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    Category: Geeks Rule


    | Austin, TX, USA | Coworkers, Geeks Rule, Movies & TV

    (I work in the appliances department of a well-known home improvement store. The following conversation happens between my supervisor, my coworker, and me.)

    Supervisor: “I’ve read a few of the books but there was just too much stabbing in the back for me.”

    Me: “And I don’t think there was that much sex in the books. At least, that’s what I hear.”

    Coworker #1: “Well, it’s an HBO show. And because they can, they’ll add all that unnecessary stuff in there.”

    Me: “True. Still, the whole brother-sister thing?” *shivers* “I can’t stand it.” *notices Coworker #2 walking by* “Hey, [Coworker #2].”

    Coworker #2: “’Sup.”

    Supervisor: *ignores the greetings* “Yeah… incest is a big no for me. That’s usually where I draw the line.”

    Coworker #2: *stops and turns around with a look of horror on his face* “What… are you—”

    Supervisor: “Oh, Game of Thrones, man! Game of Thrones!” *laughs awkwardly*

    Coworker #2: “Oh.” *relaxes* “Okay.” *continues walking*

    Me: “Isn’t it funny how people will just accept whatever weird topic you’re talking about once you say it’s related to Game of Thrones?”

    Coworker #1: “Shows you how screwed up that show is.”

    The Finest Shoes On Diagon Alley

    | Germany | Employees, Geeks Rule

    (After putting buying new running shoes off for a while, because I’m still kind of embarrassed during the whole treadmill procedure, I finally get over myself and go shopping.)

    Employee: *presenting a shoe to me* “So this is a very good shoe. It’s called Nimbus 16…”

    Me: “Nimbus? Like the broomstick, Nimbus 2000?”

    Employee: “Haha, yeah, indeed. But this is only 16; however, you’ll be just as fast as Harry, I bet!”

    (After deciding this shoe was indeed the best, I am paying at the counter.)

    Employee: “Would you like a bag for this?”

    Me: “Yes, please. I don’t think I can fit a shoe box in my handbag.”

    Employee: “Well, not unless it’s one of those magical ones, like Hermione’s.”

    (Thank you awesome employee!)

    The Fellowship Of The Night Shift

    | MI, USA | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Geeks Rule, Movies & TV, Musical Mayhem

    (Somehow on a late night shift all the nerds are working together and we have no customers. I’ve just shown a popular ‘Lord Of The Rings’ fan-vid to my coworkers on my break. A coworker walks past my department pushing the empty box cart.)

    Coworker #1: “Hop on and tell me what you see.”

    Me: *immediately jumps on cart and yells* “THEY’RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD! ISENGARD!”

    Coworker #2: *without missing a beat* “What did you say?”


    (The manager rushes out of the office.)


    (We ran around the entire store doing that until we closed.)

    The Tune Is Granted Extra Lives

    | Raleigh, NC, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers, Geeks Rule, Musical Mayhem, Theme Of The Month

    (Most of my coworkers, including myself, are fairly geeky. Coworker #1 is usually singing or humming songs from games and movies, getting them stuck in everyone else’s head. I’m in the office doing paperwork, and I’ve got the Super Mario theme song stuck in my head. I then hear clicking in the prep kitchen, and I realize it’s the beat to the same song.)

    Me: “[Coworker #2], how did you know I had that stuck in my head?”

    Coworker #2: “I didn’t. [Coworker #1] was humming it yesterday.”

    Me: “D***! [Coworker #1] can get a song stuck in our head when he isn’t even here!”

    Living In A Police Box State

    | AZ, USA | Coworkers, Extra Stupid, Geeks Rule

    (Where I work, we are required to wear badges to get in the building and identify ourselves. The lanyards do not have to be from the company. I have recently bought a Doctor Who inspired lanyard with the words ‘Police Box’ printed all over it. This happens when we get a new administrator.)

    Admin: “What is that?” *points to my lanyard*

    Me: “Oh, it’s my Doctor Who lanyard. The Doctor flies around time and space in the TARDIS, which is disguised as a police box.”

    Admin: “Well, you can’t wear that anymore.”

    Me: “Why not? ”

    Admin: *sighs* “Because it says ‘POLICE’ on it. People might mistake you for an officer! I won’t have the company name soiled because you got arrested for impersonating a police officer!”

    (I continued to wear the lanyard anyway. I guess when you’re hardly on the floor of a call center with 200 employees, you tend to forget little things like criminal activity!)

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