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    Working With Ham-ateurs

    | Hartford, CT, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    Me: “…oh, and I’d also like a half-pound of the smoked ham, please.”

    Deli Worker: *stares blankly for about 30 seconds* “…What’s smoked ham?”

    Me: “Uh, the Boar’s Head Smoked Ham? I think it’s in the blue wrapper?”

    Deli Worker: “Smoked… ham? What’s that?”

    Me: “It’s… well, it’s ham. Ham with a smoky flavor.”

    Deli Worker: “…”

    Me: “I really don’t know how else to describe this for you.”

    (Thank God her coworker came over at this point to see what was taking so long and helped me. To this day, I still have no clue what was going on!)