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    Praying For Some Common Sense

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Bosses & Owners, Religion

    (I work for a market research company, where we called people and conduct surveys about various products, business concerns, or political issues. I have been promoted from dialing surveys to training supervisor, where I train new hires how to use our computer system to correctly conduct surveys. I am giving my introductory spiel about the company.)

    Me: “We here at [Company] are a very diverse company, welcoming people from all races, backgrounds, countries, faiths, sexual preferences, etcetera. It is important for you to know that you are supported here. I am aware that people of Islamic faith may need special prayer time that falls outside the prescribed 15 minute break and may also prefer privacy for this. Please don’t hesitate to approach your supervisor and let them know you need to pray. We have an equipment room in the back with enough room for you to pray as you need. I’ll show you when we tour the main office and dialing floor. If for some reason your supervisor does not authorize you to go pray, please come find me on the floor or in the training room and I will make sure you are excused so you may go pray. We don’t want anyone to feel discriminated against for any reason.”

    (Everything seems fine until several days later, when the operations manager, floor manager, and main office manager call me into a meeting.)

    Main Manager: “The reason we asked you in here today, [My Name], is because we’ve received a very disturbing report about you.”

    Me: “What?! What disturbing report?”

    Main Manager: “One of your trainees said you were calling unfair attention to Muslim people and felt it was discriminatory.”

    Ops Manager: “I didn’t want to believe that about you but then I sat in on your orientation and you talked about Muslims and prayer time.”

    Main Manager: “Yes. We have you on tape saying those things, so unfortunately we’re going to have to fire you.”

    Me: “Fire me?! For WHAT?”

    Main Manager: “Racism.”

    Me: “What?!”

    Main Manager: “Yes. The trainee felt you were deliberately pointing out who the Muslim students were and felt very uncomfortable about it and felt it was racist of you to do so. We have agreed with them. Please sign this dismissal agreement.”

    (Pushes a dismissal paper towards me where I’m to acknowledge by signing that I’m being fired and why and that I would not be allowed to collect any unemployment benefits because of this. I’m so floored by all of this that I mutely sign, as it’s clear they won’t listen to me. Then they try to hurriedly hush me up and shove me out of the office. They allow me to get my things from my locker but I am forbidden to talk to anyone on my way out. I manage to tell one fellow trainer before I’m shut up and she’s shocked and dumbfounded as well, but they stop me again and make sure I get my things and leave the office. I’m left in the hallway by the elevator, just me and the Ops Manager.)

    Ops Manager: “I’m sorry it happened this way. You were really very good and I know your trainees and coworkers really liked you. I did, too. If you need a reference letter, I’ll be glad to write you a good one.”

    Me: *crying* “N-No, that’s o-o-okay. I just—”

    (The elevator arrives.)

    Ops Manager: “I’m sorry about this. You take care, okay? *pointedly waits for me to get into the elevator*

    (I was so confused and traumatised by this, having worked for this company for six years and caused little trouble, that I didn’t pursue the issue legally in any way. I also didn’t take the Ops Manager up on his offer of a referral letter, considering what he just participated in against me. I DID make my case to the Unemployment Agency and they saw fit to authorize me to draw unemployment until I could get a new job.)

    Snatched From The Jaws Of Death

    , | Battle Creek, MI, USA | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Top

    (I have a very severe jaw infection. It has spread from my lower jaw to my upper jaw and down my throat. I can’t eat or sleep and I’ve scheduled an appointment with my dentist for over a week from now. A few days later, it’s become an emergency, so I call again.)

    Receptionist: “How can I help you?”

    Me: “Hi. This is [My Name] again. I have an appointment scheduled for next Wednesday, but it’s become an emergency. Do you have emergency openings or a cancellation or some way I can get in today?”

    Receptionist: “We’ll call you back after we look at the schedule.” *click*

    (Two hours go by. My pain has intensified and I’m crying from it. I decide to call again.)

    Me: “Hi, it’s [My Name] again. You said you’d call back and no one ever did. I can’t swallow at this point and it’s getting dangerous. Are you going to be able to get me in today or not?”

    Receptionist: “The doctor isn’t even in today. And the hygienist says she won’t prescribe you any pain medication because she thinks you’re just looking for drugs. Anyway, you have an appointment scheduled for next week. You’re not our top priority. Just wait until then.”

