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    Leaning Towards Choosing Not To Help

    | Canada | Employees, Health & Body, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (We get shipments of product about once a week. They arrive in our store on wooden skids, with all of the boxes wrapped up in plastic. It is the driver’s/delivery guy’s responsibility to unload the boxes off the skid and take the wooden skid away since our small store has nowhere to store them or dispose of them. I am a short woman, working alone, and two skids arrive. I begin unpacking the first skid to speed things up while the driver gets the second one. He returns and simply stands there watching me lifting the heavy boxes off the six-foot high pile.)

    Driver: “Where do you want this second skid? You’re store is really small.”

    Me: “Well, if you help me unload this skid and take the wooden skid away we can put it here.”

    Driver: *after staring at me silently for a moment* “Ya, okay.”

    (We unload the skid together and he gets the second one into place. It is very poorly packed, with all of the heaviest boxes placed on top of the lighter ones, virtually crushing the bottom boxes and resulting in a very pronounced, worrisome lean.)

    Driver: “Okay, here’s the second one. See ya.”

    (Before I could ask where he was going he took off, leaving me alone to unpack the extremely unsafe mountain of boxes and find a place to store the wooden skid. Thanks for the help!)

    Bad Report Rapport

    | Dallas, TX, USA | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Technology

    Coworker: “Hey, [My Name]. Our internal emails are down. I’m letting everyone know and we’ll call when it’s back up.”

    Me: “Okay. No problem. I’ll spread the word.”

    (20 minutes later.)

    Boss: “Have you ran the report I emailed you about?”

    Me: “No. I didn’t receive an email. Didn’t [Coworker] tell you our internal systems are not working?”

    Boss: “He said something about an email problem. But you should have gotten it. So, why haven’t you done the report yet?”

    Me: “…”

    Misunderstanding The Free Market

    | Marseilles, France | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Food & Drink, Top

    (A new restaurant has opened in my city and struggles to get customers. The staff decides to organise a carnival party and hires some of my friends who play Latino music. The owner of the restaurant also wants a dancer to put on a show during the carnival party. My friends pass on to her my phone number. The owner and I agree to meet at the restaurant to discuss the event.)

    Owner: “Nice to meet you! I’m so glad you agreed to meet me in person, before we sealed anything. I was so scared you could have been an ugly dancer! No one likes ugly dancers! And you are so pretty! Anyway, I thought you could dance here next Saturday during the party. I want you to perform four dances and then spend time with the customers just to encourage them to dance. You have to be here at seven pm sharp and you’ll probably leave around two am. Make sure you talk about the party to your friends so they can come here and have a great night.”

    Me: “Okay, that sounds all right to me. So, I charge [price] for such an event.”

    Owner: “Well, the thing is, you see, we are a new restaurant with a little budget. We have very few customers and struggling to make ends meet. All of our budget is going to the professional musicians, because they are really good, and we have no other choice but to pay them. We know that dancers usually do that job because they are passionate. What we can offer in exchange is a lot of advertising. We can put flyers for your company and your dance classes. We will also talk about you on social networks and on our fan-page. Or if you do not want advertising, we can offer you a voucher for a free meal. But obviously, we can’t offer you both as we are on a restrained budget.”

    Me: “Pardon? So you want me to spend five hours at your restaurant on a Saturday night, come with all of my friends, bring my expensive costumes, and put a show for you for either a meal or advertising? And on top of that, you are implying that I’m not as worthy as the musicians, and do not deserve to be paid? Just so you know I haven’t only studied performing arts at university. I also have a degree in marketing, so I do not really need any help when it comes to advertising.”

    Owner: “But we really need your help. You have to understand us. It’s very difficult for us to make ends meet.”

    Me: “I am very sorry, but my policy is to only volunteer for charity. Your restaurant is a business, not a NGO. Currently, I am volunteering with three different organisations on a weekly basis. And actually, for one of these NGO, we are looking for a restaurant that would host us for free, as part of a fundraising. Are you willing to help us for free?”

    Owner: *silent, with a very shocked face*

    (No need to say I never went to that place again.)

    Haven’t Quite Reached The Manager

    | AZ, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I am on a homeless outreach. Part of the work is passing out food, water, and clothing. The other part is to allow the homeless community to talk to us and generally show some humanity, since so often they are ignored by people. Later, during the outreach, a friend and I are taking to an elderly man about his life and beliefs for maybe five minutes. Most of our supplies we were handing out are gone, and Friend #1 and I are empty-handed. All is going well, until the director approaches us, asks the man to excuse us, and pulls us aside.)

    Director: “It’s nice to try and talk to them, but don’t let them talk to you for very long! Some of them are crazy. You have to remember that stuff!”

    (After she stalks off, I turn to my friend.)

    Me: “Didn’t she tell us before we left to remember that everyone is human and not to shy away from conversation?”

    The Dollar Value Of Kindness

    | Myrtle Beach, SC, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Money

    (We are on a vacation. We are leaving a sea-themed restaurant and the exit is through a gift shop. I am getting two toy school buses. I am about 11 years old.)

    Me: “Hi. I’d like to buy these buses.”

    Cashier: “That’ll be [price].”

    (I pull out my wallet, only to find I am a dollar short.)

    Me: “Darn! I only have [dollar short of total].”

    Cashier: “Oh, that’s okay. Just take them both.”

    Me: “But what about the dollar?”

    Cashier: “It’s fine.”

    Me: “Thank you so much!”

    (If you are reading this, then you made my day! And to this day, I still have the buses, and they are my favorites out of my collection of die-cast cars!)

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