs, dirt, wrappers, and gum behind them. I got chewed out by the activities director the next morning for not doing my job. Apparently, the place is supposed to magically stay clean for several hours after I clean it or something, and I somehow failed to make sure that happened.)


    | USA | Awesome Workers, Family & Kids, Top

    (I am attending a home and garden show at the state fairgrounds. The complex is huge and has multiple buildings with multiple events going on, all with different admission fees. I am on my way back to my car when my young daughter informs me she is about to have a bathroom emergency. I take her to the nearest building.)

    Security Guard: “Hello! You guys got your tickets?”

    Me: “Actually, I don’t. We were just hoping to pop in and use the restroom.”

    Guard: “I’m sorry, I’ve been specifically told not to allow that because people sneak in.”

    (He then looks down and sees my daughter in visible discomfort.)

    Guard: “Um, I just got a call on the radio that there might be a dragon in the building, so I am going to have to look over in this direction for a while. When I turn my back, whatever you do, DON’T open these doors. DO NOT go down this hallway approximately 20 yards, and under no circumstances use the employee restroom because it’s cleaner, and there is no line.”

    (He then winks, opens the door, and turns his back. We hurry in and use the potty. On the way out, I see the guard.)

    Me: “Thanks so much! Have you tracked down the ‘dragon’?”

    Guard: “Funniest thing, turned out to be a light fixture, not a dragon at all, so there’s no danger. Have a great evening, ladies.”

    (Mr. Security Guard, if you are reading this, thank you! You are a lifesaver!)

    The Mother Of All Misunderstandings

    | Temple, TX, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Health & Body

    (My little brother was an ‘oops’ baby, born when my mother was 40. I am 14 at the time and teen pregnancy is very common in my town. I decided to go with my mom to the baby’s two-week appointment.)

    Nurse #1: “I need to fill out some paperwork. The computers are down. Name of the mother?”

    Mom And Me: “[Mom].”

    Nurse #1: “Age of the mother?”

    Mom: “40.”

    Nurse #1: “No, the age of the baby’s mother.”

    Mom And Me: “40!”

    (Nurse #1 leaves and Nurse #2 comes in.)

    Nurse #2: *to me* “So, how’d your labor go?”

    Me: “Really well, seeing as it was a C-section on her!” *points to my mom*

    Nurse #2: “Oh.”

    (Nurse #2 leaves and Nurse #3 comes in to give the baby his vaccinations.)

    Nurse #3: “Okay, mom and grandma stand on the other side of the table while I give these shots.”

    Mom And Me: “Mom and SISTER!”

    (I’m now 26 and I still get accused of being his mom! And I can’t tell you how many dirty looks I got in the mall!)

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