    Me: “You do know that a jaw infection can reach the brain and cause damage? And you know that it can cause blood poisoning, right?”

    Receptionist: “Well, we’re not going out of our way for you when you already have a scheduled appointment.” *click*

    (In a panic, I find another dentist office and walk in. I ask to see the dentist. They get me an x-ray, do an oral exam, get me a prescription for pain medication, and an appointment with an oral surgeon to remove the problem tooth. They said the infection was so bad, had it reached my blood stream, I could have died. They even go out of their way to make sure any medication I take is safe for breastfeeding my infant. About an hour after this appointment, I am happily on pain killers and the first dentist office calls back.)

    Receptionist: “Hi. We had a cancellation and can get you in on Monday. That’s the best we can do.”

    Me: “Just cancel my appointment. And all further appointments. I found a dentist that cares. They took better care of me than the office I’ve been going to for 20 years and potentially saved my life. While you’re cancelling those appointments, go ahead and transfer all of my records. We’re done here.” *click*

    Let The Bodies Hit The Door

    | FL, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    (I work for a funeral home and picking up a deceased person at a nursing home. I pull around to the back door since most prefer we go in and out the back. The front and back entrances to this place are just opposite each other. No matter which you use, it’s the same lobby.)

    Employee: “You have to use the front entrance. Pull around to the front.”

    Me: “Are you sure? I am picking up an expired person and most places prefer we use the back.”

    Employee: “No…  Yes. You have to pull around.”

    (I move the van to the front entrance and re-enter.)

    Employee: “Oh… you can’t come in this way. You have to pull around the back.”

    Me: “I did that, ma’am. You told me to come this way.”

    Employee: “No, I didn’t. Anyway you have to pull around the back to the white gate.”

    Me: “Okay.”

    (I go out and moves the van back to the rear, and find the white gate. I am there for fifteen minutes trying to get in.)

    Me: *seeing a staff member* “Sir, can you let me in, please?”

    Staff Member: “What in the world are you doing here? You should come in the back.”

    (I explains the situation and the guy lets me in and leads me to the apartment I need, with much thanks from me. I arrive at apartment to find everything wrong that could be. The patient is 350 pounds and is laying on his bedroom floor.)

    Police Officer: “Are you here alone? We told that girl at the front desk that you guys would need a team for this one.”

    (This is normally a two man situation, but I have some experience and can handle it… so I do. Paperwork, body on gurney, and ready to go. The same employee from the front desk shows up.)

    Employee: “Why did you park by the white gate? You have to go out [random side door]!”

    (I move my van to the side door and get out of there. It took all my willpower to just leave with only the one body.)

    Don’t Dish Out What You Can’t Take

    | Australia | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Language & Words, Top

    (I have been asked to come in and work a shift as waitstaff due to another staff member’s illness, even though I usually just wash dishes. Things went pretty well and I got a lot of positive feedback from the other staff, despite a few minor hiccups due to inexperience, but at the end of the shift the manager pulls me aside and starts yelling.)

    Manager: “I don’t know what the f*** you thought you were doing out there tonight but you were disgusting! If I ever have to bring you on to wait again I’ll just tell the customers to f*** off. They’ll be less insulted that way. You’re lucky I don’t just fire you after such a s***-show, you useless f***!”

    (This goes on for a good five or so minutes before the head chef gently interrupts, asking the manager to come over to the kitchen to discuss ‘something important.’)

    Chef: *speaking quietly* “Look [Manager], you know I won’t say anything to contest your authority in front of the staff. You’re the guy in charge here. Don’t worry. But if you talk to the waities like that again, especially my dishie, and I hear it, I’ll be carvin’ off your face and selling it as a steak. You hear?”

    (Oddly enough, that manager treated the staff a lot nicer after that, even after he eventually managed to fire the chef!)

    An All Enveloping Problem

    , | CO, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid

    (My father is an attorney, and has hired a new legal secretary. One of the items she has typed up goes to several people at different offices at various addresses. That night my father brings home the envelope and shows it to my mother.)

    Father: “What do you see wrong with this envelope?”

    Mother: “The secretary put all the names and addresses on ONE envelope!”

    Father: “When I questioned her about it, she actually thought the mailman would go to each person’s address and wait for an answer.”

    (She didn’t last much beyond that day.)

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