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    Making The Purchase Takes An (Under)Age

    | Wadesville, NC, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Math & Science

    (I’m standing in line waiting to check out at the grocery store. I ask for a pack of cigarettes along with my purchase, and the cashier turns to get them. It should be noted that I am 23 years old at the time. As he turns, I hear a familiar voice from the customer behind me in line. It’s my uncle.)

    Uncle: *clearly joking* “Hey, don’t sell those to her; she’s underage!”

    Me: *laughing* “Fancy meeting you here! How are you?”

    Cashier: “Ma’am, I need to see your ID for these.”

    Me: “Sure.” *hands over license*

    Cashier: *looks at ID and hands it back* “I’m sorry, ma’am, you need to be 18 to buy tobacco products.”

    Me: “I’m 23.” *hands my ID back to him again*

    Uncle: “I was joking before. She is not underage.”

    Cashier: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you need to be 18.” *shoves my ID back at me again*

    Me: “I’m 23… unless you are suggesting that I need to be EXACTLY 18 to buy cigarettes…”

    Cashier: “No, you need to be older than 18.” *pauses* “Let me see that ID again.”

    Me: *hands over the ID again*

    (He studies it for an uncomfortable length of time. My uncle and I are dumbfounded. Finally he hands it back. He seemed satisfied that I am in fact old enough to buy tobacco products. I complete my purchase and wait for my uncle so we can chat.)

    Uncle: “May I have a pack of Marlboro Lights, please.”

    Me: “Check that ID; I don’t think he’s 18.” *laughing*

    Cashier: *chuckling* “I’m so bad at math.”

    Because… Math

    | Redmond, WA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Math & Science

    (At the express lane, I am being checked out by the store’s slowest cashier.)

    Cashier: “Your total is $10.39.”

    Me: “Okay, here’s $11.14.”

    Cashier: *looks back and forth between my money and me* “The total is $10.39?”

    Me: “Right, and that’s $11.14. I get 75 cents change back.”

    Cashier: *dumbfounded, but types in $11.14 and is amazed when I get 75 cents change*

    (I start to walk away when he calls out:)

    Cashier: “How did you KNOW that?!”

    Giving You Your Change And A Little Bit More

    | Finland | At The Checkout, Employees, Health & Body

    Cashier: “That’ll be 8.60.”

    Me: *paying with a 20* “Here you go.”

    (The cashier then starts sneezing violently into her right hand. She then proceeds to give me my change, with her right hand, without washing or wiping it first.)

    Cashier: “—and here’s your change. Have a nice day!”

    Working For Mr. Burns

    | Hastings, MN, USA | Bosses & Owners

    (The store I work at is open on Thanksgiving, but only until 2 pm. At around 1:30, we start making our announcements that we’re closing soon and that people should make their way to the registers. It’s just me, two cashiers, and our scheduling manager on the front end. We thankfully have no issue getting everyone out, as our store manager does a walk around to help get people out. At 2 pm, we pull all but one till, just in case. Our store manager gets on the PA system again. Store Manager is not really a joker, and he’s new still and not many people are fond of him because he’s very strict.)

    Store Manager: “The only remaining people in the store right now should be [Store] employees. Would all [Store] employees make their way to the front end.”

    (He pauses.)

    Store Manager: “[Scheduling Manager] will now release the dogs.”

    But They Still Know How To Make You Cry

    | USA | At The Checkout, Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Food & Drink

    (I’m the cashier ringing up the customer’s items.)

    Me: *weighing a bag of onions*

    Customer: “Oh, those onions. They said back there they were [price].”

    Me: “Well, that’s impossible, ma’am. Onions can’t talk.”

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