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    My Cup Runneth Over With Bad Behavior

    | Oxford, England, UK | At The Checkout, Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners, Food & Drink

    (My professor and I are meeting at my favorite coffee shop for tutorial. At this point, I have studied there at least twice a week all year and the staff all know me and my order by sight, so I am a consistent regular. We walk in and take a table; my professor has, among an armload of things, an empty to-go coffee cup from another shop in the city.)

    Me: *at the counter* “Hello, can I have my usual, please?”

    Manager: “Only if you get THAT out of here!”

    Me: “…I’m sorry?”

    Manager: *points at the empty cup among my professor’s things* “THAT. I WILL NOT HAVE IT IN MY STORE!”

    (Confused and rather mortified, I went back to my professor and sheepishly relayed this message, which she found as odd as I did. I got my order and we finished our tutorial there, the offending cup having been thrown away as the manager continued to give us suspicious looks. It had been my favorite place, but after that I did not go back again.)

    Positive Negative Racism

    | ON, Canada | Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers

    (I am buying an ice cream cake for my father’s birthday, and I hear this funny exchange between two cashiers. Cashier #1 is black.)

    Cashier #1: “I’m thinking of dying my hair, like, all blond.”

    Cashier #2: *jokingly* “NOOOO! You’ll look like a negative!”

    (They both laughed.)

    Unhealthy Set Of Questions

    | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Employees, Geography

    (I am visiting Canada as part of my vacation, which, yes, I am taking solo. I come into Vancouver on the train from the USA. The Customs official asks me fairly normal questions like where I was born and when I’m departing, until…)

    Customs Official: “And what is the purpose of your visit?”

    Me: “Tourism. I’m on vacation.”

    Customs Official: “Do you make a habit of vacationing alone?”

    Me: “Um, yes, I suppose I do. I usually vacation alone once a year or so. I like my ‘me’ time.” *laughs*

    Customs Official: “Well, that’s weird. How do I know you’re not trying to cross the border for free healthcare?”

    Me: “Well, I’m in generally good health, so I don’t think that’s a concern unless something sudden and unexpected comes up. To your direct question, I live all the way on the other side of the US, so I suppose if I were trying to cross the border just for free healthcare, I would most likely fly directly to Toronto or Montreal rather than go all the way across the country first? I’ve already shown you my return train ticket for a few days from now, and I have my return plane reservation to go home a couple days after that, if that helps. Besides, I have insurance with international coverage. I’d probably pay more in Canada than the US with that insurance, but I’m happy to show you my insurance card, too.” *takes out insurance card*

    Customs Official: “Yeah, I guess that makes sense, but it’s just weird that you’re traveling alone. It’s suspicious, you know.”

    Me: “I guess you maybe don’t see a lot of people traveling alone for vacation, but I promise you I’m just on vacation. I met up with friends in other US cities on this trip before I came here, and am now spending a little down time alone to relax and do what I want. Taking a few days alone isn’t for everyone, but I really enjoy it!”

    Customs Official: “I don’t know; you seem awfully suspicious to me.”

    Me: “I know many people don’t vacation solo, but I promise I’m just spending a few days solo to relax.” *light bulb* “Hey, maybe this would help? Ask me what I do.”

    Customs Official: “What? Okay? What is your employment situation?”

    Me: “I’m employed by the U.S. Federal Government. Here is my work ID, official passport, and, if you’ll note, my insurance is through the U.S. Federal Government employee plan. Please don’t scan my official passport; I’m only allowed to use that for work travel.”

    Customs Official: “Well, why didn’t you just SAY that? Welcome to Canada.”

    (The most frustrating Customs experience I’ve ever had. Never knew going to Canada for four days alone was so “suspicious!”)

    Would Be Quicker If Used Carrier Pigeon

    | USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

    (I have ordered a new phone from this company, but when I receive the phone, it is programmed for the wrong carrier, even though I had specified my carrier when purchasing. So, I call their customer service. I have been on hold for 15 minutes.)

    Customer Service: “Hello, how can I assist you today?”

    Me: “Hello, I ordered a phone from you for [Carrier] and received a phone for [Other Carrier] instead. I would like to return this phone and have the correct one sent to me.”

    Customer Service: “Okay, let me pull up your order.” *clicking* “All right, I see here that you ordered [Phone] on the special $99 offer if you signed a two-year contract, and you need to return it? What is wrong with it?”

    Me: “I just need to exchange it; you sent me a phone for [Other Carrier] when I specified that I needed [Carrier].”

    Customer Service: “We cannot accept exchanges unless the phone is damaged and you have a care plan for it. How is the phone damaged?”

