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    Not Being A Cry-Baby

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My sister is 26, but looks much younger, and is pregnant and quickly approaching her due date. She’s married, but her husband travels a lot for work, is away, and won’t be home until the week before the baby is due. In light of this, I’ve been staying with her so she’s not on her own. A few days before her husband is due home she begins experiencing extreme pain, and I drive her to the emergency room.)

    Nurse #1: “Take a seat. Someone will be with you soon.”

    (We sit, and after a few minutes, my sister is in tears, and worried for the baby. I go and update the nurse on her condition, only to be dismissed.)

    Nurse #1: “She’s fine. We’ll get to you when we can.”

    Me: “I understand you’re busy, but my sister is really worried about the baby. Is there any chance it could be in danger? Could we please have someone come and examine her?”

    Nurse #1: “I’m a nurse. I know what I’m talking about. Go and sit down.”

    (I go, and after another half hour, go and speak to the nurse again.)

    Nurse #1: “Sit down. Someone will see you when they can. I know you two are used to getting whatever you want, but this is the emergency room. Unless it’s an emergency, you don’t get special treatment.”

    (I’m pretty furious at this point, but I hear my sister cry out in pain, so rush back to her side while the nurse rolls her eyes. An hour later, another nurse enters the emergency room, and sees my sister.)

    Nurse #2: “Oh, my god, has this girl been seen yet?”

    Nurse #1: “I haven’t had time to put her paperwork through, I’m sure she’s fine.”

    Me: “We’ve been here for an hour and a half. Please! Something could be wrong with the baby.”

    Nurse #2: “She’s been here for an hour and a half and you still don’t have her paperwork done? It takes five minutes, max! Come on, sweetie, let’s get you looked at.”

    (Nurse #2 and I help my sister to her feet, and help her move out of the emergency room, while Nurse #1 follows still insisting my sister is fine.)

    Nurse #2: “She’s just some uppity teenager who’s too dumb not to get pregnant. Now she’s using her stupid mistakes to make herself the centre of attention.”

    Me: “Not that it matters, but she’s 26! You would know that if you had actually looked at the paperwork you made us fill out!”

    Taking Charge Of The Situation

    | AL, USA | Bosses & Owners, Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Money

    (At the beginning of summer, my husband and I join a gym which has a chain around the country. It is supposed to be $30 a month for both of us. In November, I notice they have charged us an additional $80. I do banking online and it happened on a Friday, but I caught it on Sunday. I call them a few hours before closing.)

    Worker: “Thanks for calling [Gym].”

    Me: “Hi. I saw a charge from you guys for $80. I need that removed. I never authorized that and don’t know what it’s for.”

    Worker: “That was probably an equipment maintenance fee. They usually come out towards the end of the year.”

    Me: “Um, no one ever told us about that. We were only supposed to be $15 a month per person, plus the $50 sign-up fee per person.”

    Worker: “Well, it’s on all the contracts. Our computers are down right now. Can someone call you back when they come up?”

    Me: “Fine. My number is [number].”

    (Come Monday evening, I still have not heard back, so I call again.)

    Worker #2: “Thanks for calling [Gym].”

    Me: “Hi, there was an unauthorized charge of $80 on my account that no one told me about. It needs to be removed.”

    (He then looks up my account and tells me some crap about because their monthly fees are so low, they charge this supplemental fee to ‘lock in’ our cheaper rate, because they have more expensive packages that include tanning that I’m not on. And furthermore it’s a totally legitimate charge, even though no one told us about it. He gives me the phone number for ‘billing’. I call it and sit on hold for 11 minutes, and then the line disconnects. I call again and hit the number for voicemail, which then immediately disconnects. I call the gym back.)

    Me: “Hey, I just spoke with you a little while ago. That number for billing doesn’t work, so I need you to get a manager or something to take the charge off.”

    Worker #2: “One won’t be in until tomorrow at 10.”

    Me: “Fine, I’ll call again then.”

    (The next day, my husband goes there himself at 10. I’m not with him because I’m at work. He explains the situation to the manager.)

    Manager: “Funny how all new customers seem to ‘conveniently’ forget about that charge! I’ve got a business to run here; I can’t just give out money! What have you even been DOING? You have to walk through that door for this thing to work! Best I can do is give you a free consultation with a trainer.”

    Husband: “You were supposed to do that anyway months ago when we signed up and that never happened.”

    Manager: “Well, that’s all you’ll get.”

    (My husband then leaves and calls me to tell me what happened and to ask if I want to take that offer. I immediately call the gym and inform them that I need to cancel both of our memberships immediately. They say I have to physically go down there to do that. We both show up after I get off work. I notice they have a whiteboard which says they’re under new management. We speak to a different worker we’ve never talked to before.)

