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    At The Height Of Rush Hour

    | CT, USA | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Health & Body

    (I’m working at the front doors. There are a lot of people coming in and out, and I’m directing traffic as best as I can, but it’s a Friday night so there are a lot of people. Also note that I’m 4’11” / 1.49 meters. This happens over the walkie-talkie.)

    Manager #1: “We need someone at the front doors at all times!”

    Manager #2: “[My Name] should be there. You probably can’t see her because she’s so small!”

    Have Other Duties To Perform

    | Ottawa, ON, Canada | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners, Health & Body

    (It’s late in the evening and I’m the only cashier supervisor in the building. Therefore when I go for break I keep my wireless phone with me in case anyone in the store needs me. I am in the bathroom and it rings. I see the store manager’s office on the call display so I decide I better answer it.)

    Me: “Hi, it’s [My Name].”

    Manager: “Hey, can you meet me in my office? I want to talk to you about one of your cashiers.’

    Me: “Sure, give me five minutes. I’m just tied up with something right now.”

    (I lean a little too far forward and the auto-flush goes off. Naturally the phone picks up the sound.)

    Manager: “When you say ‘tied up with something’…”

    Me: “I guess you could say that I’m taking care of business.”

    Just Realised How That Sounded

    | WI, USA | Bosses & Owners, Health & Body, Technology

    (I was mute for three years due to functional dysphonia. Because most of my employment history was as an agent in various call centers, it was tough finding a job during that time. Fortunately, I was able to land a job as a QA specialist at a call center which required only listening and typing, not talking. At one point the building maintenance guys are doing something to the wiring in our building, and the phone at my desk, which shouldn’t have even been connected, starts ringing.)

    Me: *instant-messaging a manager* “My phone rang!”

    Manager: “It can’t ring. Yours isn’t even connected.”

    Me: “But it’s ringing!”

    Manager: “So answer it.”

    Me: “How?”

    Manager: “What do you mean ‘how’? Just pick up the phone and t— Never mind.”

    Literally Life & Death

    | Dublin, Ireland | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body

    Boss: “I need everyone to stay late tonight to get these programs written by Friday.”

    Me: “We’ve pretty much finished them already. I can stay late tomorrow but tonight I have to go to my other job.”

    Boss: “This work needs to be done by the end of the week. What’s the worst that’ll happen if you don’t get to your other job?”

    Me: “My other job is in suicide prevention…”

    Has A Thick Skin About It

    | USA | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My aunt just got diagnosed with skin cancer. I go once or twice a week to tan, so I decide to cancel my subscription. The sales associate is very ‘baked.’)

    Sales Associate: “Hi, welcome to [Store]. How may I help you?”

    Me: “Hi. Yeah, I actually need to cancel my subscription here.”

    Sales Associate: “Oh, that’s too bad! Do you mind if I ask why?”

    Me: “Well, my aunt just got diagnosed with skin cancer, and it was sort of a wake up call…”

    Sales Associate: “Really? That happened to me, too! My mom has skin cancer.”

    Me: “…and you still work and tan here?”

    Sales Associate: “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

    Me: “…”

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