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    Still Has A Movie’s Happy Ending

    | Harrington, DE, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Family & Kids, Movies & TV

    (I’m about 10 years old. Every Friday my dad and I have a movie night. He’s dropped me off at the rental store so I can pick out movies I like while he goes and orders the pizza. As I walk in, there’s a teenage employee putting videos into boxes.)

    Me: “What’re you doing?”

    Employee: “We’re closing down. [Competitor]‘s running us out of business.”

    Me: “What? That’s not fair. [Competitor] is full of jerks.”

    Employee: “I know, sweetie.”

    (The employee stops and stares at me for a moment as if trying to remember who I am, then gestures to the videos with her head.)

    Employee: “Tell you what. I see you and your dad in here all the time. How about you go pick out some movies and you can keep them? Since we’re closing down, we’d just end up giving them away, anyway.”

    Me: “Are you sure?”

    Employee: “Yep!”

    (To that nice girl, thanks! Although the tradition has ended, I still often watch some of the movies I had chosen to take home, and they’re always on my list of things to bring when I visit my dad.)

    Leave Your Baggage At Home

    | USA | Crazy Requests, Employees, Family & Kids, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My sister is going grocery shopping with her husband and their two-year-old son. My sister is 24, but she looks like a teenager.)

    Store Employee: “Excuse me, but you can’t have your bag in here. You’ll have to leave it in the manager’s office.”

    Sister: “Um, well, I have my computer in my bag, and I don’t know the manager. I’m not going to just leave my stuff with some person I don’t know.”

    Store Employee: “Well, you can take out your computer; you just can’t have your bag in here.”

    Sister: “…Okay, then.”

    (She proceeds to empty the entire contents of the bag, including each diaper separately, and then hands over the empty bag.)

    Store Employee: “Uh… that’s okay. You can keep your bag this time.”

    Sister: “Yeah, I thought so.”

    (At this point, the manager, who had been watching, runs over to apologize.)

    Manager: “I’m sorry. I thought you guys were kids.”

    Sister’s Husband: “Uh, we have our two-year-old son, like, right here…”

    Playing The Name Game

    | MA, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (It’s a Sunday, and my best friend and I are going to the movies along with his little sister. However, the theater has closed early and we instead decide to go to a restaurant nearby. We order some appetizers and are just chatting. My friend works at a grocery store and still has his polo and nametag on. He’s not one of the sharpest knives in the drawer but he’s a really good person. We notice one of the bus girls approach us.)

    Worker: “Hi. You’re [Friend], right?”

    Friend: “Yeah, how’d you know that?”

    Worker: “My name is [Worker]. Don’t you remember me?”

    Friend: “Uh…” *pulls the ‘oh, yeah’ face* “I think I actually do! How you been?”

    Worker: “I’m lying. We’ve never met before.”

    (At this point his sister and I laugh hysterically.)

    Me: “You get a high five for that!”

    Sister: “Can I shake your hand?”

    Worker: “I’m sorry. You had your nametag on and I just couldn’t resist.”

    (My friend has a really good sense of humor and appreciates a good joke. As we’re leaving, we tip the waitress and he gives an extra tip to the bus girl as well.)

    Radio Inactive, Part 2

    | Detroit, MI, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Health & Body

    (I’m at the hospital about to have major surgery to correct a birth defect. I’ve been getting x-rays quite a bit over the previous few months and am asked the same questions every time.)

    Tech: “Is there any chance that you could be pregnant?”

    Me: “No. Look, I realize you have to ask but I’m 13 years old and have my mother sitting right next to me. If there was a chance, do you REALLY think I would tell the truth?”

    Tech: “…”

    Mom: *almost falling over laughing*

    Radio Inactive

    Putting The Relation Into Relationship, Part 5

    | London, England, UK | Employees, Family & Kids, Rude & Risque, Themed Giveaway

    (I am at my dentist of 10 years having a crown put in. Since the dentist is quite far from home my sister drives me and sits in the waiting room whilst I’m having my crown put in. This conversation happens with the dentist’s assistant.)

    Assistant: “So, is that your girlfriend outside waiting for you?”

    Me: “No, that’s my sister…”

    Assistant: “Oh… you look good together. You should date!”

    (Neither of us could make eye contact with the assistant after that.)

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