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    Giving Customer Service A Bad Name, Part 2

    | Montreal, QC, Canada | Bigotry, Employees

    (I work in human resources. I have to call our insurer because one of the employees needs a letter stating that she holds an insurance policy. The coworker in question is a lesbian; everyone at work knows and has had zero problems with it.)

    Call Center Agent: “[Coworker’s name]… what a weird name for a man!”

    Me: “That’s because she’s a female, sir.”

    Call Center Agent: “But I see here on her file that is says ‘Spouse: [her long-term girlfriend’s name]’. That’s a female name, too!”

    Me: “Yes, sir. They are both female.”

    Call Center Agent: “But it says the spouse is female! So, there must be a mistake. I’ll change the gender on file right away.”

    Me: “Sir, you work in insurance. So, you are aware that same-sex couples are entitled common-law benefits since 1999, and are allowed to get married since 2004. Now could you please send HER the letter at [address]?”

    Call Center Agent: “Sure thing! I’ll send the letter to Mr. [name].”

    Me: *dies a little inside*

    Giving Customer Service A Bad Name

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