    Me: “We need to cancel both of our memberships.”

    Worker #3: “Oh, no. Can I ask why?”

    Me: “Because you charged us $80 without telling us about it and refuse to remove it.”

    Worker #3: “Can I get my manager?”

    Me: “No, my husband tried earlier today and was insulted! All we need to do is cancel our memberships.”

    Worker #3: “When did you join?”

    Me: “Beginning of summer sometime.”

    Worker #3: “Hmm, yes. That charge usually comes out about three months after members join. I’m surprised no one told you about it. Do you remember you signed you up?”

    Me: “Yup, that guy.” *points to the guy standing right next to her helping someone else*

    (We then filled out paperwork agreeing to cancel our contracts and are told that we will be charged for one more month because they have a 30-day cancellation notice. We argued back and forth because the paperwork said we were subject to a cancellation fee, even though we were told at sign-up that there was none, and this worker concurred there isn’t one. They were evicted by the landlord one month later and were still charging people. Turned out this same gym had done the same thing in this town about 10 years earlier.)

    Will Never Claim Ignorance

    | San Antonio, TX, USA | Coworkers, Employees, Health & Body

    (My daughter has had an insurance claim denied due to pre-existing conditions. She had an allergic reaction to a routine vaccination she had the previous day. I work as a claims processor for the company we have our insurance through. I even process employee claims on occasion, and I know all the rules and regulations for pre-existing conditions as they apply to our insurance plan. I call the company to find out why they denied this claim.)

    Me: “Hi. I’m calling to find out why you denied my daughter’s claim.”

    Customer Service Rep: “Okay. It looks like it was denied for being a pre-existing condition.”

    Me: “Yes, I know it was denied as a pre-existing condition. I’m trying to figure out why it’s a pre-existing condition. You see, I also work for this company and process claims like this on a daily basis. I know that there are certain CPT codes that are supposed to be looked at for pre-existing conditions. I also know that before a claim is denied for being pre-existing, the processor is supposed to research through the member’s history to see if there are any related claims that have been denied or paid or have documentation attached to prevent denial. I also know that if the processor had done their job correctly, that they would have seen a routine doctor’s visit the day before and would have made the connection between the vaccination and the allergic reaction. Plus, I also know that allergic reactions are not considered pre-existing when there are no other claims in the member’s history for a similar reaction. And now, the most important point: according to California law, pre-existing conditions can only apply for the first six months a member has a plan with a health insurance company. I have been employed by this company, with full benefits, for over a year and a half. There is absolutely no reason that this claim should have been denied.”

    (There is extended silence.)

    Customer Service Rep: “Oh. Okay, we’ll get that fixed and paid as soon as possible!”

    (The claim was paid and I never had a problem with the company denying any claims for pre-existing conditions again!)

    Radio Inactive, Part 2

    | Detroit, MI, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Health & Body

    (I’m at the hospital about to have major surgery to correct a birth defect. I’ve been getting x-rays quite a bit over the previous few months and am asked the same questions every time.)

    Tech: “Is there any chance that you could be pregnant?”

    Me: “No. Look, I realize you have to ask but I’m 13 years old and have my mother sitting right next to me. If there was a chance, do you REALLY think I would tell the truth?”

    Tech: “…”

    Mom: *almost falling over laughing*

    Radio Inactive

    Sure Beats Going Spinning

    | Bremerton, WA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Health & Body, Rude & Risque, Themed Giveaway

    (One of my male coworkers has recently found out that his wife is pregnant. A female coworker and I [also female] are discussing it with him.)

    Me: “Oh, yeah, and make sure she does her kegels.”

    Coworker #1: “What’s a kegel?”

    Coworker #2: “It’s exercises for her hoo-hah.”

    Coworker #1: “What?! That exists?”

    Me: “If she wants any kind of real bladder control after the baby, she’ll wanna do them.”

    Coworker #2: “The hospital will show her how.”

    Coworker #1: *looking more and more distressed* “They’ll SHOW her?!”

    Coworker #2: “Uh, they’ll explain it to her.”

    Me: *snorts* “Yeah, they’ll demonstrate for her. ‘Just do it like this, ma’am!’” *I paste on a creepy grin, stare Coworker #1 dead in the eye, and don’t move* “See? I just did, like, 18 in a row.”

    Coworker #2: “Basically.”

    Me: “Basically.”

    Coworker #1: “Oh, my god. I need brain bleach.”

    Boss: *from outside* “WHO BROKE [COWORKER #1]?!”

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