    Me: “It’s not damaged; you sent me the wrong product, and I would like the phone that is programmed for [Carrier].”

    Customer Service: “Oh, okay, well there is a way to connect your phone to [Carrier]. Let me walk you through it.”

    (Proceeds to have me try to reprogram the phone myself; this takes about 45 minutes.)

    Me: “It’s telling me that I can only connect to [Other Carrier] network and not the one I need. Can you please just send me another phone and I can return this one?”

    Customer Service: “Let me talk to my supervisor.”

    (I am on hold for 30 minutes, and then the supervisor gets on.)

    Supervisor: “Okay, so you need to return your phone and exchange for another phone. How is the phone damaged?”

    Me: “Like I told the rep before, it isn’t damaged; you sent me a phone for [Other Carrier] when I specified [Carrier] on my order. You sent me the wrong phone and I want what I paid for.”

    Supervisor: “Well, our policy is not to return or exchange any items unless there is a factory default.”

    Me: “Fine, your factory defaulted me a phone with the wrong carrier. Why is this so hard to switch out? I don’t understand? It’s fine; the phone is in working order, but my plan is through [Carrier] which was specified on my order, but you sent me a phone for [Other Carrier]. You guys made the mistake; I want it fixed, now.”

    Supervisor: “Let me put you on hold for a few minutes to talk to my supervisor.”

    (I am very frustrated at this point, and am again on hold for almost 45 minutes, so I am seething when the new supervisor picks up the phone.)

    New Supervisor: “Okay, so you need to exchange [Phone] because it is the wrong phone. I am seeing here that you ordered [Phone model]. What did we send you?”

    Me: “Look, this is the last time I am explaining this so you had better listen: I ordered a [Phone] that needed to be compatible with [Carrier]. I received the correct model of phone, but because your company hates competition, you have locked this particular phone only to work with [Other Carrier] which is USELESS to me seeing as how I am with [Carrier]. Look at my order; pull it up in front of you. I will wait.”

    New Supervisor: “I am looking at your invoice.”

    Me: “GOOD, now what carrier does it say on my order? What carrier should my freaking phone been programmed too?”

    New Supervisor: “It is for [Carrier].”

    Me: “Precisely. You sent me a phone for [Other Carrier] that I don’t need. How is this NOT your company’s fault, and WHY won’t you let me exchange it for the phone I actually ordered?”

    New Supervisor: “We will gladly exchange your phone. It will cost—”

    Me: *cutting him off* “—it will cost me absolutely NOTHING because I was not the one in error; it was you. You will pay to ship it back, you will pay to get me my new phone over-nighted, and you will send me a phone for [Carrier] I need.”

    New Supervisor: “I will have to check with my—”

    Me: *cutting him off again* “—you check with them! I will wait. I have already waited d*** near two hours. What’s another 30 minutes of my life I will NEVER get back talking to you idiots?!”

    (After another 20 minute wait, they finally agreed to exchange the phone for the one I wanted, over-nighted it, and I didn’t have to pay an extra dime.)

    Managing The Managing Situation

    | CA, USA | Awesome Workers, Coworkers, New Hires

    (Recently, we received a call from head office saying that we will be getting a new manager, due to our previous manager not being a good fit for our staff. As we are a very new store in a well-sized independent chain, I can clearly remember the first two days I worked, in which I was taught how to section books by an assistant manager from a nearby city. When I get our new manager’s name, my ears perk up.)

    Me: “[Name] from [Nearby City] who was an assistant manager? I think I know her! She helped us out in the beginning!”

    Assistant Manager: “No, you’re thinking of [Other Manager] from [Other Store].”

    Me: “Oh? But I thought…”

    (I think very hard about this during my shift before turning to another coworker.)

    Me: “No, no, it’s got to be her. She helped me use Wordstock for the first time. Said she even dreamed about bookstore sections once. And [Assistant Manager] said she was one of the best at Wordstock in the company!”

    Coworker: “And you’re saying she was helping us out in the very first few days, when the store wasn’t even fully built?”

    Me: “Yeah! I swear to God, I’m not crazy. I just got to find out by Monday!”

    (No one else in the store, save for me, seems to remember this manager, but I am resolute on knowing the truth. I come in for my afternoon shift on Monday and see a familiar face walking around the store with a clipboard. She turns to look at me.)

    New Manager: “Well, hello there!”

    Me: “I knew it! I knew that I knew you! You helped us on the first few days!”

    New Manager: “Yep! And I remember you, too!”

    Me: “You do?”

    New Manager: “Yeah! You’re [My Name]! I remember you being so helpful from the very beginning.”

    (One day into her job, and she’s already proven a better fit for us than our previous manager, who worked with us for almost a year!)

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