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    Children Of The Corn Syrup

    | Berkeley, CA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (I overhear this between an employee restocking shelves and a nearby customer who is taking a long time looking at different products. The customer has a child sitting in the cart who can’t be older than three or four.)

    Employee: “Do you need help finding anything?”

    Customer: “No, I’m fine, thanks; just looking here.”

    (Customer takes an item from the shelf.)

    Customer’s Child: “Mommy, does that have any high fructose corn syrup in it?”

    Customer: “Let’s check, [Child].”

    (They start reading through the ingredients together.)

    Employee: “All right, then…”

    Independent Opening Hours

    | SD, USA | Holidays

    (I work customer service, so one of my main duties answering phones. I have taken many calls asking about our hours on the 4th of July.)

    Me: “Good evening, [Store]. How may I help you?”

    Caller: “Yes, I was wondering what your hours are tomorrow?” *the 4th of July*

    Me: “Yes, sir. We are operating under normal hours tomorrow.”

    (I then tell him the normal hours.)

    Caller: “Okay, I just have one question for you.”

    Me: “Yes sir?”


    Overtime Crime, Part 6

    | Sacramento, CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Overtime

    (I am 18 and just moved out, so I’m struggling to pay my rent with a job that doesn’t allow full time. It is the first week of the month, so we are very busy! Everyone is working overtime and many are calling out sick due to the stress and being exposed to more messes and people than usual. My store only scheduled me for 16 hours during our crazy week. Though I typically work mornings, I’m often working the closing shifts as well. I happen to have a day off after getting home at 2 am the previous day when I get a call after waking up…)

    Me: *groggily* “Hello?”

    Manager: “Hi, [My Name], are you willing to come in and work tonight? We have a few people out sick today.”

    Me: “I have to work at 6 am to 10:30 am tomorrow, but I can work a little earlier tonight if you want.”

    Manager: “Let me check your schedule.” *pause* “Okay, I see that you’re off today and you work at 6 am tomorrow.”

    (I’m a little irritated seeing as that was rather obvious since he was calling me in and I had just told him my schedule for tomorrow. Note that it is 11:30 am when the manager is calling me.)

    Manager: “Can you come in at 12 today? Work maybe until 6?”

    Me: “I just woke up. I came home at 2 last night. Can I come in at 1 instead? I’ll still work until 6.”

    Manager: “Yeah, sure. I’ll see you then!”

    Me: “Okay, thanks.” *hangs up*

    (I get ready for my shift and I’m just finishing my breakfast. I really needed the extra hours so I could pay rent this month, so I decided I’d work an extra hour if they needed. It is about 12 pm when I get another call.)

    Manager: “Hi, [My Name]? I feel really bad about calling you in since you got home so late last night. I’m looking at our overtime hours too, and we really can’t fit in any more overtime hours. Why don’t you just take today off?”

    Me: *getting irritated again considering I was already dressed and ready, as well as I really needed the hours* “Well, if you really need me, I don’t mind coming in. But if you can’t afford it—”

    Manager: “No, no. It’s okay. I just feel kinda bad and we really can’t have any more overtime hours. Just take the day off and enjoy it.”

    Me: “All right. You enjoy your day, too.” *hangs up*

    (Needless to say, I crawled back into my pajamas. I didn’t get nearly enough hours that week, but I luckily had some help from my parents to pay my rent at the end of the month.)

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    Needs To Quit Doing That

    | Calgary, AB, Canada | Bosses & Owners, Overtime

    (There is a coworker who shares the same first name with me. Ever since he started working here, the two of us are constantly mixed up by one of the managers. Normally it is nothing serious, such as calling me and then having to clarify he meant the other one or something similar. I notice that I am suddenly not getting any more shifts. Curious, I head in and see the manager is in, apparently annoyed.)

    Me: “Hey, [Manager]. Something wrong?”

    Manager: “It seems [Coworker with same name] wants me to fire him. Hasn’t shown up for any shifts lately, and now won’t to answer his cell.”

    Me: “If you want, you can give me the shifts he’s working. I haven’t worked anything for a couple weeks now.”

    Manager: *gives me an odd look* “That’s because you quit. You don’t work here anymore.”

    Me: *surprised* “What?! Since when?”

    Manager: “You handed in your two weeks notice. Once that was done, you were let go.”

    Me: “That wasn’t me! I came here wondering why I wasn’t getting any shifts!”

    (This only seems to confuse Manager even more, but then seems to notice something.)

    Manager: “Wait, aren’t you [My Name, Other Coworker’s surname]?”

    Me: “No, I’m [My Name, My surname]!”

    Manager: “…Wait here a second.”

    (He heads to the back. A couple minutes later, he returns with a letter. Indeed it’s a two-week’s notice… for the coworker with the same name.)

    Manager: “…I got your names mixed up again, didn’t I?”

    Me: “Looks that way.”

    Manager: “Don’t worry; I’ll get this fixed ASAP. Sorry about that. Should have thought it was weird that you quit so suddenly when [now former Coworker with same name] kept talking about finding a new job.”

    (To his credit, the Manager had me working again within the week, and even got my pay back to what it was from the previous raises I had earned instead of minimum wage. He even added another raise shortly after, as ‘an apology for firing the wrong [My Name].’)

    Don’t Sweat It

    | USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests, Health & Body

    (I overhear two employees talking. It’s mid-July and it has been extremely hot and humid this particular week.)

    Employee #1: “So I was pushing carts outside and [Boss] saw me and told me to stop sweating so much.”

    Employee #2: “Sooo… [Boss] wants you not to work so hard?”

    Employee #1: “I guess?”

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